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Best Lightweight and Portable Massage Table Reviews 2017

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[Last Update: 18th September, 2017]

Here we discussed portable massage table for professional massage therapists and stationary massage table for use in the privacy of your home or spa. The best lightweight massage tables are evaluated and reviewed here so that you can make the best choices for all your purchases. There are home user and professional settings which allows the use of massage chairs for those who find it difficult to lie on tables.

Priority Checks

Everyone loves a good soothing massage and the benefits. This is the reason for the high number of tables being sold – stationary and portable. As a professional massage therapist, you’d want a comfortable table for your clients. They provide soothing and fabulous aromatherapy with essential oil diffusers for their clients in addition to soft music based on the client’s preferences.

The first thing to consider is the strength and stability qualities of the table. A table must be able to support weight and maintain this quality over the years. Always check the weight limit of tables you have in mind.

Be sure to check for a Warranty and the length of time on it, especially with limited Warranties that only cover specific issues. A 1-year Warranty is standard and more years are even better.

Stationary Tables vs. Portable Tables

As a massage therapist, you’d want a rigid stationary table that stays firm in its position.  A portable table has flexing tendencies whereas a stationary table does not. Immobile tables will hold more weight. Whether as a home user or massage therapist, you are required to carry out minor maintenance periodically.

Choosing a Stationary or Portable Table

After you decide on the table that you want for your home or professional use, read the items below for more information. Newbies to massage might like to read the differences in table types. Tables come in a variety of colors and materials with many options to meet your requirements and massage goals.

Stationary Massage Table

  • Larger initial investment
  • Ideal for spa-type studios
  • Manages heavier weight clients
  • Stronger build
  • Immovable

Portable Massage Table

  • Smaller initial investment
  • Convenient; can be taken anywhere—offices, homes, hospitals, and more
  • Sturdy even though portable
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Manages lighter weight clients
  • Low compatibility with deep tissue massage due to  flexing


 The best massage table brands would give you:

  • An affordable price
  • Quality and comfort
  • Accessories package
  • Adequate size or surface area
  • Good Material—aluminum or wood
  • Variable height
  • Working weight vs. static weight
  • Foam cushion padding
  • A Cover/upholstery material
  • Cable system support

The massage table is the most vital tool you will need apart from your well trained hands. We actually discuss here the best massage table brand like BestMassageANGEL USA, Master Massage, SierraComfort, Saloniture or Heaven Massage.

Table Size

The table size is important as the body size of your clients will vary.  You will want to be at right angles to your client’s hips, your hands parallel to the spine, so that you can turn comfortably and easily at your waist region. To do this successfully, you need the ideal table. This table should have the surface area capacity for every client, without being to broad for you to maneuver.

The width of the table must correspond to your height. If you are 6-foot tall and standing over a 30-inch table, this is perfect for the client if you can maneuver. Conversely, a 25-inch table would suffice if you were shorter than that. The most common tables are 28 and 30-inches wide. You do not want to put your back in pains because of the wrong width for your height. The quality hourglass, curved-in-at-the-waist tables offer a narrower middle part which enhances the therapists’ ability to move in closer without infringing on the client’s comfort.

The length of the table must be considered also. Typically, the average length is 6.0 feet. Tables of 5.9 feet and 6.4 feet are also available. Tables with face cradle for taller clients – for their faces when lying on their stomach – usually adds another 7.9 inches to the length. Consequently, a 6 foot table would be 6 feet – 7 inches long. This should accommodate most clients.

Material—Aluminum or Wood Tables

Aluminum tables are preferred for mobile services; traveling to clients. Wooden tables are best suited for a massage studio where they are fixed and immobile.

There are tables made with a combination of both materials in the market.  Some tables have aluminum frames with wooden legs which t reduces the weight of the table. Always check the specifications for aluminum tables. You don’t want one with plastic joints between the legs and joints making the table cheaper. Those parts break faster from weight and friction. Plastic will be the weaker link in the chain of table parts and materials.

Variable Height for Portable Tables

Contemporary massage tables have adjustable legs with a range to fit the clients and to allow you, the therapist, move about easily without strain. Height can be from 23.6 inches to 32.6 inches, a range of 9-inches.  You should be able to adjust the legs within a few minutes.

Wood Tables Height Adjustment

Tables made of wood usually have knobs that can be turned even though it takes a little longer time than the telescopic up-and-down adjustments found on lightweight aluminum table legs. It is better to have two knobs for strength rather than one. . One- knob tables – which comes with less expensive table models – will not have the stability as two- knob tables, so always check that before buying. A one-knob unit can break the leg causing your client to fall and you can be injured as well.

Aluminum Tables Height Adjustment

This is as easy as simply pressing in buttons, slipping them into a slot to adjust the height. Easy peasy. I was always changing the height of the crutches determined by the shoe heel height I was wearing on the other foot.

