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Top Blood-Drawing Phlebotomy Chairs

If you’re a physician, a nurse or perhaps a phlebotomist, you’re unquestionably acquainted with phlebotomy chairs or, because they are frequently known as, bloodstream drawing chairs. Selecting an appropriate phlebotomy chair is vital so your nurse or phlebotomist can easily draw bloodstream out of your patients. You will find adjustable height bloodstream drawing chairs in addition to bariatric phlebotomy chairs to support bigger stature and people.

Let us check out five of the greatest-selling phlebotomy chairs currently available and find out the way they compare.

Our Top Choices

Blood Drawing Chair-with drawer, Arm rest & cushioned seat

Specifications for this item

Number of Items20
Height22  inches
Item Weight71.0  pounds
Length37  inches
Width22  inches

Product features

  • Blood Drawing Chair- black only
  • Flip Arm rest
  • Cabinet
  • Leather
  • simple assembly is required

Bloodstream Drawing Chair for Clinics and Laboratories- Available only in Black- Leather soft seat- Switch-up Arm- Fully laminated cabinet and storage drawer- adjustable height armrest- overall height 41″- seat height 22″- overall width 37″- seat width 22.”- Supports Weight Capacity as much as 71 Lbs- Durable- simple set up is needed.

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AdirMed Padded Blood Drawing Chair – Black

About the product
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. The AdirMed is expertly built utilizing a welded, powder-coated frame with reinforced stress suggests ensure lengthy-term durability and employ for many years. To support most sufferers, the chair has a weight capacity as high as 400 lbs.
  • COMFORTABLE PATIENT CHAIR. Calculating 35″ H x 18″ L x 29″ W, this padded chair is over-sized to support patients of numerous sizes. It’s fully upholstered in rugged vinyl for patient comfort and simple maintenance.
  • RELAXING ATMOSPHERE. Made to help patients with “white-colored coat syndrome,” the Padded Bloodstream Drawing Chair offers the user having a comfortable and relaxing experience even just in the existence of a health care provider.
  • ADJUSTABLE ARMREST. A variable height and depth switch arm will accommodate all patients, and could be locked into correct position for patient safety and stability. This armrest also enables simpler patient access once the medical specialist needs to draw bloodstream or take one’s bloodstream pressure.
  • SLEEK, MODERN DESIGN. The padded chair is furnished in black vinyl upholstery along with a powder-coated frame which will easily complement and enhance any doctor’s office, hospital or hospital. Non-skid ft offer stability while protecting the ground from scratches and scuff marks.

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Product Description

Designed to Make the Patient Feel Relaxed.

Many understand or are susceptible to the “white-colored coat syndrome” that elevates bloodstream pressure and tension in the existence of a health care provider. AdirMed believes placing patients inside a comfortable position near the physician goes a lengthy method to helping them relax, whether for any bloodstream pressure test or bloodstream drawing. As a result, this chair is made to just do that.

Optimal Comfort and Convenience.

Everything concerning the AdirMed Bloodstream Drawing Chair is made for convenience and comfort, beginning using its fully upholstered and simple-to-clean, rugged vinyl seating completely right through to the adjustable armrest. It’s generous size accommodates bigger patients or parents holding a young child to help make the patient’s notice a enjoyable one.

Built for a Long and Safe Service Life.

This patient chair is made from a welded, powder-coated frame to supply lengthy-term durability and employ. Reinforced stress points permit the chair to support weights as much as 400 lbs. in addition to provide a lengthy and safe service existence. Furthermore, the armrest can be adjusted and could be locked into correct position for patient safety and stability.

Easy Access to Patients.

The armrest locks while in use and flips up and taken care of, which makes it simpler for that patient to go in and out the chair. Additionally to supplying patient safety, this adjustable armrest provides the medical specialist simpler accessibility patient when drawing bloodstream or taking bloodstream pressure. In addition, the convenient design reduces the quantity of bending for that specialist to reduce anxiety around the back.

