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How to pick the best wheelchairs

Many people who have lived with a disability for a long time, have found that careful consideration of what is the best way to get around has been a key to their independence. This article will look to aid you in the selection processes of wheelchairs and wheelchair use.

Manual wheelchairs

These are usually most suitable for people who: require a wheelchair all or most of the time for mobility can walk perhaps with a walking stick or frame – but are unable to cope with longer distances, so use a manual wheelchair when out and about. You will need sufficient strength and movement in your arms to use a self-propelled wheelchair. If you aren’t able to manage this, you would be more suited to an attendant-propelled wheelchair, designed to be pushed from behind by another person. It’s worth noting that most self-propelled wheelchairs will also have push-handles for times when extra help may be needed. Self-propelled wheelchairs have larger back wheels, each with an outer ‘push-rim’ that you turn to control and propel the chair. These wheels make for a bulkier chair, which may be less easy to pack into the boot of a car. For this reason, if you are choosing a self-propelled chair, look for one with quick-release wheels, now commonly available. Attendant-propelled wheelchairs have smaller back wheels, so are often lighter and easier to transport.

Electric or powered wheelchairs

Sometimes called power or electric-assisted wheelchairs, this type would be ideal if you don’t have the strength or stamina to use a self-propelled wheelchair, but do not wish to rely on being pushed or if you sometimes want to take longer journeys in your wheelchair. There is a wide variety of models available, best divided into three categories: Indoor/portable: for use at home, or in places with smooth, even flooring such as shopping centers or garden centers. Usually easy to fold and fit in the boot of a car. Outdoor: will have larger wheels for dealing with uneven terrain, as well as suspension. Can usually be used indoors, too, but their larger size may mean they don’t fit through some doorways. Indoor/outdoor: designed to offer the best of both worlds. Will not be as light and portable as some models, nor as robust as others, but may provide a good balance of features. Powered wheelchairs are described as being either Class 2, meaning they can be used outside on pavements, or Class 3, for use on roads and pavements. All are generally a lot heavier than manual wheelchairs because their frame has to be stronger in order to support the battery and motors. Bear this in mind when thinking about the ease of transporting a wheelchair.

Drive controls on electric wheelchairs

The most common type of ‘drive control’ on an electric wheelchair is a joystick mounted on one of the armrests. In theory, these are very simple, although they can sometimes prove difficult to learn.  You may initially find the controls to be over or under-sensitive, but it should be possible to have them adjusted to suit you.

Batteries and storage

Batteries are charged by mains electricity, so the wheelchair should generally be stored next to a socket for charging overnight. Some of the larger outdoor-type wheelchairs may need to be stored outside the home – in a garage, for example.


If you have steps up to your house or small changes of level inside, portable ramps are essential. They are available in various materials, widths and lengths, depending on your needs, so do your research before buying.

Maintenance of a Wheel Chair in Home or Hospital

Maintaining your wheelchair can be easy if you have some information on how to keep your wheelchair in top shape. This section includes pointers on how to maintain your wheelchair.

Points for maintaining a manual wheelchair:

Upon purchase:
  • Store your owner’s manual in a safe place for future reference.
  • Use a car wax on the chair frame to make future cleaning easier. Store tools in a pouch, bag or container on your chair for use in a maintenance emergency.
  • Learn how to change your tires.
  • Purchase a tire “patch” kit and carry it with you.
  • Purchase a hand-pump to inflate tires and carry it with you.
  • Learn how to change your tires.
Daily maintenance:
  • Wipe chair down with clean damp rag.
  • Lift the footplates up before getting in or out of the chair.
  • Keep loose objects or lap cover away from the wheel spokes.
  • It’s a good practice to always lock the brakes before getting in and out of the wheelchairs
Weekly maintenance:
  • Inspect wheels to ensure spokes from the axle to the rim are intact, and that rims are not bent.
  • Inspect front casters for wobbling, excessive play and alignment.
  • Clean axle housings of any debris.
  • Check tire pressure.
  • Check that wheel locks/brakes are secured tightly to the frame and are easily activated.
Monthly maintenance:
  • After a thorough cleaning, use a car wax on the frame to make the next cleaning easier.
  • Check for loose nuts and bolts.
  • Check your wheel alignment.
  • Check for easy release and replacement of removable leg rests, footrests, armrests and backrests.
  • Inspect chair frame for cracks.
  • Check that quick-release axles remove quickly.
Annual maintenance:
  • Check that folding chairs open and fold easily. Lubricate folding mechanism.
  • Lubricate all pivot points.
  • Lubricate ball-bearings.

Points for maintaining an electric (power) wheelchair:

Daily maintenance: ‰
  • Before transferring into or out of the device always turn the wheelchair OFF ‰
  • Listen to your Motor Become familiar with the sounds it makes what is “normal” ‰
  • Charge your Batteries: Never allow your battery to run down entirely. If your batteries are having difficulty keeping a charge, have your chair serviced as soon as possible.
  • Wipe down the seat and frame with a dry or slightly damp, soft cloth: Keep dust and grime to a minimum.
  • IMMEDIATELY clean up moisture and spills. DO NOT allow moisture of any kind to come in contact with electric parts. If significant fluid exposure to the electronics appears to have occurred, use of device should be discontinued. The device should then be examined by a service professional.
  • ALWAYS keep protective plastic covers (“shrouds”) in place: Shrouds do not only add to the aesthetics of your chair, but in addition will help protect your electronics from exposure to moisture or fluid spills. If the shroud becomes damaged it should be replaced.
  • Inspect upholstery for rips. ‰
Monthly maintenance:
  • Wheelchairs should be examined during maintenance for signs of corrosion due to exposure to fluids.
  • Electrical components damaged by corrosion should be replaced IMMEDIATELY. ‰
  • Checks wheels for cracks and wear. Replace if necessary.
  • Inspect seat-positioning strap for any signs of wear.
  • Ensure buckle latches and verify hardware that attaches strap to frame is secure and undamaged. Strap should be in good condition and free from tears or fraying. Replace if necessary. Inspect electrical components for apparent signs of corrosion. Replace if corroded or damaged.

Watch the video to understand the above details:

FAQs about Wheel Chairs

What wheelchair sizes are available?

Wheelchairs come in many sizes. Small children’s models are available in a variety of types to suit kids of all ages. Adult wheelchairs are also available in many sizes, so individuals can find one that will work for them. Consider the maneuverability of the wheelchair and also the weight capacity when comparing sizes.

What are the different types of manual wheelchairs?

There are several types of manual wheelchairs to provide users with different options. Large rear-wheel chairs, equipped with a tubular ring, allow individuals to maneuver their wheelchairs without assistance. Manual wheelchairs that are meant to be pushed by a second person are lighter in weight and made to be user-friendly.

What should I look for when considering portability?

Many wheelchairs feature lightweight frames and fold easily for placement in the trunk or backseat of a car. Larger rear-wheel-propelled chairs may also fold for storage, but they are heavier than other designs and may be difficult to load into a vehicle. Some manual wheelchairs have removable armrests and wheels, allowing them to fit into small spaces. Assess your portability needs when comparing manual wheelchairs.

What are the important safety features to consider?

Manual wheelchairs should have some key safety features. Look for locking brakes on the rear wheels to keep the wheelchair stationary when needed. Removable or retractable leg and foot rests keep the user comfortable and safe. Some models feature a seat belt or a seat harness for individuals with specific support needs, and seat cushions made from gel or weight-absorbing material may reduce the development of sores and promote comfort.

Having read this article you are now equipped with the right knowledge towards selecting and maintaining a wheelchair.

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Everything you need to know when buying a Massage table Wed, 15 Apr 2020 15:51:10 +0000 Whether you are a professional or someone just looking to get a nice and comfortable spot to place your significant other when giving them a massage, this article has your back. It will look to guide you through the basic does and doesn’t when getting a massage table. How to pick the best Massage table …

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Whether you are a professional or someone just looking to get a nice and comfortable spot to place your significant other when giving them a massage, this article has your back. It will look to guide you through the basic does and doesn’t when getting a massage table.

