Swivel Chairs: Comfort Leads to Productivity

If you are like most people, you spend more time in your office than you do anywhere else during your day. You spend a large part of your workday working from behind your desk. This means your office chair is the most important piece of equipment that you have. For the executive, the chair must be an attractive addition to the office decor as well as being functional.  Comfort and performance are also important when buying a swivel chair. Having the correct chair can make a huge difference in your daily productivity.

The Advantages of Swivel Chairs

There are numerous types of chairs available when you’re setting up a new room. Big, stuffed chairs give a comfy touch to your room. Bar chairs assist you in making your breakfast nook. Lawn chairs let you relax outside. But what about the swivel chairs? Swivel chairs are key players in the work and business world. They’re also found in doctors’ offices, computer labs, as well as other places where people need to get work done. Can you explain that? Well, that’s what we are likely to explore today. Let’s discover it.

Swivel chairs help you get work done

What exactly is it that sets the swivel chair apart from some other type of chairs? It moves. This is an essential feature for doctors, people in offices, as well as other professionals who need to sit although remain mobile. With a swivel chair, you can zip around without having to get up. It’s also possible to access filing cabinets or some other records without standing up. You simply need a gentle push.

Swivel Chairs establish a chain of command

When you go into an office, you can usually tell where the clients will be sitting. The client chairs are usually stationary, non-swivel chairs that are more geared toward relaxation rather than efficiency. These chairs are made to give the client a sense of comfort, not alertness. The swivel chair is more designed to help keep people on their toes. We all know this. Even if we’re not thinking about it consciously, we all know it. Therefore, when you walk into an office, you know which chair is yours and which chair is theirs. Following these social cues is essential to promoting ease of use in your office.

Swivel Chairs are ergonomic

Because these types of chairs are usually found in offices, they are often engineered to be very comfortable and supportive. Office workers spend a lot of time in these chairs, so they should be designed to help ease back pain and other stationary physical issues.

Price Range: $80 to $120 (Based on color and added features)

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair (Top seller on Amazon)

The AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair by AmazonBasics is an attractive easily cleaned black leathered upholstered ergonomically constructed swivel chair. The seat is padded in a way that allows support and comfort all day. It is contoured to keep your back supported and keep your body in proper alignment. This allows you to work in comfort throughout a long day. The padded arms are curved for comfort. The seat height is easily and quickly adjusted by the pneumatic control handle. The executive chair can be adjusted from 41.3 to 45 inches high.  The chair allows the worker to swivel 360°. Smooth-rolling casters make the office chair move with ease. It is covered by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty.

Makon High Back Office Leather Executive Chair with Fully Adjust

The Mason High Back Office Leather Executive Chair ergonomic swivel chair continuously adjusts to the movements of your body. It has a full lumbar support system to prevent lower back fatigue. The arms are perfectly curved and the perfect height to prevent shoulder pain. The pneumatic controls let you adjust the height as well as the tilt tension feature. The seat adjusts in height from 18”-22”.  The tilt feature allows you to adjust the angle of support to the lumbar area. It is covered in thick comfortable PU leather. The 360°swivel mechanism and wheels are heavy-duty for a long life but work smoothly.

More Swivel Executive Chairs within $80 to $120 (sometimes price may vary a little due to sellers price adjustment):

Price Range: $220 to $320 (Based on color and added features)

HERCULES Series Big & Tall Swivel Chair with Loop Arms

The Hercules Series Big & Tall Swivel Chair is designed for long shifts at work. The chair was engineered for nurses’ stations, dispatch offices, and other 24-hour multi-shift jobs. It is built with generous proportions to accommodate bigger and taller bodies in total comfort. The office chair has a high back that extends to the upper back for perfect support. It is specially contoured to provide relief for pressure points for a more comfortable work environment.   It easily swivels 360° for maximum range of motion without strain. Its heavy-duty casters allow it to roll smoothly and quickly when rolling from one part of a work station to another.  The pneumatic adjustment lever allows each user to easily and quickly adjust the height of the seat. The tilt-lock mechanism allows you to find and lock in at the perfect tilt to your chair back.  This lets your body relax when you have a few moments for a quick break. The HERCULES chair has a specially constructed metal base to keep up with the intensive demands expected from this swivel chair.

More Swivel Executive Chairs within $220 to $320 (sometimes price may vary a little due to sellers price adjustment):

Price Range: $170 to $220 (Based on color and added features)

Lorell Hi-Back Executive Chair

The Lorell Hi-Back Executive Chair has been designed for total comfort. The high back is ergonomically designed for total back well-being. It has optimum lower back support, and the high back on this office chair guarantees upper back relief as well. The seat and the back cushions are 4” thick which relieves the pressure on your body all day. It is covered with a highly durable, easy to clean, breathable fabric that keeps the body cool. It has a pneumatic lever that allows the seat to be easily adjusted from 19”-23”. This swivel chair turns 360°. This chair can tilt so a little more comfortable with mechanism that securely locks.

More Swivel Executive Chairs within $170 to $220 (sometimes price may vary a little due to sellers price adjustment):

Price Range: $50 to $90 (Based on color and added features)

Homall Executive Swivel Leather Office Chair, Racing Chair High-back Gaming Chair PuLeathered Mesh Bucket Seat, Computer Swivel Lumbar Support Chair

The Homall Executive Swivel Leather office chair was designed with both working and gaming in mind. The chair will provide comfort while working, but also easy movement needed for intense gaming. The luxury racing car style is a brand new design.  It is covered with a specially developed leather that keeps your body cool and is easy on bare skin. The armrests are curved to provide comfort and support. The entire chair can rock back and forth which adds to the duality of working and gaming. It swivels a complete 360°, smoothly and effortlessly moving from one direction to another. The seat adjusts in height from 18”-21”.  The swivel chair base and casters are engineered for total stability.

Homall offers a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and a Satisfaction Guarantee. If any part of your chair breaks the company will replace the broken or damaged parts for free. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your chair you will be refunded the cost of the chair or can choose to have it replaced with a brand new chair.

More Swivel Executive Chairs within $50 to $90 (sometimes price may vary a little due to sellers price adjustment):

You have endless choices when it comes to choosing an office chair. You have chairs in thousands of different designs, and a wide range of prices. Finding the perfect swivel chair is an absolute necessity. Since you will be spending long hours sitting in it so it has to be a perfect fit.  It should fit the mood of your office as well as your needs. Being satisfied and comfortable with your special chair benefits not only your body but also your daily productivity. Before you leave just watch our video so that you can have a clear picture to select the right one. We have more choices for you just below the video. Hope you will enjoy the video.

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