Economical Phlebotomy Chair Style: Standard

Technical Details

Product description

  • Features two infinitely adjustable armrests, durable plastic resin seat and non-marring leveling feet.
  • The flip-up contoured urethane armrest provides comfort, easy access, and added safety for the user.
  • Height: 36 in. Width with Tray Down: 29 in.
  • Length: 20.5 in. (52.07 cm.) Seat Height: 20.5 in. (52.07 cm.)
  • Seat Width: 18 in. (45.72 cm. Seat Depth: 15 in. (38.10 cm.) Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. (136.08 kg.)

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How To Use A Blood Drawing Chair

Styles Of Blood Drawing Chairs

Bloodstream drawing chairs typically include upholstered and padded armrests and seats, adjustable arms, adjustable height and flipping armrests plus an simple to clean white-colored upholstery. When individuals are searching for used phlebotomy chairs for purchase, they often times take a look at brands like Clinton, Winco or Maker.

Bloodstream drawing chairs sometimes are available in reclining styles, by which situation they’re usually electric. Another handy feature is really a phlebotomy chair that is included with drawers.

Nurses and phlebotomists are often those who is going to be while using bloodstream drawing chair, which they’ll use to gather bloodstream samples to conduct an assorted quantity of different tests and assessments.

How To Draw Blood

Drawing blood usually follows a pretty simple procedure. Before blood drawing a nurse will introduce themselves to the patient who will be having blood drawn from them. The phlebotomist will explain how the blood drawing procedure will go. The phlebotomist will then sanitize their hands, verified that the patient’s requisition is quarter needed with their name, the medical record number as well as the date of birth.

Once the patient’s identity is confirmed the phlebotomist will assemble their supplies near the blood drawing chair. Supplies often include blood collection tubes, cotton balls, a bandage, a tourniquet as well as medical adhesive tape and alcohol wipes.

The phlebotomist will then make sure that they select the best needle to collect the blood from the particular patient. Next, the phlebotomist or nurse will see the patient in the blood drawing chair. The blood drawing chair will often include a handy table with an armrest that will support the person having their blood drawn.

A tourniquet will be tied round the patient’s arm usually between three or four inches above their ventipuncture site. The phlebotomist may have patients create a fist numerous occasions to assist the vein appear. The phlebotomist may also tap around the vein using their pointer finger so as prime dilation.

It is essential to disinfect the region just before drawing bloodstream-the phlebotomist will most likely make use of a circular motion as the patient is sitting down within the phlebotomy chair, permitting the disinfected epidermis to dry not less than thirty seconds so the patient does not feel any discomfort once the bloodstream drawing needle is placed into them.

An experienced phlebotomist will inspect the needle to make certain it’s not the truth that just before inserting it. The next thing is for that needle to become threaded in to the holder, using the needle sheath to grip the needle within the holder. Then your bloodstream collection tube is placed in to the holder, the phlebotomist will grip a person’s arm, align the needle using the patient’s discomfort using the bevel in position.

The bloodstream will fill the tube, and when it’s totally filled you’ll be able to maneuver the needle in position a bit of gauze within the needle insertion site. You need to discard the needle right into a sharps container and label all the bloodstream tubes as the patient is nearby.

Blood Drawing Tips

  • You need to be highly considerate of patients throughout the bloodstream drawing process.
  • Many people which are really squeamish won’t need to see the needle be placed to their arms-let the bloodstream drawing patients to not look in this process so they don’t view it happen and also have a bad reaction.
  • You could have the bloodstream-drawing patient hang on and grip something because they are sitting down within the phlebotomy chair to enable them to draw attention away from themselves in the bloodstream extraction procedure.
  • If you’re removing bloodstream from the child, you could have them sit within the parents laps for additional assurance.
  • A few of the common materials and accessories that attend a phlebotomy chair include hands sanitizer, generalized needles, alcohol wipes, disposal box, biohazard bags, trays for bloodstream collecting, requisition labels in addition to hands soapy sanitizer.

Final Thoughts

Phlebotomy chairs really are a crucial element of drawing bloodstream. Without having an appropriate chair that’s adjustable and cushioned which can hold a person’s physical dimensions when drawing bloodstream from their vein may become a hard procedure for the phlebotomist and also the patient.

Review our phlebotomy chairs and look for the particular product pages just before getting one. You may also find out more more information about warranties along with other customers encounters using the phlebotomy chair that you are looking at buying for the hospital or physician’s practice.

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