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Most Comfortable Office Chairs 2019 (Top Rated, Reviews and Compare)

For those looking for the most comfortable office chairs, your search will end here since the answer is right here. It is vital to have a comfortable office chair if you spend most of your time seated in front of a computer in your office. It would be best if you sat on a comfy office chair and at a good height to ensure the shoulders are relaxed when typing to avoid eye strain, back pain, fatigue, neck pain, and headaches after using computers for a long time. We have used different types of office chairs in our careers as full-time bloggers.

The majority of the office chairs that we regarded as high-end ended up disappointing us. Others terrified us, while some have been impressive in offering comfort. This post will help you choose the best office chairs to achieve maximum satisfaction.

The current market has numerous office chairs from different manufacturers. Therefore, it has become a challenging task to go and buy one. You may decide to buy a cheap office chair, but later you find out that your back starts aching, or buy an expensive chair with excellent features that are even excess of what you wanted. You can opt for an ergonomic best or the one offering the best blow for your cash.

Excellent Office Chair Selection Sitemap

It is essential to have a list of factors you consider as the right indicators of an office chair before buying a chair for your office. This is a list of the factors to look for in a quality, comfortable office chair. Read our ultimate buying guide here.

Apart from listing the factors, you require when buying an office chair, we provide choices and a detailed table for every office chair, which is popular in the current market, to help you select for yourself the most comfortable chair to suit your needs and desires. We divide office chairs into two sections: Mesh office chairs comparison table and Leather office chairs comparison table.

Another source you can select is our choice of best picks, especially if you search for a comfortable office chair for specific criteria or has a particular task. We describe all below.

Your Ultimate Buying Guide

The adjustability of the height

A comfortable chair with the feature for height adjustment easily fits any user and provides an appropriate leg elevation. This chair is comfortable for individuals who work for long hours sited in one position. A chair having a proper peak means that you can comfortably rest your legs on the floor and move them freely to maximize circulation, which helps you maintain the perfect posture needed for long working hours. Those chairs with flexibility concerning height mean that any person can utilize these chairs irrespective of their size.

Chairs with Backrests and Headrests

A perfect office chair should have a comfortable headrest and backrest. This feature is essential because it ensures your head and backrest comfortably to prevent the stress felt on the neck or spine. When purchasing an office chair, select that chair with comfortable back support and easily adjusted forward or backward without necessarily having to leave the chair. Also, make sure that the backrest is tall to support the shoulders and the back fully.


Some feel they do not want armrests. Armrests offer extra value concerning the comfort of your arms because they help eliminate the uneasiness in your arms. For people who work on their computers for long hours, the armrests help decrease the force exerted on the shoulders and elbows when working. The leading cause of pains and aches in the shoulders is prolonged strain. Often, different office chairs come with different styles of armrests made from different materials. Armrests made from vinyl are durable and adjustable, with the ability to flip up and down. Others are designed with cushioned or padded armrests that have been enclosed in faux leather or thick fabric to reduce the straining of the arms during the long working hours in an office. Make sure that the choice you make is dependent on your needs, playing, or working conditions.


Sitting comfortable means you experience the highest level of relaxation. This helps boost your performance, especially in an office where you require comfort while working at a desk. Furthermore, it means you are at ease after long periods of sitting on a chair. A comfortable office chair is designed ergonomically to host your body without subjecting it to any discomfort easily. Preferably, the depth of the chair should conform to the body and allow the backrest to comfortably and at the same time should not cause pain to your thighs.


 Any office chair capable of swiveling and installed with wheels (casters) will allow you to move around quickly. Also, such a chair enables you to move forward, backward, and sideways without scrapping your carpets or floors. A stable chair should not topple over when moving from one place to another place.

Material Used and Style

Office chairs are crafted from different materials and in several different styles and shapes to cater to the different customer needs in the versatile market. The chair should easily fit into any room without contrasting it with the existing design. Some office chairs can be used as computer gaming chairs since they are designed with padding of the highest quality foam and enclosed in leather upholstery featuring padded or vinyl armrests. Another style used in creating the executive office chairs is covering them in a mesh that makes them breathable compared to the previous model. Also, make sure you purchase a chair with firm legs to increase the chair’s stability when moving in the room. Take precautions when selecting your office chair since some manufacturers make office chairs design chairs that are very bulky and big. Such chairs are also cushioned with ultra-foam padding that is upholstered or covered with heavy leather or fabric.

