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Naipo Back and Neck Massager Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Let’s face it, we all like a good massage to relief the pain in our muscles however, the things that stop us from getting a well deserved massage is finances as well as time to go to a well qualified masseuse. To prevent us from taking multiple trips to the masseuse and spending a lot of money, one can always buy themselves the Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion. A very good quality back and neck massager like this one will provide you with the best relaxation experience ever while easing the pain on your neck and back. Fatigue is also something a good quality massager eliminates and they are very convenient to have around because you can have your massage when you want it at anytime. You can get all of this without making multiple trips to the masseuse and spending plenty of money by simply purchasing the Naipo Back Message Kneading Massage Chair.

Benefits of using the product

The Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion has 8 3D massage nodes that target your waist, buttocks, back and neck eliminating any tension in that area. The nodes also relax your muscles and ensure there good blood circulation in your body which is a bonus. You can also adjust the moment and tension of the nodes to your liking. If you are one of those people who spend plenty of time at home, you can easily place this product on your sofa or couch, and sit down for a 5 minute breather. Taking a couple minutes of your time everyday to use this product will rejuvenate your body and make you feel fresh. You can also use this product in your car as long as you put it in the back seat or the passenger because it is risky to use it while behind the wheel. On top of the things mentioned above, what many people like about this product is the 15 minute auto turn off feature which lets you worry less about over using it in case you happen to fall asleep.

Back and Neck Massager

This is one of the best products on the market for people who suffer from neck and back pain a lot because it gives both these areas the same attention. The coolest feature about this product is the neck massager which has a height adjuster. This lets you direct the nodes up or down depending on how tall you are.

How to use this Back and Neck Massager

This message chair is very simple to use and below are some very easy steps that will help you get as comfortable as possible.

  • Plug in the chair to the nearest socket and get in a comfortable position and push the start button.
  • Next to the opening button there is a red button that allows you to adjust the heat. Use it if you have to.
  • Under the power switch there are 6 black buttons which enable you to adjust the pressure. Simply click them until you feel relaxed
  • Adjust the height and pressure the nodes create by pressing and holding the last buttons found underneath the control.
  • Lastly, sit back and relax.


  • This chair has 8 3D massage nodes that target your waist, buttocks, back and neck
  • Weights around 16.2 pounds
  • Anyone with a stiff neck will find relief thanks to the neck massage nodes
  • The seat has three levels of intensity (High, Medium, Low) when it comes to its vibrations
  • To prevent over use, the seat has a 15 minute auto shut off timer
  • Optional heat

shiatsu back and neck massager with heat

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Who is it for?

With the market highly saturated with plenty of similar products, the Naipo Back Massage Kneading Massage chair is one of the most highly rated products money can buy. It will meet your needs because it is equipped with stunning 3D massage nodes that are known to work deeply into your muscles. Anyone who is a fan of a good deep tissue massage should look no further than this massage chair right here because it relieves your muscle pain after a long hard day at work sitting down at a desk, work out or even driving.

The so called “thinner users”, buying an addition cushion is advised if they want to dampen the intensity of the massage. If you suffer from a stiff neck from time to time as well as shoulder pain, the neck massager does a wonderful job to provide you with some much needed pain relief as long as you are of the right height. People who are shorter than 5 foot 5 for instance, will be let down by the fact that the massage nodes will only touch the lower part of skull. Pitting an extra pillow on the seat does help deal with this minor setback however; it can be a letdown for those who do not own any extra pillows to use. For people taller than 6 foot 3 inches, the news is also bad as the massage node will only be touching the shoulder blade. If you are between 5 foot 5 and 6 foot 3 inches tall, this is a product worth investing if you love a good relaxing massage after a long day or to simply relax.

Pros and cons


  • The chair comes with a two year limited product warranty as well as 30 day money back guarantee
  • Outstanding product that is way ahead of its time because it massages both your back and neck. It also has an adjustable height setting feature making it ideal for both tall and short people
  • The neck and back massage can be used separately or simultaneously activated using a remote control
  • Very easy product to set up and can be used in a car as long as you put in on the passenger seat not the driver.


  • Not suitable for people who are taller than 6 foot 3 inches and those shorter than 5 foot 5 inches
  • There is only one speed setting which is a letdown for many people
  • You cannot adjust the massage intensity
  • It is a very heavy product when compared to other similar product on the market
  • Many people wish the auto shut off timer (though it is a cool feature) gave users the option or chance to extend the time to maybe 20 minutes for example.

Customer support and warranty

As pointed out in the pros, the product does come with a two year limited product warranty as well as 30 day money back guarantee


The Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion is worth purchasing because it not only stands heads and shoulder above the competition but it brings a large variety of benefits to the table for such a reasonable price. You do not need Albert Einstein to figure out how this product works because it is very clearly designed and is very easy to use.  It is an awesome product to have especially for people who suffer from a stiff neck and those who have a desk job that requires them to be in front of a computer for hours or those who hit the gym a lot. If you need some relaxation in your car, you can use this product however, it is recommended that it be used in the passenger seat and not the driver because it can be dangerous. There are so many massage options that come with this product and you will be amazed with how great you will feel after using this product. Even though it does have a few height restrictions, the fact still remains this is worthy investment for anyone too busy to see a masseuse or just looking for some relaxation.

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