How to pick the best Massage table

There are five main features to consider when buying a massage table with all of them giving certain trade-offs in price and quality or practicality.


If you are a professional your massage table needs to be wide enough that all kinds of customers will be comfortable, while allowing you to deliver an effective treatment without putting strain on your own body. Alternatively if you are not a therapist you should just opt for something that accommodates you and your spouse the best.

A good rule of thumb, though, is that if you are a smaller person, you might be better off with a narrower table of 28”. If you’re taller, or if it being spacious is a significant factor, a table in the 30-32” range is better.

A good way to determine the ideal width would be to cut out a few pieces of cardboard in the widths you are trying to choose between. Lay each piece over the kitchen table and lean over it.

 Another option is an hourglass massage table that has a tapered shape, being wider at the ends and narrower in the middle.


While width is a key factor, it’s also very important to think of the length of your massage table. Having enough length can significantly increase comfort.

The standard length for most tables is 73”. You can, however, get shorter models if you particularly want one.

If you are a mobile therapist, a shorter table can mean less weight to be carrying around every day. However, it also means that tall clients may experience a little ‘overhang’ at the end of the table.

As long as the table you choose has a breath hole and removable face cradle, you will have all the flexibility you need across treatments.


When you’re choosing a massage table, there are two weight considerations to factor in:

The carrying weight is the weight of the table itself when it’s all folded up and ready to be transported. This is very important if you do a lot of mobile treatments and will be carrying the table frequently.

The working weight is the amount of weight you can put on the table during massages, factoring the weight of the person lying on it and any bolsters or accessories you might be using.

The carrying weight of massage tables usually varies between 22lb and 46lb. The weight is largely dictated by the table’s design and dimensions, whether it has a lifting back seat, as well as whether its frame is wood or aluminum.

A Table’s Working Weight:

For most massage tables, the standard working weight is between 500 and 600 pounds. Considering that most people would weigh between 120 and 200 pounds, it is highly unlikely that you would ever test the upper limits of the table’s capacity.

Foam Thickness

Getting the right density of foam is one of the most vital choices regarding your massage table.

Naturally, a high level of comfort when lying on the table should be a priority. Thick, high quality foam will ensure that their whole body is supported and comfortable throughout every treatment.

It’s also important that the foam is durable enough to last the lifetime of the table. Higher density foam won’t sag or develop air pockets over time as thinner foam can do.


While PU leather is a much better option, manufacturers of cheaper tables always keep an eye on keeping their costs down, which is why PVC is so common.

PVC leather is a synthetic material – you’ve probably seen it on cheap imitation leather sofas. It’s easy to clean and is very durable, though it’s not the most pleasant against the skin.

PU is also a synthetic leather, but is much closer to real leather in its look and feel. It’s very soft, and is very luxurious to lie on. It’s a very strong material, and like PVC is easy to clean, but is much more durable.

The Ratio of Quality to Price:

As you’ve no doubt found with many things, paying a little extra for something can mean a big increase in the quality you get. Currently, there are three types of massage tables available on the market, and they can be separated by price range:

Budget massage tables, which are generally priced below $120.

Entry level massage tables, which are usually between $150 and $250.

Professional level massage tables, which usually start around $300 and over.

How to use a Massage table?

In this section the article will explore the proper steps to take when using a massage table.

Adjust the height of your massage table.

Locating the proper height will eliminate excess reaching or bending, which puts unnecessary strain on your back. Everyone’s style and preference is different but a good starting point is to stand with your palms parallel to the floor and adjust the table height to just under your palms. From there, take the time to experiment and find the most comfortable height for you. Once you have your working height, lock the legs in place by fully tightening the knobs to keep the table solid and secure.

Adjust your headrest.

When properly adjusted, there will be no strain on the back of the neck and minimal pressure on the face. The best way to learn how to adjust your headrest is by lying on your table and playing with the adjustments yourself, so you can feel the differences.

The first adjustment is height. If the headrest is too high or low, it will put a strain on the neck and upper back. The headrest should be raised for thicker chested people and down for thinner.

The second adjustment is the angle. Everyone has a different idea of what’s comfortable, but you should start by matching a person’s natural curve, which means tilting the headrest down a little. You will notice most good headrests adjust height and angle with one lever, release the lever, find the place that’s most comfortable, and then lock the lever in place.

Adjust width of the headrest pad

The headrest pad is attached with Velcro so it can be adjusted to fit different sized faces. Make the pad wider for larger faces and narrower for thinner faces.


What’s the real difference between entry level and professional?

The entry level tables offer great value for money. They are affordable tables that are also sturdy and reliable. The major difference is simply that each of the materials used for the professional tables are of an even higher quality, and are therefore stronger and more durable.

Which quality level should you choose?

It’s a comparable purchase to buying a sofa for your home. You can go with a cheap and cheerful one that will last a few years and then go out and buy a professional model later on, or you can invest in something really top-notch first day and use it for the rest of your life. Both will do the job; it’s simply up to you in terms of what you want for luxury and service.

Should you opt for wood or aluminum?

Over the last decade, we’ve seen that there is often a preference for the look of wood, but as the design of aluminum tables has modernized, the sleek and stylish look, as well as reduced weight has made them a more appealing choice.

In the professional range it’s not really important whether you opt for wood or aluminum. While an aluminum frame will be stronger than wood, you’ll never get to the upper limit of the working weight of a wooden table, so you have no risk of damaging the frame regardless.

The catch:

Professional level aluminum tables are built with aircraft-grade aluminum, while the entry level tables are built with an aluminum composite and don’t have as high a build quality. While they are still strong and sturdy, entry level aluminum tables are not as strong as wooden entry level tables.

What kind of massage accessories do I need after purchasing a massage table?

Accessory choices vary widely, but most practitioners prefer having a head rest base and cushion, as well as a carrying case for portable massage tables. To properly protect a massage table, moreover, massage sheets are essential, whether they’re disposable or fabric.

Other accessories can help with more specialized forms of treatment. For example, if you frequently treat pregnant clients, you could purchase a body support cushion. Bolsters are also especially useful for massage and more physically involved treatments, and can greatly boost clients’ comfort.

Our Researched options for you:

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Review 2019 – Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair Mon, 06 Apr 2020 15:41:43 +0000 If you’re searching for any compact robotic massage chair recliner take a look at a Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair. This can be a compact robotic massage chair made to have a maximum weight of 200 Lbs. for those between 4’10” to 6’0?. It’s not a robotic massage chair for giant and tall or …

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If you’re searching for any compact robotic massage chair recliner take a look at a Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair.

This can be a compact robotic massage chair made to have a maximum weight of 200 Lbs. for those between 4’10” to 6’0?. It’s not a robotic massage chair for giant and tall or petite but for those who weigh under 200 lbs and shorter than 6 ft.

This really is compact chair appropriate to be used in almost any room and it’ll also prosper like a robotic massage chair for office. It’s FlexGlide® orbital massage that replicates techniques utilized by massage professionals to unwind and recharge the body. It arrives with 3 intelligently designed, invigorating auto-massage programs. You may also personalize these programs for your preferences.

Quick Look at Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Compact Massage Chair


Length: 35  Inches
Width: 27
Height: 37  Inches
Weight: 41 Lbs


This robotic massage chair under $500 comes complete with premium features what you know already it’s the most costly robotic massage chair on the market. This is a glance at individuals features

  • FlexGlide Massage Technology
  • Three Auto-Massage Programs
  • Tethered Controller
  • Sleek, Compact Design
  • Easy Recline Strap

Three auto programs emulate a therapeutic experience

Stretch: Kneads the back in a tiny, circular motion on sides of the spine concurrently. This improves much deeper bloodstream and lymph circulation, helps bring vital nutrients towards the spine area, as well as helps obvious the toxins from muscle and nerve tissue in the region.