Weight for Portable Tables

Click To See “Master Massage” Lightweight and Portable Massage Table Collection

The average weight of a portable table is between 26 and 46 pounds. You should factor this in when going to service a client. There are 30 – pound tables that are light enough to move about. The tables fold easily for movement. Alternatively, you can buy a carrier to pull it behind as you make your rounds. A lightweight 18-pound aluminum table will cost about $1000, but is the lightness beneficial to your clients?

Working Weight vs. Static Weight

For new and experienced massage therapists, it is important to know that working weight is quite distinct from static weight.

The working weight of a hydraulic massage table is usually lower than the static weight. It is about one-fourth the static (inactive) weight. Working weight varies with the pressure applied on the table in the course of massaging a client. .

The Static Weight is inert, inactive, and never changing. This is the weight of a person the table can carry without buckling. . Most good tables can hold at least 2000 pounds of static weight. As soon as the person’s body is manipulated with pressure, the weight then becomes working weight.

Significant Impact

The working weight of a table will vary depending on the kind of treatment being administered. For example, working on obese clients will require a table with a higher working weight. Deep tissue massage exerts more pressure than other types of massage and therefore requires a table with in a higher working weight.

The bottom line is that working weight and static weight are not going to affect your business. However, it is essential to know about them. You must be able to work safely with clients of varying body types, weight, and height, on areas where injury could occur to your client and possibly  you. Other than lower prices, the advantages of working and static weight are not significant, but be mindful of this when purchasing a new or next generation portable massage table.

Foam Cushion Padding

Two things are important when considering the thickness or density of the foam. The cushion must be comfortable for your client. Secondly, the initial appearance must be sustainable and should be wear-resistant.. Higher density foam will not flatten or sag between the air pockets of the foam itself. Do not be fooled into buying thinner, cheaper and lower density foam that will wear out quickly. A thicker cushion will give your client a feeling of security, safety and comfort when lying on it. Thick density foam will not make your clients feel as though their bones are touching the table surface. Foams of 1.9-inches to 3.15-inches thickness are the best. Your budget will guide you in your selection. If you go to the market in person, test it with the spring back test using your hand. A good quality foam will snap right back when you lift your hand off.

Cover/Upholstery Material

Generally, the foam is covered with either PU (Polyurethane) or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), both faux (fake) leathers made from chemicals, not animal products.

PVC is the standard in synthetic leather. It is often used as imitation leather on sofas, recliners, car seats, and more. It can be wiped down easily with detergent and water and dried. Being strong, durable, water and oil proof, it is ideal for a massage cushion covering.

PU leather is the best synthetically made  leather. It feels good next to the skin. It’s both soft and strong. However, it is not water and oil resistant (in case you use lotions). Do not be fooled into believing that it is resistant as some websites profess. . Consider the cost factor when purchasing the upholstery because the client does not lay directly on it—the cushion is covered for the next client with a clean covering for hygienic purposes.

Cable System

This is a common feature today and is highly recommended. A tensor design stretches and tightens a cable just as tensor muscles do. It will give you added stability and strength for your portable massage table. It also keeps it from swaying back and forth.

The 5 Best Massage Tables Review

Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

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The Sierra Comfort model number SC-902 black massage table is portable and comes with an accessories package to get you started immediately. It has fitted sheets that cover the face cradle and a cushion made of 100% cotton. You will also receive a semi-circular bolster, oil pouch, oil bottle, towel hanger, and 2 one-use throwaway face cradle sheets. The table supports 450-pounds of working weight.

The table is built with strong Beech hardwood – a pale cream color wood – with 2-inches of high-density foam in the cushion. The cable system of coated tension wires connects the leg supports for superior strength and extreme durability. The cushions should be cleaned with mild soapy water, rinsed, and towel dried.

The lightweight face cradle is adjustable and can be removed completely if need be. The forward swinging armrest cradle for arms support is removable.  All coverings are water and oil resistant requiring only a wiping down periodically. The head/face cradle braces are metal and the head support is wooden with adequate padding. The table can be used for Reiki, a Japanese method for reducing stress and inducing relaxation. It is a wonderful spiritual and vibrated healing method, promoting balance throughout the body system.

The carrying case (SC-515) with shoulder strap is 72-inches long, 28-inches wide, and 5-inches deep. The table has first-class carrying handles, and the cushions are double stitched.

The open dimensions are 72-inches long (82-inches with face cradle), 28-inches wide with 23 – 33-inches adjustable height.

The closed dimensions are 38-inches long, 28-inches wide and 7-inches thick.

The base table is 36 pounds but with the accessories, it weighs up to 39 pounds. No tools are required for setting up this portable massage table. It comes fully assembled.

