Review 2021 – Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

If you’re searching for any compact robotic massage chair recliner take a look at a Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair.

This can be a compact robotic massage chair made to have a maximum weight of 200 Lbs. for those between 4’10” to 6’0?. It’s not a robotic massage chair for giant and tall or petite but for those who weigh under 200 lbs and shorter than 6 ft.

This really is a compact chair appropriate to be used in almost any room and it’ll also prosper like a robotic massage chair for the office. It’s FlexGlide® orbital massage that replicates techniques utilized by massage professionals to unwind and recharge the body. It arrives with 3 intelligently designed, invigorating auto-massage programs. You may also personalize these programs for your preferences.

Quick Look at Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Compact Massage Chair


Length: 35  Inches
Width: 27
Height: 37  Inches
Weight: 41 Lbs


This robotic massage chair under $500 comes complete with premium features what you know already it’s the most costly robotic massage chair on the market. This is a glance at individuals features

  • FlexGlide Massage Technology
  • Three Auto-Massage Programs
  • Tethered Controller
  • Sleek, Compact Design
  • Easy Recline Strap

Three auto programs emulate a therapeutic experience

Stretch: Kneads the back in a tiny, circular motion on the sides of the spine concurrently. This improves much deeper bloodstream and lymph circulation helps bring vital nutrients towards the spine area, as well as helps obvious the toxins from muscle and nerve tissue in the region.

Orbit: Kneads the back inside a side-to-side motion on the sides of the spine concurrently. This relieves tension and soreness by lifting and stretching muscles improves circulation helps bring vital nutrients towards the spine area.

Glide: Rolls lightly up and lower the back near your spine. This warms and loosens parts of your muscles, preparing the back for a much deeper massage. The Glide function also relieves muscle tension, improves circulation, and relaxes the rear.

Here is a short video reviewing this Human Touch iJoy Robotic Massage Chair highlighting the important thing features that can make you benefit hugely from this chair.

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…Perfect method to unwind and relax in an exceedingly sleek, compact chair. Due to its convenient, unique size, you can fit this in any home, living area, or perhaps a workplace office. The material you have is durable and can support the pains useful. As well as for individuals who have an energetic lifestyle, it’s a terrific way to relax. If you are a gamer if you simply need just a little relief for aching, sore, tense muscles- you will get that.

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This Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair has FlexGlide Orbital massage technology. It truly provides you with the design of getting a hands-on massage with warm oil, where you’ve got no friction or pinching which you may have without that. It’s a great possibility to really provide a deep massage for individuals that are looking for it. Also, you can recline this chair to your preferred level of comfort to possess a bit more of the relaxing time.

Others might want to simply sit within the chair and relish the massage, maybe while focusing on another thing. You’ve three auto-massage programs to select from or even a glide feature. Using the iJoy Active 2. additionally, you be capable of slowly move the pillow up and lower if you would like more, or perhaps a more serious energetic massage, you can move up to your level of comfort too.

The iJoy Active 2. is an ideal way to maintain your body and mind active. One further feature that can help get this to iJoy more portable and much more compact is really a lever within the back that you could pick up, and push to create your chair right into a smaller-sized position, which makes it simpler to keep and much more portable.

The iJoy Feet massager is another great compliment towards the iJoy Active 2. If you would like your body to feel refreshed and rejuvenated from mind to foot, certainly you need to pair the iJoy Feet massager for your iJoy Active 2.0…

Amazon Reviews on Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

“Nice chair for the price, it is small so a larger person may have difficulties with the back. It does a nice massage, pretty powerful…”

“I researched many chairs before deciding on this particular one. First the positives: It is nice looking in my living room. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. It is lightweight and does not take up much room…”

“It gives a really good massage. There are many options to choose from lighter to stronger rollers…”

Add ons

iJoy Reflexology Foot Massager

A Persons Touch iJoy Active 2. Robotic Massage Chair could be combined with iJoy Reflexology Feet Massager that has Underfoot Massage to provide you with an entire body massage. What this means is this compact robotic massage chair could be switched right into a full robotic massage chair recliner from it using the iJoy Reflexology Feet Massager.

Quick Features

  • Portable, Easy-To-Use Feet Massager
  • Effective Under-Feet Rollers
  • Two Auto-Massage Programs
  • Pairs Perfectly with any iJoy Active 2. Robotic Massage Chair
  • Kneading Massage Reflexology Option

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