Orbit: Kneads the back inside a side-to-side motion on sides of the spine concurrently. This relieves tension and soreness by lifting and stretching muscles, improves circulation helping bring vital nutrients towards the spine area.

Glide: Rolls lightly up and lower the back near your spine. This warms and loosens parts of your muscles, preparing the back for much deeper massage. The Glide function also relieves muscle tension, improves circulation and relaxes the rear.

Here is a short video reviewing this Human Touch iJoy Robotic Massage Chair highlighting the important thing features that can make you benefit hugely out of this chair.

Click The Link To Purchase Human Touch iJoy Active 2. Robotic Massage Chair From Amazon.

…Perfect method to unwind and relax in an exceedingly sleek, compact chair. Due to its convenient, unique size, you are able to fit this in any home, living area, or perhaps a workplace office. The material you have is durable, and can support the pains useful. As well as for individuals who’ve an energetic lifestyle, it’s a terrific way to relax. If you are a gamer if you simply need just a little relief for aching, sore, tense muscles- you will get that.

Click For Price and Features

This Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair has FlexGlide Orbital massage technology. It truly provides you with the design of getting a hands-on massage with warm oil, where you’ve got no friction or pinching which you may have without that. It’s great possibility to really provide a deep massage for individuals that are looking it. Also, you are able to recline this chair to your preferred level of comfort to possess a bit more of the relaxing time.

Others might want to simply sit within the chair and relish the massage, maybe while focusing on another thing. You’ve three auto-massage programs to select from, or even a glide feature. Using the iJoy Active 2. additionally you be capable of slowly move the pillow up and lower if you would like more, or perhaps a more serious energetic massage, you are able to move up in order to your level of comfort too.

The iJoy Active 2. is an ideal way to maintain your body and mind active. One further feature that can help get this to iJoy more portable and much more compact is really a lever within the back that you could pick up, and push to create your chair right into a smaller sized position, which makes it simpler to keep, and much more portable.

The iJoy Feet massager is another great compliment towards the iJoy Active 2.. If you would like your body to feel refreshed and rejuvenated from mind to foot, certainly you need to pair the iJoy Feet massager for your iJoy Active 2.0…

Amazon Reviews on Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

“Nice chair for the price, it is small so a larger person may have difficulties with the back. It does a nice massage, pretty powerful…”

“I researched many chairs before deciding on this particular one. First the positives: It is nice looking in my living room. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. It is light weight and does not take up much room…”

“It gives a really good massage. There are many options to choose from lighter to stronger rollers…”

Add ons

iJoy Reflexology Foot Massager

A Persons Touch iJoy Active 2. Robotic Massage Chair could be combined with iJoy Reflexology Feet Massager that has Underfoot Massage to provide you with an entire body massage. What this means is this compact robotic massage chair could be switched right into a full robotic massage chair recliner from it using the iJoy Reflexology Feet Massager.

Quick Features

  • Portable, Easy-To-Use Feet Massager
  • Effective Under-Feet Rollers
  • Two Auto-Massage Programs
  • Pairs Perfectly with any iJoy Active 2. Robotic Massage Chair
  • Kneading Massage Reflexology Option

Click For Price and Features

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RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Mon, 06 Apr 2020 02:45:12 +0000 Now you can enjoy professional full massage everyday at comfort of your house with this MK-CLASSIC, our new 2019 edition full zero gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Smart Body Scan, second generation lengthy L-track, Zero Gravity Positions (3 Stages), 5 Unique Massage Techniques (Tapping, Kneading, Combo of Kneading & Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling),  7 Automatic Programs, …

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Now you can enjoy professional full massage everyday at comfort of your house with this MK-CLASSIC, our new 2019 edition full zero gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Smart Body Scan, second generation lengthy L-track, Zero Gravity Positions (3 Stages), 5 Unique Massage Techniques (Tapping, Kneading, Combo of Kneading & Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling),  7 Automatic Programs, Built-in Heating System for your back, Air Massage System for the Arm, Legs and Feet, and even more.

Hope this shiatsu massage chair review will help you to take perfect decision on purchase.

Best Features

  • THREE STAGE ULTRA AUTOMATIC ZERO GRAVITY MULTI-FUNCTION Shiatsu Massage Chair: Zero gravity chairs raise your ft towards the same or greater level as the heart, minimizing the stress of gravity in your vertebrae, relieving the anguish of back discomfort. Your heart could work less and you may relax more.
  • COMPUTERIZED BODY Checking: Built-in sensor instantly measure the size of spine and detects acupressure points lying on your back so that your back massages a lot more like human hands.
  • Second GENERATION L-TRACK MASSAGE SYSTEM: The rollers glide from neck completely lower underneath the seat. This latest track is contoured to human back contour around provide better and consistent massages. The track is 50 inches lengthy, a long on the market today.
  • Sports MASSAGE & Full STRETCHING: Made to provide detailed, human-like massage through the body and also the stretching function is also called the ?spine decompression? program. With energetic air cells pinning the body in position, the chair moves you to definitely a calculated routine, and gradually stretches the leg and back muscles.

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Click For Price and Features

  • AIRBAG MASSAGE TECHNOLOGY: Distinctively designed airbags are developed to inflate/deflate individually which in turn causes your body to twist and stretch on shoulders, back, sides, and thighs working concurrently or individually
  • 7 AUTOMATIC MASSAGE PROGRAM: You may choose any 7 programmed Massages for the preferred needs for relaxation, rejuvenation and stretching of the muscles and back
  • 5 MANUAL SPECIFIC MASSAGE PROGRAM: You may choose any one of 5 manual massage techniques (Tapping, Kneading, Mixture of Kneading & Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling)
  • 3 Amounts Of AIRBAG INTENSITY CONTROL: You are able to control airbag pressure sensitivity for your preferred pressure for the air massage system.
  • 3 Amounts Of SPEED CONTROL: You are able to control speed of massages for your preferred speed for the back massages.
  • CALF & Feet MASSAGE System: Multiple air bags on back and sides from the legs and ft which inflate for compression massage.
  • SOLE MASSAGE ROLLER: At the feet massage end, a spinning roller that apply concentrated pin-point kneading massage.
  • Back HEATING System: 2 heating pads in back area that boost the massage experience.
  • AIR MASSAGE SYSTEM: You will find total 42 air bags that are strategically found in the arms, shoulder, thighs, sides, calves and feet.
  • QUALITY & INNOVATION: From high quality soft household leather to boost your experience to light total weight for simple mobility, the chair is attentively made with user ambiance in your mind.
  • DURABILITY & RELIABILITY: Our chairs are made to last which is rated to support an individual who is 6’5″ Tall and as much as 300 lbs.

7 Auto Programs

Full Manual Massage Control System Along With 7 Auto Programs

7 Auto Pre-set Programs

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

These 7 unique pre-programmed massage sessions are prepared at the finger tip with only a little a control button that will help you relax and refresh your tired muscles as well as your mind. These programs are initially looking for fifteen minutes of uninterrupted massages however, you can extend as much as half an hour.

Full Manual Control Massage System

With manual massage functions, you may choose kneading, tapping, combo of kneading & tapping, shiatsu or moving for the back and you will find 3 amounts of intensity and speed control. You may also target small regions of the back and then massage with that small area in which you require the massage.

L-Track Massage System

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

  • Second Generation Ergonomic Lengthy L-track Rail.
  • Ergonomically redesigned L-track Rail contours the back for the first time. With this top quality household leather cushion, you are able to have the difference as soon as you take a seat on the chair.
  • Our L-track is presently a long L-track on the market today. It’s 50 inches lengthy out of your back skull place to your bottom and beyond to upper leg area.
  • 4 massage roller balls are strong yet soft enough to provide you with sufficient pressure on every massage techniques and you may select 3 different width for the back massages.