The table is 6-feet long excluding the face cradle. With the face cradle, it should sufficiently hold a 6-foot 6-inch tall person.

Sierra Comfort provides a 5-year Limited Warranty that the table is free from any manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. The table is made in China.

Note: Image color, product dimension and addon tools could vary upon order and availability.

Best Massage® Two-Fold Portable Massage Table

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The Best Massage® table is portable, made of Birch hardwood for strength and durability, and has 2-inches of high-density foam padding on top of thin plywood. It is oil and water resistant and easy to clean with warm water and detergent. It comes in 6 colors of black, blue, burgundy, cream, mixed, and purple. The cushion is PU (Polyurethane) faux leather. The table will support 450-pounds of working weight.

You will receive a free nylon carrying case for the folding table. It has a shoulder strap and side handle for ease in carrying. It is an ideal table for home users and professional massage therapists. You could also use this table for eyelash fixing and facials.

Additionally, you will receive with the table, an adjustable headrest, tilting face pillow, hanging armrest, and a pair of hand rests. The face cradle is adjustable and removable. Standard massage table sheets will fit this table but they are not included. A 12 x 1/2-inch dowel is attached comes with the table and a 9-inch Velcro® strap for storage. The legs fold easily and the attachments are removable. The removable legs can be stored on the inside of the table when folded to put into the case for transport. The base for of the headrest is made of aluminum tubes joined to plastic attached with Velcro®. It is made of the same foam and covering as the bed cushion.

The open table dimensions are 6-feet- long without the face cradle -, 27-inches wide. The height of the leg can be adjusted from 26- to 36-inches using plastic screw knobs. The table weighs about 32 pounds. With accessories, it weighs about 35 pounds in the carrying case. No assembly is required; simply unfold the legs and start working.

The Best Massage® table is made in China and comes with a 5-year Warranty.

Note: Image color, product dimension and addon tools could vary upon order and availability.

Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table (Folding) with Carrying Case

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The Saloniture portable massage table is made of sturdy hardwood for the frame with two (2) tension knobs on each leg for stability. The cables offer more support so that user feels secure and safe on top of it. It is the same type of steel used in car brake systems that can support 450 pounds working weight.

The headrest/face cradle is adjustable with durable and supportive aluminum posts. The cradle is adjustable for height and angle to give your client the best of comfort. The arm sling is underneath the headrest and the armrests are winged for comfort and repositioning as needed. The half-round bolster pillow is 26-inches long, 6-inches wide and 3-inches high for the preferred method of your clients.

The tabletop cushion has 2-1/2-inches of high-density foam covered with PU (Polyurethane) faux vegan-friendly leather. The PU material is much softer than PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) leather. It is easy to clean (use warm soapy water), and resistant to oil and water. There are no ‘new smell’ odors that can be unpleasant. The face pillow has 3-inches of foam with a removable cover. The table legs are stable with a non-slip material making it compatible with carpet and will not mar hardwood or tile floors.

The table weighs about 35 pounds and folds in half for easy movement. It locks with chrome clasps and has double handles. It comes with a tough nylon carrying case that has an adjustable shoulder strap. The side pockets are convenient for keeping yours oils and other supplies. The attachments for the table can be stored inside the table. The face rest – 6-1/2-inches long and 4-1/2-inches wide – can be removed or left attached to the table when moving it.

The open table is 84-inches long with the headrest and 37-inches wide with the armrests. The height is adjustable between 24-1/2-inches and 25-1/2-inches.

The folded table is 36-3/4-inches long, 8-1/2-inches wide and 28-inches high.

Saloniture’s return policy is that you may return most new, unopened items within 90 days of delivery for a full refund. They will pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of their error wherein you received an incorrect or defective item. The table is made in China.

Note: Image color, product dimension and addon tools could vary upon order and availability.

EarthLite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package

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The EarthLite Harmony DX portable massage table comes in mystic blue, black, burgundy, and teal colors. It is affordable and eco-friendly. The table is made of Maple, a hard wood from managed forests, water based lacquers and glues which makes it earth-friendly.. The table has a lightweight aircraft grade Birch decking with 1000 pounds tested – aircraft cable wires. To ensure your security and safety, the table is subjected to a 2400-pound static load test and 450-pounds of dynamic load drop test with a working weight of 600 pounds. The table is vegan friendly; no animal products used.

The 1-1/2-inch cushion is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) (harmful chemicals that destroy the ozone layer of earth) and covered with PU (Polyurethane) faux leather for comfort, style and durability. It has a durable Mid-brace cradle-lock cabling system with non-slip Stablefoot traction pads underneath the legs.

The table is 30-inches wide, 73-inches long and weighs 33 to 34 pounds. The height is 23 – 33-inches. The table will accommodate a person 6-foot 4-inches tall person.

