RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Now you can enjoy professional full massage everyday at comfort of your house with this MK-CLASSIC, our new 2019 edition full zero gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Smart Body Scan, second generation lengthy L-track, Zero Gravity Positions (3 Stages), 5 Unique Massage Techniques (Tapping, Kneading, Combo of Kneading & Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling),  7 Automatic Programs, Built-in Heating System for your back, Air Massage System for the Arm, Legs and Feet, and even more.

Hope this shiatsu massage chair review will help you to take perfect decision on purchase.

Best Features

  • THREE STAGE ULTRA AUTOMATIC ZERO GRAVITY MULTI-FUNCTION Shiatsu Massage Chair: Zero gravity chairs raise your ft towards the same or greater level as the heart, minimizing the stress of gravity in your vertebrae, relieving the anguish of back discomfort. Your heart could work less and you may relax more.
  • COMPUTERIZED BODY Checking: Built-in sensor instantly measure the size of spine and detects acupressure points lying on your back so that your back massages a lot more like human hands.
  • Second GENERATION L-TRACK MASSAGE SYSTEM: The rollers glide from neck completely lower underneath the seat. This latest track is contoured to human back contour around provide better and consistent massages. The track is 50 inches lengthy, a long on the market today.
  • Sports MASSAGE & Full STRETCHING: Made to provide detailed, human-like massage through the body and also the stretching function is also called the ?spine decompression? program. With energetic air cells pinning the body in position, the chair moves you to definitely a calculated routine, and gradually stretches the leg and back muscles.

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

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  • AIRBAG MASSAGE TECHNOLOGY: Distinctively designed airbags are developed to inflate/deflate individually which in turn causes your body to twist and stretch on shoulders, back, sides, and thighs working concurrently or individually
  • 7 AUTOMATIC MASSAGE PROGRAM: You may choose any 7 programmed Massages for the preferred needs for relaxation, rejuvenation and stretching of the muscles and back
  • 5 MANUAL SPECIFIC MASSAGE PROGRAM: You may choose any one of 5 manual massage techniques (Tapping, Kneading, Mixture of Kneading & Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling)
  • 3 Amounts Of AIRBAG INTENSITY CONTROL: You are able to control airbag pressure sensitivity for your preferred pressure for the air massage system.
  • 3 Amounts Of SPEED CONTROL: You are able to control speed of massages for your preferred speed for the back massages.
  • CALF & Feet MASSAGE System: Multiple air bags on back and sides from the legs and ft which inflate for compression massage.
  • SOLE MASSAGE ROLLER: At the feet massage end, a spinning roller that apply concentrated pin-point kneading massage.
  • Back HEATING System: 2 heating pads in back area that boost the massage experience.
  • AIR MASSAGE SYSTEM: You will find total 42 air bags that are strategically found in the arms, shoulder, thighs, sides, calves and feet.
  • QUALITY & INNOVATION: From high quality soft household leather to boost your experience to light total weight for simple mobility, the chair is attentively made with user ambiance in your mind.
  • DURABILITY & RELIABILITY: Our chairs are made to last which is rated to support an individual who is 6’5″ Tall and as much as 300 lbs.

7 Auto Programs

Full Manual Massage Control System Along With 7 Auto Programs

7 Auto Pre-set Programs

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

These 7 unique pre-programmed massage sessions are prepared at the finger tip with only a little a control button that will help you relax and refresh your tired muscles as well as your mind. These programs are initially looking for fifteen minutes of uninterrupted massages however, you can extend as much as half an hour.

Full Manual Control Massage System

With manual massage functions, you may choose kneading, tapping, combo of kneading & tapping, shiatsu or moving for the back and you will find 3 amounts of intensity and speed control. You may also target small regions of the back and then massage with that small area in which you require the massage.

L-Track Massage System

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

  • Second Generation Ergonomic Lengthy L-track Rail.
  • Ergonomically redesigned L-track Rail contours the back for the first time. With this top quality household leather cushion, you are able to have the difference as soon as you take a seat on the chair.
  • Our L-track is presently a long L-track on the market today. It’s 50 inches lengthy out of your back skull place to your bottom and beyond to upper leg area.
  • 4 massage roller balls are strong yet soft enough to provide you with sufficient pressure on every massage techniques and you may select 3 different width for the back massages.

Yoga & Stretch Program

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

  • Faster Recovery is possible
  • These programs are specifically made to stretch the body on your massages.
  • While one program stretches your torso, another program stretches your legs and thighs.
  • Through getting massages while your muscles is either extended or squeezed, your tired muscle is going to be rejuvenated faster and obtain more energy compared to one fixed position.

Sit, Relax & Fall Asleep

  • Many Shiatsu Massage Chair users go to sleep during massage sessions.
  • We’ve took in to the customers. The remote c
    ontroller has returned-lit so that you can take control of your massage under dim light.
  • Unlike other massage chairs, our chairs stay in sleep mode. Once you massage ends, the chair remains whatever reclined position you had been in so it doesn’t wake you up should you go to sleep throughout the massage whereas other chairs incline soon after massage and wake you up.

Shiatsu Massage Chair for Everyone

  • The chair accommodate an individual from 5’2″ to 6’5″ tall.
  • Shoulder Air bags could be elevated or decreased based on your torso height. Feet Massger can extend another 6 inches to for extended leg length.
  • The chair is rated for an individual who weighs as much as 300 lbs.
  • Our chair should last. Unlike other cheap imitation massage chairs, our chairs must pass various energetic tests to resist this weight requirement.

Fully Tested & Assembled

  • 100% Fully Tested.
  • Every chair is fully tested before we place it within the package so you’ve a reassurance and revel in our product for many years.
  • 100% Fully Put together.
  • It’s 100% fully put together which means you drop the idea of and. Just relax. Enjoy and relax. In the end you deserve it!

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