Yoga & Stretch Program

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

  • Faster Recovery is possible
  • These programs are specifically made to stretch the body on your massages.
  • While one program stretches your torso, another program stretches your legs and thighs.
  • Through getting massages while your muscles is either extended or squeezed, your tired muscle is going to be rejuvenated faster and obtain more energy compared to one fixed position.

Sit, Relax & Fall Asleep

  • Many Shiatsu Massage Chair users go to sleep during massage sessions.
  • We’ve took in to the customers. The remote c
    ontroller has returned-lit so that you can take control of your massage under dim light.
  • Unlike other massage chairs, our chairs stay in sleep mode. Once you massage ends, the chair remains whatever reclined position you had been in so it doesn’t wake you up should you go to sleep throughout the massage whereas other chairs incline soon after massage and wake you up.

Shiatsu Massage Chair for Everyone

  • The chair accommodate an individual from 5’2″ to 6’5″ tall.
  • Shoulder Air bags could be elevated or decreased based on your torso height. Feet Massger can extend another 6 inches to for extended leg length.
  • The chair is rated for an individual who weighs as much as 300 lbs.
  • Our chair should last. Unlike other cheap imitation massage chairs, our chairs must pass various energetic tests to resist this weight requirement.

Fully Tested & Assembled

  • 100% Fully Tested.
  • Every chair is fully tested before we place it within the package so you’ve a reassurance and revel in our product for many years.
  • 100% Fully Put together.
  • It’s 100% fully put together which means you drop the idea of and. Just relax. Enjoy and relax. In the end you deserve it!

Click For Price and Features

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Medical Breakthrough Series Massage Chairs Review 2019 Sun, 05 Apr 2020 14:33:42 +0000 The Medical Breakthrough Series massage-chairs is the most advanced, scientifically engineered massage chairs ever manufactured and will provide you with the most healing-experience you’ll ever have. With the ability to start a complete massage through practically every inch of the body, and also the capability to perform more varieties of massages & stretches than any …

The post Medical Breakthrough Series Massage Chairs Review 2019 appeared first on Chair And Table Reviews.

The Medical Breakthrough Series massage-chairs is the most advanced, scientifically engineered massage chairs ever manufactured and will provide you with the most healing-experience you’ll ever have. With the ability to start a complete massage through practically every inch of the body, and also the capability to perform more varieties of massages & stretches than any other type of chair, Medical Breakthrough is the #1 massage chair we’ve ever reviewed. It comes with loads of features including built-in Intense Heat Therapy™ for deep tissue back pain relief, which is very popular in top quality massage chairs. It’s extremely popular that it is been used around the world in top quality resorts and even for good reason. Once you go through the Medical Breakthrough massage, you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

Let’s talk about what you should be expecting once you get a new massage chair: A complete body-massage system that works everything from your neck to the bottom of your toes. You will have a Shiatsu Massage just like you were in Japan. The stress will just burn away when you feel a pleasant soothing massage through practically every inch of your body.

Medical Breakthrough is one of the doctor’s recommended chairs to relieve neuromuscular pain and gives us long-term corrections for our bad posture. It’s got over so many advanced and modern techniques that have been already proven to dramatically distress and increase your blood circulation, which improves your overall health. You will discover a medical chart that shows all of the medical-benefits that this chair provides.

Medical Breakthrough provides a safe, 100% effective & relaxing deep-tissue massage while other massage chairs only reach 80%. Built-in Intense Heat Treatments are about more than just feeling good. You will find overall health benefits to it as well. It dilates blood-vessels while increasing oxygen to damaged cells. Besides, it increases the blood circulation to them. This means your recovery times will be decreased if you’ve got an accident, which is something a lot of your athletes will appreciate along with elders who need a longer period to get better from injuries.

Medical Breakthrough provides a safe, 100% effective & relaxing deep-tissue massage

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It has taken over 36 years of research to develop this chair. Everything regarding it is designed to simulate what you’d experience if a real person we’re providing you with a massage. Everyone knows the Japanese are serious when it comes to developing technology. You will feel like the massage therapist is working over every inch of your whole body. The chair even features the capability to massage your feet thoroughly, also the tips of your toes. This truly is an entire body experience.

Medical Breakthrough also claims that it’s more than just regarding a relaxing-massage. It is about making sure you can meet your daily demands. Not only for yourself but also your family members. The right way to do that is by making sure you are not over-stressed. As you know, the best method of doing that’s when you will feel great. Now thanks to this chair, a relaxing massage is not far-away. It’s right in your own home. The days of driving & waiting to have a massage are over with. Now you can have a massage in your house, once you feel like having one. Best of all, you will be blown away with just one use. It is that good.

We have received lots of e-mail from customers saying they have seen dramatic changes in their life & body! Most of the people have experienced more happiness & much less pain. Thanks to Medical Breakthrough Series, you will just forget about any stress and pain you have. Created from over 36 years of focused testing and research, Medical Breakthrough includes all of the massage features that have been used for centuries to relieve pain & improve circulations, and placed in one effective and affordable massage-chair.

Medical Breakthrough Series

Medical Breakthrough Series

massage through practically every inch


  • Full Body Scan – Smart Full Body Medical Scan™.
  • True 3D Deep Tissue Massage System™.
  • Zero Gravity – Zero Gravity Sleep System™.
  • Head to Toe Back Massage System™.
  • True 3D Deep (Tissue) Massage System.
  • Dramatically improves your posture in the first few uses.
  • It provides relaxation to all types of bodies.
  • Immediately relieves pains.
  • It helps you have more control over your pain-free life.

Experience full relaxation – Every single time you feel like it!

In the modern world, we face stress regularly. We’ve become less energetic and have allowed ourselves to get bad postures for hours on end. This fosters neuromuscular pains that will not go away by taking pain-killers: Poor glute activation, anterior pelvic shifting, weak thoracic region, and compensating forward head tilt.

Without regular massage to fix the problems, the body’s movement is limited to the dysfunctions described above. Additionally, without prompt and constant correction, the body could even develop additional dysfunctions to compensate for the ones that you have!!!

After many years of clinical & technical research on massaging, this Medical Breakthrough massage chair has been invented with multi massage techniques that massage-therapists recommend for entire body relaxation. After carefully reviewing all of the other massage chairs in the marketplace, we agree with almost all of our audience and consider Medical Breakthrough Series is the best massage experience we can find. 

Do you want to have massage through practically every inch of your body? Go and purchase it. We guarantee your success.

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Best massage table warmer 2019 Sun, 05 Apr 2020 01:51:55 +0000 Massage and chiropractic therapies are some of the best ways to deal with chronic pains and many injuries. In addition, many people receive a variety of massage techniques that help them boost their mood through their daily routines. Although they offer a lot benefits, they also require some effort from patients during the sessions. Fortunately, …

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Massage and chiropractic therapies are some of the best ways to deal with chronic pains and many injuries. In addition, many people receive a variety of massage techniques that help them boost their mood through their daily routines. Although they offer a lot benefits, they also require some effort from patients during the sessions. Fortunately, doctors and therapists rely on some effective methods to help patients through the process. One of them is the use of a massage table warmer. A first approach to it can let you experience an increased level of comfort and relaxation. But the whole experience can reach a higher level depending of its features.

Choosing the best massage table warmer guarantees that customers may obtain the best experience through any of their sessions. If you want to make assure the best experience, you can check some of the following features:

  • Level of heat: although it is a general belief that high levels of heat are the best, a moderate level offers better results to enhance the experience. The human body reacts better and finds better feelings with lower temperatures. Also, muscles are able to obtain the relaxation they need to receive the massages without scarifying comfort and without the risk of burning.
  • Materials: despite that the main purpose of a massage table warmer is to provide a more pleasant temperature, soft materials with fluffy or spongy consistence might add additional levels of comfort.
  • Technical features: therapists who need to decide which massage table warmer to acquire should consider additional features that include: different levels of heat settings, long power cord and auto shutoff.