The CE mark on the table, is a European Union standard for safety, health, and environmental requirements. There is no out gassing odor from the foam in the cushion.

The table comes with a carrying case having a comfortable shoulder strap and two handle straps as well. It is delivered fully assembled without armrest or bolster pillow. The removable headrest moves up and down with holes at both ends for it’s attachment. The face cradle is 7-1/4-inches from right to left slot.

EarthLite provides its Lifetime Limited Construction Warranty with 3-years Warranty for the foam and upholstery. The table is made in China.

Note: Image color, product dimension and addon tools could vary upon order and availability.

The Best Massage® Reiki Portable Table

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The Best Massage® Reiki portable table is made of Birch hardwood for sturdiness and strength. The table cushion has 2-inches of high-density foam padding on top of plywood. It comes in burgundy, cream, blue, purple, and pink colors.

The cushion is PU (Polyurethane) faux leather. The cushion cover is oil and water resistant and easy to clean using warm water and detergent. Rinse well and allow it to air-dry or with the use of cloth not paper towels.

The table will support 450-pounds of working weight. This is a great Reiki table as well as massage table. Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life energy to promote healing and relaxation with hands-on.

You will receive a free nylon carrying case for the folding table. It has a shoulder strap and side handle for ease in carrying. It is an ideal table for home users and professional massage therapists and Reiki. . This table is perfect for facials and eyelash work.

You will receive a free adjustable headrest, tilting face pillow and removable hanging armrests – that move in and out-along with the table. The face cradle is adjustable and removable. The headrest is adjustable from the flat position to 90-degrees. The chin area will also rise up. A bolster pillow is not included with this table.

Standard massage table sheets will fit this table but they are not included. The legs fold easily and the removable attachments can be stored on the inside of the table when folded. The whole table unit is put in the carrying case for ease of transportation for mobile services.

The open table dimensions are 6-feet long without the face cradle and 27-inches wide. The leg height can be adjusted between 26 and 36-inches using screw knobs. The table weighs about 32 pounds. With the accessories, it will weigh about 35 pounds in the carrying case. No assembly is required; simply unfold the legs and you are good to go.

The Best Massage® table is made in China and comes with a 5-year Warranty.

Note: Image color, product dimension and addon tools could vary upon order and availability.

Tips For Buying a Massage Table

  • Read Buyer Guides and customer reviews.
  • If you have experience with massage tables whether professionally or with friends, decide on the length and width of your dream table. Select from flat and those that lift at the back depending on your therapy type or other uses.
  • Make a decision between lightweight portable tables or free standing permanent tables.
  • If your budget permits, choose a more expensive table to impress your clients with appearance and comfort.
  • Look for tables with accessories and a carrying case.
  • Choose from tables with faux leather because it is to keep the cushion clean. People sweat and it can go through your covering to the cushion

FAQs on Client’s Comfort During a Massage

Q – How do I keep lines from my face when lying face down on the headrest on the massage table?

A – That’s a no brainer! Put a thin pillow or sheet between you and the headrest to attract the facial indents. Some therapists use sheepskin to make you comfy and absorb the lines. They will go away in 10 minutes all by themselves.

Q – Why do my sinuses and nose become stuffed up when facing down on the massage table?

A – Gravity! Face down creates increased sinus pressure and tension within 15 to 20 minutes. Gravity will pull the fluids into places they do not go normally go. When you lie on your back or stand up, it will go away.

Q – How to setup a portable massage table?

A –This is an usual question. Actually the question has so many sub-question that is difficult to short out here. Lets watch the below video, it is usually made for the professionals, but it will help all others as well to solve all the question.

Curative Uses of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy eases sore muscles, knotted muscles, tension headaches, is wonderfully relaxing and more. Here are a few conditions that a great massage therapist can help with.

  • Muscle issues arising from sports indulged in by the old and young
  • Arthritis and tendinitis inflammation
  • Conditions due to stress
  • Muscle spasms, strains, and sprains
  • Migraine headaches
  • Back pain
  • Recurring strain injuries
  • Whip lash
  • Respiratory issues
  • Circulation problems
  • Post-injury rehab.
  • Post-surgery rehab.
  • Pregnancy care

Final Thoughts

Massage Tables are an important piece of furniture for a professional therapist and those learning massage techniques. We hope you have gained some useful information here and have much success with your business. If you are just starting with your massage career and need a basic or electric massage table or you are already a professional ready to take your practice to the next level,, massage tables are available for your specialized needs. Most tables are equipped with either standard or deluxe accessories. Be sure the massage table offers comfort to your client and convenience to you. As an added ambience, plug in a diffuser with 100% essential oils, and forget the chemical candles. Your clients, both male and female, will love the relaxing fragrance as your hands move across their bodies.

Some Other Choices from Top Brands


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