Storage and Portability

It is recommended to select an office chair that takes less space in an office unless there is a large room that you want to fill. A chair that takes less space is also easy to store when not in use. A perfect office chair should be lightweight and easily folded to facilitate ease of movement around a room. Some chairs may look bulky, but in the real sense, they are lightweight, easy to move from one point to another, and store to eliminate clutter in a room.


Often, the most comfortable office chair is not cheap. Office chairs are competitively priced, which helps you select a model that suits your needs and fits your budget. Do not always opt for overpriced office chairs. First, do some research and look for a chair that is worth your cash.

Our Best Picks and Highly Recommended for you

The most comfortable office chair

AmazonBasics High-Back

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Office Chair is the most comfortable office chair for any person. This is after thorough research and reviews from many customers who had bought this office chair.

AmazonBasics GF-80293H High-Back chair is of high quality and very comfortable. The chair has a padded seat and back that provide comfort when sitting on it during the day in an office. The chair is mobile hence you can move from one part of your office to another due to the presence of smooth dual-wheel casters.

Best Ergonomic Affordable Office Chair

The AmazonBasics Mid-Back

 This office chair is one of the best affordable ergonomic models and comes in all-black PU leather. The chair’s padded back, seat, and armrests are made such that they give you total comfort. This chair has smooth contours that surround the entire body to ensure total relaxation.

The pneumatic controls are created such that they can lower or raise the seat or just remain firm and straight. This office chair does support convenient tilting since the tilt-tension knob and the control handle under the chair prevent the chair from causing problems or falling when being used.

Best Leather Office Chair

Serta 43506

The Serta 43506 Big & Tall Executive Chair is the perfect choice for those who want the best for the time spent in the home office or work office. Serta 43506 comes with an ergonomic design and it is made of high-quality bonded leather. Just like the majority of other office chairs, it comes with caster wheels and has an adjustable height. The locking system and the ergonomic tilt system offer more comfort and stability. The back and seat come with thick padding.

Mesh Office Chair

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid

The SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid chair is the winner in this category. It is one of the mesh chairs available at the current market. This chair has an eco-leather padded seat that provides comfortable seating. The manufacturers of this chair have added a pneumatic seat height adjustment quality that enables a person to low back when he or she needs it as opposed to a person seeking the high back. It has a 2-to-1 synchro tilt control which is adjustable and considered a special feature.

Executive Office Chair

The Boss Black LeatherPlus

This chair is one of the best executive office chairs. It scores highly on comfort, strength, and ergonomics. The Boss Black LeatherPlus chair has bespoke lumbar support, a pneumatic adjustment, and a standard black upholstery that has widely been used throughout the body of the chair. This chair is equipped with the new waterfall design in office seats and this chair prevents leg fatigue.

Desk Office Chair

Alera Elusion Series

The Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel Chair is a chair that everybody would want because it is has a basic shape and some key adjustable features that provide a high comfort level. The ergonomics of this tilt chair are ideally adjustable for every person. This means that it is ideal for office desks with many users.

Office Chair for Giants

The Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty

The Boss Office Products are popular for being both well-built and affordable. The Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty Double Plush Cares soft plus Chair is a 350-Pound and is a great pick for people who want something a bit taller. This chair has a comfortable seat and a softly padded back covered in leather. The armrests come with black leather and foam padding.

Even if you need more option from this Company we give you 2 more options to choose from:

Where to Buy Comfortable Office Chairs?

You can find comfortable office chairs in furniture and office shops. However, nowadays, advanced technology gives a different dimension whereby you can search for comfortable office chairs on different online stores such as Amazon. These online stores help you to compare different brands, styles of office chairs, prices and provide a detailed technical description of the items.


There aren’t many pieces of furniture that can carry certain impacts on your performance while working like quality ergonomic office chairs will. Those chairs are crucial components of the working surrounding because they directly affect how we carry out our work. Also, an ideal office chair with a sophisticated style means a lot concerning interactions with your surroundings or immediate environment. We provide you with a list of the top comfortable office chairs for any individual who spends long periods on a computer when shopping for a perfect office chair. These chairs are executively styled to fit any office environment. You should know that these comfortable office chairs are not for luxury but a necessity. These are the best office chairs in the current market that you can buy for those who require more productive office hours with minimal straining. Those who need to maximally utilize office hours while at the same time maintain their body healthily need an office chair that will improve their posture, stability and promotes even circulation. You generally require an office chair that keeps you comfortable for long working hours.

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