Choosing the best massage table warmer is the most practical way to elevate the level of each massage session. Both, therapists and customers should not lose the opportunity to take advantage of this incredible tool that they have at their disposal.

Top 5 Massage Table Heating Pads 2019

Therapist`s Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Warmer

Massage therapists can not say enough good things about this, therapist’s choice deluxe fleece massage table warmer. Great reviews and many happy customers, the question is if this is {the right choice|the best choice} {for you|for you personally} & your customers.

Benefits of the Therapist Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Heating Pad

Relaxed clients – Using this massage table fleece pad will add the extra relaxation in your treatments, so that your client feel comfortable and  relaxed and will be able to enjoy it.

Easy to operate with automatic shut off – The massage table heating pad is not hard to control and stays on for up to eight hours. In this way there’s no need to keep resetting it. It will switch off automatically after the eight hours so that you can be sure you do not forget it by leaving it on.

Give a great experience – Using this type of massage table warmer you’ll give your client an amazing experience.

What You Need to Know About the Massage Table Warming Pad

Size of massage table warmer: 71 inch  long & 31 inch  wide. It’ll fit in a regular massage table up to 77 inch  long, the elastic corner straps might help keep the pad into position.

Material: This massage table heating pad manufactured out of comfortable fleece, along with flexible corner straps to keep it in place.

How hot does the heat pad get? The Therapist Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage table warmer get up to around 32 degrees Celsius, or about 90 degrees Fahrenheit . This will keep the client nice & warm without burning them.

It’ll warm-up the massage table without damaging the plastic or leather-surface. View This Massage Table Warmer on Amazon!

How Does the Therapist Choice Deluxe Fleece Warmer Work?

You set it on the massage table, use the elastic corner bands to stay it in position. This warmer comes with a 12 ft + power cord so that you must have plenty of cord for easy plug in.

The operator has 3 control keys:time set, temperature set  & cancel, so it is very easy to control. It comes with 5 temperature settings to that you’ll find the most comfortable heat setting for the customer.

The massage table heating pad will stay on for about 8 hours. This is a great feature, that will allow you to keep it on during your workday. Some of the other massage table warmers only stay on for a couple of hours, which means that you need to reset them once or twice a day. That is not the case with this heating pad.

Moreover it comes with an auto turned off, once the 8 hours are up it’ll automatically shut off so you do not need to be scared to forget it on.

If you are using this with clients you might wonder how you will clean this massage table warmer. Most massage therapists uses a sheet on top of the warmer. They do not suggest that you put it inside laundry. You are able to spot clean or dry clean only. I’ve not seen any of these massage table heating pads though that you could put in the washer.

If you ever do run into any difficulties with this item, it comes with a one year limited warranty. Contact Therapist’s Choice directly if you have a difficulty with this massage table heating pad.

This is a good choice when it’s comes with a table warmer and that’s why the Therapist Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage table warmer deserves the number one spot on our list:

  • Easy controller with 5 different heat settings.
  • Flenece warmer that’s comfortable to lay on.
  • 12 feet long power cord for easy access.
  • 8 hour auto shut off, long enough to keep it on for the day if necessary.

Both therapists and clients are very happy with this table warmer… don`t take our words for it, read their reviews here:

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Earthlite Samadhi Pro Deluxe Table Warmer

This is a thicker table warmer, very relaxing to lay on It’s one he most popular table warmers that I have  seen in the marketplace so when you need a heat in of tg pad that gets hot, this could be your pick.

Size of massage table warmer: 30 ins wide & 72 ins long

Material: This table warmer is manufactured from thick fleece, synthetic sherpa. There’s an insulated foam bottom that protects your massage table. Additionally comes with corner straps to remain the pad in place.

How hot does the pad get: It is possible to set the temperature between 86 – 135  degrees Fahrenheit, which means that this one turns into a little hotter than some of the other ones.

Heat settings: It includes a LCD controller where one can set heat and time. It is set in one min cycles though starting at 30 min, to set it around the maximum duration of 99 min will take you about 45 secs. Maybe is not a big deal but some find it annoying if you need to do this once or twice daily.

Auto shut off: Yes but can only be kept on for 99 mins ..

Warranty: One year limited warranty.

Length of power cord: No details about the length of the cord.

The short duration of 99 mins . for the auto turn off setting, is something you should be aware off. Some therapists prefer to keeping the pad on continually throughout the day.

This massage table warmer becomes a little warmer than some of the others.

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Therapist`s Choice Standard Massage Table Warmer

This massage table warmer will keep your client nice & warm during your massage session. It`s a thinner pad then the two first choices on our list. If you are looking for something thinner this might be your choice.

This is the standard version from Therapist`s Choice, but you will still get many benefits of the deluxe version. It does come with the long cord, it has the same controller with the auto-shutoff function and the 5 heat settings. View the Massage Table Heating Pad on Amazon!

Features of the Therapist`s Choice Standard Massage Table Heating Pad

Size of massage table pad: 71 inch long  31 inch wide, standard size.

How hot does the warmer get: The table warmer will warm up to around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat settings: 5 temperature settings and 4 timer options. This can be the same controller as the Therapist choice deluxe fleece table warmer.

Auto shut off: Yes, this standard massage therapy table heating pad from Therapist’s Choice, comes with an auto turn off, you can keep the warmer on for approximately 8 hours.

Warranty: One Year limited warranty

Length of power cord: 12 ft power cord

Some experience that this thinner table warmer might be a little thick. You could always place a heavier sheet or pad on the top. Most comments are very positive and both therapists and clients seem very pleased with this product.

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Earthlite Basics Fleece Massage Table Warmer

This massage table warmer heating pad,  manufactured from fleece will warm-up the massage table for the customer. Your customer will experience the warm feeling before your treatment even starts. This heating pad helps set off your treatment right.. View This Fleece Massage Heating Pad on Amazon!

Features of the Earthlite Basics Fleece Massage Heating Pad

Size of massage table warmer: 72 inch long & 30 inch wide.

Material: Comfortable fleece, also, it comes along with elastic corner straps to hold the massage table warmer in position.

Heat Settings: It comes with two heat settings, low & high.

Does it come with an auto shut off: No, it doesn’t include an auto turn off.

Will it damage the leather or plastic on the massage table if put directly on it?

Warranty: One year limited warranty.

Length of power cord: About 6 ft.

I do not see this massage table warmer, quite live up to the grade of our first choice, the Therapist`s Choice Deluxe fleece massage table warmer. Simply because of these reasons: not as many heat settings, no auto turn off function as well as the cord is nearly half the length.

With that said this, Earthlite Basics Fleece massage table warmer, is still a good choice and takes our second place in or top 5 listing. To see if this is the choice for you, feel free to see what others are saying about this product…

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Royal Massage Deluxe Fleece Wool Warmer Pad

This fleece wool table warmer can keep your customer nice &  warm, and it’s also easy for you to control.

Features of the Royal Massage Digital Fleece Wool Heating Pad

Size of massage table heating pad: 30 inch wide &  71 inch long.

Material: This is usually a fleece wool table warmer. Also, it goes along with elastic corner straps.

Heat Settings: 5 adjustable heat settings on the controller.

Does it come with an auto shut off: 5 adjustable heat settings  Yes, you are able to set the controller to auto turn off.

Also, it comes with the safety feature that it’ll automatically shut off if the warmer overheats.

Length of power cord: This power cord can be about 5 ft long, 2 ft from warmer to controller &  around 3 feet from controller to outlet.

This is a corresponding item to the previous ones, the reason for position number four is the few reviews as well as the shorter power cord. It looks like a great table warmer though if that is not necessary to you.

