Massage Table Buyers Guide

A portable massage table is a convenient and easy way to provide massage services. It is both compact and sturdy enough for you to carry with you so it is very convenient. the number of factors is determined when choosing which massage table will meet your needs.

What type of work will be done on the table?

Types of massage you practice should be considered when using a massage table for massage work. You must also ensure that the table will be strong enough to handle the work. Features such as a headrest, rising back, height adjustments, and other considerations might be considered for those who use massage tables for other uses. This makes the table a great resource beyond just massages.

  • You will need to choose a heavier table that can handle more pressure for the work you do since deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, or sports massage require a very sturdy table, which means lighter weight aluminum tables will not generally offer enough support.
  • Tables designed from metal should not be used for energy practices such as reflexology, therapeutic touch, reiki, or craniosacral therapies. These practices do not require heavy padding
  • Massage therapies that complete a lot of work on the floor are shiatsu, Thai, and other Eastern therapies massage. Working with more versatile tables and light in weight will be the most useful option. A table with legs that fold inward will allow you to place the table bed directly on the floor is one example.
  • Spa treatments like facials and prenatal work are often done with the client in a sitting position. These treatments are best done on tables that can raise the back end of the table to a sitting position. This would be a valuable feature for medical personnel since this is often used as massage tables for house calls.

Where will you practice?

Not all tables are portable and not all portable tables are easy to be transported. If one would need to easily transport or move the table from one place to another, it is better and convenient to choose a portable table that folds down compactly

How much weight can you comfortably carry?

Massage tables range in size and weight. Heavier tables can range from 50 pounds upward and it is difficult and inconvenient to carry than those that are nearer to 30 pounds.

What accessories will you need?

Massage tables generally include a face cradle. But many therapists look for other features such as armrests and features which make the table easy to pack up and move from place to place such as carry bags.

Features to Consider

What material is the massage table made of?

Metal or wood can be used in making the massage table. Metal tables like aluminum are more lightweight and more convenient to carry but the downside is that they do not hold as much weight and pressure as their wooden counterparts. Wooden tables are very strong but have a heavier overall weight. Metal tables made from aluminum can hold around 300 to 400 pounds where wooden tables may be able to hold as much as 600 to 700 pounds.

What kind of padding do you need?

Padding needs are based on the type of work that will be completed on the table.  Not much padding is needed in some types of massage, while others do. Some tables only have a padding of an inch or two. 2.5 inches of padding is the most commonly found among good-quality tables. The comfort of the recipient is increased if there are high levels of padding. This can be important with higher-level massages like deep tissue or sports massage therapy.

What material is used to cover the padding?

Oil-proof and waterproof materials will last a lot longer than those that do not because the work involves the use of oil or lotion during the treatment. Some material is also durable because it is snag-proof. Most padding features a leather or leather-like material in which moisture is not easily absorbed.

Do you need an adjustable head cradle?

While face cradles are optional, these are used by most therapists since clients appreciate them because it is a comfortable place to lay their face during a massage. The face cradle also keeps the neck safe during treatment. Most tables come with a padded face cradle but not all face cradles can be adjusted. Adjustable face cradles allow you to move them based on the client’s comfort.

Table height and height adjustments?

These are one of the most sought-after and in-demand features. Adjustable tables can be adjusted in different heights ranging from 24 to 34 inches offering the highest levels of adjustments. This feature allows us to accommodate different therapies and the height of the therapist. All height adjustments are alike. The easy adjustment of the table to different heights will impact the setup time.

What are the dimensions of the table?

Not all massage tables are the same size. The most common lengths range from 70 to 75 inches with 73 and 74. Taller clients can be accommodated by longer tables. Widths range from 23 inches to 30 inches, with 28 being the most common. It can be less comfortable for clients when using narrower tables and may be harder to work with. A few inches matter and make an impact when it comes to a massage table.

Accessories included?

Accessories might include everything from armrests or supports, arm extensions, carrying bag, carrying strap, and pockets to place lotion and oils.


Massage therapists consider massage tables as an essential part of their job. With a portable table, it will allow you to take your practice with you wherever the client needs it. This might include home visits or taking the table to shows or events where you can promote your practice. However, it is important to decide how to use your table, choosing one that will best provide your needs, and making sure that the table that you use is both durable and compact. The table should be able to provide you with many years of use and a fast return on your investment.

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