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Top Blood-Drawing Phlebotomy Chairs Sat, 04 Apr 2020 12:58:17 +0000 If you’re a physician, a nurse or perhaps a phlebotomist, you’re unquestionably acquainted with phlebotomy chairs or, because they are frequently known as, bloodstream drawing chairs. Selecting an appropriate phlebotomy chair is vital so your nurse or phlebotomist can easily draw bloodstream out of your patients. You will find adjustable height bloodstream drawing chairs in addition …

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If you’re a physician, a nurse or perhaps a phlebotomist, you’re unquestionably acquainted with phlebotomy chairs or, because they are frequently known as, bloodstream drawing chairs. Selecting an appropriate phlebotomy chair is vital so your nurse or phlebotomist can easily draw bloodstream out of your patients. You will find adjustable height bloodstream drawing chairs in addition to bariatric phlebotomy chairs to support bigger stature and people.

Let us check out five of the greatest-selling phlebotomy chairs currently available and find out the way they compare.

Our Top Choices

Blood Drawing Chair-with drawer, Arm rest & cushioned seat

Specifications for this item

Number of Items 20
Color Black
Height 22  inches
Item Weight 71.0  pounds
Length 37  inches
Width 22  inches

Product features

  • Blood Drawing Chair- black only
  • Flip Arm rest
  • Cabinet
  • Leather
  • simple assembly is required

Bloodstream Drawing Chair for Clinics and Laboratories- Available only in Black- Leather soft seat- Switch-up Arm- Fully laminated cabinet and storage drawer- adjustable height armrest- overall height 41″- seat height 22″- overall width 37″- seat width 22.”- Supports Weight Capacity as much as 71 Lbs- Durable- simple set up is needed.

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AdirMed Padded Blood Drawing Chair – Black

About the product
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. The AdirMed is expertly built utilizing a welded, powder-coated frame with reinforced stress suggests ensure lengthy-term durability and employ for many years. To support most sufferers, the chair has a weight capacity as high as 400 lbs.
  • COMFORTABLE PATIENT CHAIR. Calculating 35″ H x 18″ L x 29″ W, this padded chair is over-sized to support patients of numerous sizes. It’s fully upholstered in rugged vinyl for patient comfort and simple maintenance.
  • RELAXING ATMOSPHERE. Made to help patients with “white-colored coat syndrome,” the Padded Bloodstream Drawing Chair offers the user having a comfortable and relaxing experience even just in the existence of a health care provider.
  • ADJUSTABLE ARMREST. A variable height and depth switch arm will accommodate all patients, and could be locked into correct position for patient safety and stability. This armrest also enables simpler patient access once the medical specialist needs to draw bloodstream or take one’s bloodstream pressure.
  • SLEEK, MODERN DESIGN. The padded chair is furnished in black vinyl upholstery along with a powder-coated frame which will easily complement and enhance any doctor’s office, hospital or hospital. Non-skid ft offer stability while protecting the ground from scratches and scuff marks.

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Product Description

Designed to Make the Patient Feel Relaxed.

Many understand or are susceptible to the “white-colored coat syndrome” that elevates bloodstream pressure and tension in the existence of a health care provider. AdirMed believes placing patients inside a comfortable position near the physician goes a lengthy method to helping them relax, whether for any bloodstream pressure test or bloodstream drawing. As a result, this chair is made to just do that.

Optimal Comfort and Convenience.

Everything concerning the AdirMed Bloodstream Drawing Chair is made for convenience and comfort, beginning using its fully upholstered and simple-to-clean, rugged vinyl seating completely right through to the adjustable armrest. It’s generous size accommodates bigger patients or parents holding a young child to help make the patient’s notice a enjoyable one.

Built for a Long and Safe Service Life.

This patient chair is made from a welded, powder-coated frame to supply lengthy-term durability and employ. Reinforced stress points permit the chair to support weights as much as 400 lbs. in addition to provide a lengthy and safe service existence. Furthermore, the armrest can be adjusted and could be locked into correct position for patient safety and stability.

Easy Access to Patients.

The armrest locks while in use and flips up and taken care of, which makes it simpler for that patient to go in and out the chair. Additionally to supplying patient safety, this adjustable armrest provides the medical specialist simpler accessibility patient when drawing bloodstream or taking bloodstream pressure. In addition, the convenient design reduces the quantity of bending for that specialist to reduce anxiety around the back.

Economical Phlebotomy Chair Style: Standard

Technical Details

Product description

  • Features two infinitely adjustable armrests, durable plastic resin seat and non-marring leveling feet.
  • The flip-up contoured urethane armrest provides comfort, easy access, and added safety for the user.
  • Height: 36 in. Width with Tray Down: 29 in.
  • Length: 20.5 in. (52.07 cm.) Seat Height: 20.5 in. (52.07 cm.)
  • Seat Width: 18 in. (45.72 cm. Seat Depth: 15 in. (38.10 cm.) Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. (136.08 kg.)

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How To Use A Blood Drawing Chair

Styles Of Blood Drawing Chairs

Bloodstream drawing chairs typically include upholstered and padded armrests and seats, adjustable arms, adjustable height and flipping armrests plus an simple to clean white-colored upholstery. When individuals are searching for used phlebotomy chairs for purchase, they often times take a look at brands like Clinton, Winco or Maker.

Bloodstream drawing chairs sometimes are available in reclining styles, by which situation they’re usually electric. Another handy feature is really a phlebotomy chair that is included with drawers.

Nurses and phlebotomists are often those who is going to be while using bloodstream drawing chair, which they’ll use to gather bloodstream samples to conduct an assorted quantity of different tests and assessments.

How To Draw Blood

Drawing blood usually follows a pretty simple procedure. Before blood drawing a nurse will introduce themselves to the patient who will be having blood drawn from them. The phlebotomist will explain how the blood drawing procedure will go. The phlebotomist will then sanitize their hands, verified that the patient’s requisition is quarter needed with their name, the medical record number as well as the date of birth.

Once the patient’s identity is confirmed the phlebotomist will assemble their supplies near the blood drawing chair. Supplies often include blood collection tubes, cotton balls, a bandage, a tourniquet as well as medical adhesive tape and alcohol wipes.

The phlebotomist will then make sure that they select the best needle to collect the blood from the particular patient. Next, the phlebotomist or nurse will see the patient in the blood drawing chair. The blood drawing chair will often include a handy table with an armrest that will support the person having their blood drawn.

A tourniquet will be tied round the patient’s arm usually between three or four inches above their ventipuncture site. The phlebotomist may have patients create a fist numerous occasions to assist the vein appear. The phlebotomist may also tap around the vein using their pointer finger so as prime dilation.

It is essential to disinfect the region just before drawing bloodstream-the phlebotomist will most likely make use of a circular motion as the patient is sitting down within the phlebotomy chair, permitting the disinfected epidermis to dry not less than thirty seconds so the patient does not feel any discomfort once the bloodstream drawing needle is placed into them.

An experienced phlebotomist will inspect the needle to make certain it’s not the truth that just before inserting it. The next thing is for that needle to become threaded in to the holder, using the needle sheath to grip the needle within the holder. Then your bloodstream collection tube is placed in to the holder, the phlebotomist will grip a person’s arm, align the needle using the patient’s discomfort using the bevel in position.

The bloodstream will fill the tube, and when it’s totally filled you’ll be able to maneuver the needle in position a bit of gauze within the needle insertion site. You need to discard the needle right into a sharps container and label all the bloodstream tubes as the patient is nearby.

Blood Drawing Tips

  • You need to be highly considerate of patients throughout the bloodstream drawing process.
  • Many people which are really squeamish won’t need to see the needle be placed to their arms-let the bloodstream drawing patients to not look in this process so they don’t view it happen and also have a bad reaction.
  • You could have the bloodstream-drawing patient hang on and grip something because they are sitting down within the phlebotomy chair to enable them to draw attention away from themselves in the bloodstream extraction procedure.
  • If you’re removing bloodstream from the child, you could have them sit within the parents laps for additional assurance.
  • A few of the common materials and accessories that attend a phlebotomy chair include hands sanitizer, generalized needles, alcohol wipes, disposal box, biohazard bags, trays for bloodstream collecting, requisition labels in addition to hands soapy sanitizer.

Final Thoughts

Phlebotomy chairs really are a crucial element of drawing bloodstream. Without having an appropriate chair that’s adjustable and cushioned which can hold a person’s physical dimensions when drawing bloodstream from their vein may become a hard procedure for the phlebotomist and also the patient.

Review our phlebotomy chairs and look for the particular product pages just before getting one. You may also find out more more information about warranties along with other customers encounters using the phlebotomy chair that you are looking at buying for the hospital or physician’s practice.

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Best massage table bolster for best massage experience Sat, 04 Apr 2020 00:11:54 +0000 The evolution of massage therapies has positively favored the experience of it. Long are the days when it was necessary to sacrifice comfort to obtain the desired results. Nowadays, it is possible to enjoy the massage itself while expecting the best results at the end of the session. Techniques and other implements are the reason …

The post Best massage table bolster for best massage experience appeared first on Chair And Table Reviews.

The evolution of massage therapies has positively favored the experience of it. Long are the days when it was necessary to sacrifice comfort to obtain the desired results. Nowadays, it is possible to enjoy the massage itself while expecting the best results at the end of the session. Techniques and other implements are the reason for such evolution. One of those implements is the massage table bolster which has become an indispensable element for massage therapists. Besides improving customer´s experience, therapists find easier to perform their work as it becomes easier to access and handle body parts without significant risks. A massage table bolster can provide the best drainage, ease the work of the joints and enhance the general experience of the massage.

There are many types of massage table bolsters, and they are designed according to their use for different parts of the body. A massage table bolster can be a peak bolster, flat bolster, extra-large round bolster, triangular bolster, 3ft bolster pillow and 3 quarter round bolster, just to name a few. If there is such a wide range of massage bolsters, then how can you select the best among them? Picking the right massage table bolster is crucial to guarantee the best experience to customers.

The best massage bolster depends on the type of massage, as the shape of it determine the position of the body. Training and education of therapists is a key element as they must determine what suits best depending of the purpose of the massage. Many of the massage table bolsters offer leaning support and others restrict some movements. Besides therapist´s training, the best massage table bolster should be manufactured as follows:

  • Coverage of the massage table bolster with anti-bacterial materials to guarantee proper hygiene.
  • Massage table bolster should be billed with flexible materials, such as cotton or fiber, in order to facilitate any movements during the session.

Combining a massage therapist with the best massage table bolster is a guarantee to receive the benefits of the session.

Professional Uses for a Massage Bolster

Massage therapists frequently use numerous massage supplies to help grow their practice and the help of their clients. From bolsters to pads, these supplies help accommodate patients which makes it simpler plus much more comfortable for parties when giving treatment. These bolsters may also be frequently employed by ordinary visitors to accommodate their mind, neck or back due to injuries or some type of discomfort, and using this method, might be well suited for other non-massage-related activities, for instance yoga or general stretching.

When working with professional bolsters for massage therapy purposes, it’s helpful to note that they are usually around the width from the regular massage table, that could change from 32, 30 or 28 inches, with regards to the make and brand. They are typically either produced from leather or vinyl. Additionally, there are a variety of bolsters in the market. You will find them in half-round, round or wedge varieties.

How to Use a Professional Bolster

The bolster is easy to use of and incredibly intuitive when it comes to design. When you are feeling strain inside your mind, neck, or ft, that is commonly among the best indicators that you really need to grab a bolster.

Among the key ways to create a massage much more comfortable for the patient would be to put the bolster under their ft when their belly lower. This makes it possible to massage the low a part of their legs.

Another fantastic way to support the back and legs from the client is to put a bolster between their knees, helping them set their posture and making things much more comfortable. This easy strategy is in many cases suggested for persons with back discomfort, to allow them to alleviate any extra stress when they sleep.

When massaging women who’re pregnant lounging on their own side, it’s nice to provide them a bolster to put between their knees and under their stomach to lower any impact. Bear in mind that although bolsters provide a firm option, some pregnant patients may prefer a standard pillow, because it is a softer choice.

Bolsters Outside of Massage

While bolsters mostly are found in massage therapy, they could also be used as bolster yoga pillow. When performing a reverse child pose with toes together, knees apart folding forward, scoop the tailbone under and lean backwards round the bolster. It becomes an easy way align the spine over the bolster — and additionally it possesses a phenomenal stretch doing an extended yoga practice.

A bolster might have many uses as they are ideal for distributing weight and alleviating strain. Be it massage, yoga, or any other activities, using a bolster is a wonderful way to raise your experience.

List Of The 10 Best Daybed Bolster Pillows Reviews:

Earthlite Fluffy Bolster, Bolster Pillows Strap Handle

Considering quality back rub frill, Earthlite may be the chief maker. With tremendous participation in this subject, this organization conveys dependable and solid products. The Fluffy bolster out of this organization is probably the top pillows dedicated to rubbing. It’s an exceedingly adaptable bolster functional around the back, to help ease torment as well as for spine arrangement. Consequently, when practicing or performing yoga, it’s an ideal pillow to choose.

The development of this pillow enables obtaining the best experience ever. Constructed from business review materials, it flawlessly relieves the skin. Consequently, Bolster Pillows consist of adjustable foam that is free of CFCs and delicate natursoft PU upholstery. Typically, the pillow is eco-accommodating and suitable for the clients.

Offered within an alternate size, you are able to pick to obtain a little and sort sized believed. Having a phenomenal imaginativeness, the bolster is amazing to be used like a neck pillow. Cleaning is very simple since just wiping having a gentle cleanser is needed. Also, handle decreases bothers while conveying.

Product features:

Professional review eco-accommodating adaptable foam | Versatile usage | Super delicate upholstery | 1-year guarantee

Click For Price and Features

EARTHLITE Jumbo Massage Bolster, Bolster Pillows Strap Handle

Do you want a flawless back rub pillow which will keep the body feeling great? There’s no compelling reason to obtain a migraine while searching. Your lengthy-lasting partner Earthlite here having a gigantic back rub bolster. Because the name recommends, it’s an additional lengthy bolster pillow dedicated to get exercise particularly underneath the knee, calf as well as on the back.

Your pillows which provide you with a cerebral discomfort among knead sessions. That one is made to complement a complete measured back rub table flawlessly. In this manner, you will not have bothered while you appreciate a relaxing rub. To incorporate mitigating understanding, the pillow is packed with delicate, eco-accommodating foam and 100% natursoft PU upholstery.

Could it be accurate to state that you’re stressed over your pillow providing you with a cerebral discomfort when cleaning? Your stresses are presently concluded if you have this gigantic back rub bolster. Easy to clean. You simply need the cleanser along with a saturated fabric. In almost any situation, brutal chemicals like vinegar, liquor, and citrus can break the upholstery. In addition, available in various hues, the pillow is definitely an incredible decision for the lounge to supplement its stylistic theme.

massage table bolster

Product features:

Jumbo measure bolster | Eco-accommodating development materials | Soft upholstery and steady foam | 1-year guarantee

Click For Price and Features

EARTHLITE Full Round Bolster Pillow, Bolster Pillows Professional Quality

The scan for perfect neck pillow for any couple of people never closes. Every time they buy a pillow, it’s some solace issues. When you’re a situation such as this, the very best decision is really a switch to a neck bolster pillow. The Earthlite full round bolster is probably the adaptable products you are able to picture. The pillow is a perfect devotion to assuaging back torments and keep your spine adjusted.

Highlighting a complete round design, it superbly matches together with your joints such as the neck. Due to this, the bolster upgrades bloodstream distribution and weight alleviation. By no means like different pillows, this really is liberally measured to complement with many full-sized back rub tables. Along wrinkles, you’ll love the back rub sessions due to phenomenal solace and become calming.

When you cherish distinctively measured bolster, the Earthlite enables you to obtain your ideal one. This arrangement is obtainable in a variety of styles. With this particular, it’s conceivable to select the one that will provide your body an ideal treat. Embracing this pillow is conveys a fantastic body feeling, the bolster pillow embed is really a top-notch foam with culminating bob. The exterior cover is really a delicate PU material that’s comfortable and suitable for your skin.

massage table bolster

Product features:

Easy to carry strap handle | Soft, eco-friendly pillow insert | Available in 5 styles | Breathable upholstery

Click For Price and Features

Squishy Deluxe Microbead Bolster Tube Pillow – Bolster Pillows

It’s an ideal chance to provide your body, a unique treat with exceptional tube pillow. The Squishy Luxurious microbead tube pillow is really an outstanding product created by experts. In this way, why should you go for shoddy bolsters that will get injured inside times of utilization? It has a consummates masterfulness, for the reason that, it provides your body with unmatched feeling. The bolster gloats polystyrene squishy, moose, and cushy microbeads documenting that are steady and incredibly strong.

Notwithstanding the mixture of material filling the pillow, Bolster Pillow remains safe and secure and hypo-allergenic. In this way, notwithstanding while using the it, you will not encounter skin responses. Furthermore, the microbeads safeguard the pillow because they are impervious to wash and parasites. Accordingly, it’s a bolster for those who are adversely impacted by neat and different allergens.

A sizable area of the tubular pillows accessible comes with non-removable covers. In almost any situation, Squishy Delux bolster tube pillow is outstanding. Consequently, Bolster Pillow brags a removable cover upgraded having a zipper. The coverage highlights 85% nylon and 15% spandex, which makes it super delicate. Both pillow and covering are machine-launderable, in this way keeping them perfect and new.

Product features:

Zipper enhanced removable cover | Soft microbeads with enhanced wind current | Hypoallergenic development materials | Machine launderable pillow and cover

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ZIRAKI Pain Relief Memory Foam Leg Rest Cushion – Bolster Pillows

Zaraki flexible foam leg rest is really a definitive decision for alleviating back and joint torments due to different reasons. The pillow is positively made for those who encounter leg torments, sciatica, pregnant moms yet others. The development and design empower it to lower torment superbly.

By no means like other bolster tubular pillows, that one is exclusive. Consequently, Bolster Pillow has arch molded style to flawlessly solace for your legs and in addition back. Consequently, The angled design works well for enhancing general bloodstream course, along wrinkles restricting leg deadness. For that filling, it brags overwhelming obligation flexible foam which provides sufficient sinking and bobs to steer clear of hard spots.

Disregard developments while unwinding, the bottom part has against slip grasp dedicated to ensure that is stays in position. Likewise, the customizable lashes fitted around the base side permits fitting of the pillow inside your office seat. Due to this, it limits stresses associated with sitting for a long time. The handle tie empowers movability, as the zippered cover is simple to evacuate and clean.

Product features:

Removable zip enhanced pillow cover | Adjustable tie for tight mounting | Premium adjustable foam filling | Slip-safe base hold

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Carex Health Brands Cervical Pillow, Bolster Pillows

Could it be accurate to state that you are looking for moment torment alleviation inside your back, neck and leg joints? It is now time to provide the mind unwinding since Carex round cervical pillow can perform everything. Its ergonomic design is finished for soothing torments inside a moment without bothers. It accomplishes this by encouraging spine arrangement, consequently getting rid of weight. Indeed, the pillow is an ideal decision to do restorative rest, instead of normal hard pads.

To assist the execution of the tubular pillow, Bolster Pillow has quick reaction flexible foam filling. The froth holds its shape progressively permitting a long time of utilization. Different with other filling materials, adjustable foam matches your body shapes. Thusly, Bolster Pillow doesn’t cause weights gathering around the bolstered joints. Plus, a protective cover is removable to inspire cleaning and it is zipper upgraded. The adjustable foam utilized and polyester and rayon cover is hypo-allergenic.

Carex Health Brands

Product features:

Fast acting adaptable foam filling | Removable polyester and rayon cover | Machine launderable bolster cover | Hypoallergenic foam and cover

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My Pillow Neck and Cervical Bolster Pillow

A chance for the greatest bolster tube pillow exists. It’s not a tough factor particularly with this particular neck and cervical bolster from My Pillow. It is among the excellent products fabricated with this organization to boost lives. Whether or not you have to use it your legs, between knees, or utilize it like a lumbar help, the pillow is excellent. It’ll hold the back adjusted and free of torments.

Taking into consideration the growth and development of this pillow, you’ll make it your bedding accumulations. It appreciates open cell poly cover that is ideal for encouraging skin relaxing. This ensures skin doesn’t encounter unnecessary sweating. With this particular, the pillow provides you with a peaceful rest without steady embracing the awesome side.

Neglect the unwashable pillows which bargain your rest after a long time of utilization. When you are with this, it’s launderable and dryable to maintain your bed new. The unadulterated cotton filling is fantastic for guaranteeing that no scents or destructive chemicals. Consequently, It’s a plain the pillow to provide back, and joint assistance to functions like lumbar help.

Cervical Bolster Pillow

Product features:

Pure cotton filling | Breathable poly cover | Machine launderable and dryable pillow | Compatible with office and auto seats

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Massage Pro Full Round Bolster Pillow, Extra-long Bolster Pillows

Why strain the body with little and sub-componen quality bolster? There’s an immediate way of appreciating incredible pillow Massage Pro full round bolster. The product is made from high masterful to exceed rivals execution astute and quality. The cushioning utilized as part of this pillow is outstanding to assist vertebrae segment hence averting back agonies altogether. Consequently, The PU cover joins with flexible foam to create outstanding background.

With lots of pillows available neglecting to satisfy the clients, Massage Pro bolster is dedicated to offering complete fulfillment. Designed including full round style and striking bob, it provides body culminate shaping. Accordingly, the pillow is important for back rub and yoga preparing. Fitted handle guarantees simple conveying. Also, calculating 6 X 26 Inch, it splendidly peers with many back rub tables.

Extra-long Bolster Pillows

Product features:

Memory foam filling | Soft and comfortable PU cover | Conforms to body forms | Integrated trucking tie handle | #1 Best Seller in Professional Massage Table Pads

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NEWPOINT CORPORATION Bolster Pillow 100-Percent Cotton Neckroll Pillow

Still stranded which pillow to choose to maneuver back torments? The Newpoint 100% cotton neckroll is probably the most suitable products you will get. To make sure idealize unwinding and back joints unwinding, the pillow includes a delicate polyester filling. Additionally, the filling strands are hypo-allergenic meaning you will not encounter unfavorable response due to breathing or skin contact.

The bolster remains safe and secure, in addition to solidness is heavenly. The coverage is 100 % cotton made which anticipates trouble spots. In this manner, when dozing, there’s no consistent pillow swinging due to overheating. Bragging 237 string tallies, Bolster Pillow signifies that you can rely on the bolster for a long time before it destroys. Getting this pillow permits use within raising your legs, or supporting the back. Furthermore, Bolster Pillow is definitely an incredible voyaging alternative. Fashionable, design renders it a perfect decision for your house style.

Cotton Neckroll Pillow

Product features:

Hypoallergenic polyester fiber fillings  | Comfortable 100%cotton shell | Easy care; machine launderable | Stylish design and wrap up

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Cushy Form Back Pain Relief Half-Moon Bolster Cushion – Bolster Pillows

Dozing is presently confident with Cushy Form half-moon bolster pad. It’s the best bolster to date you will get to sooth and provide your definitive body treat. Designed from organic cotton cover, the pillow is super delicate, firm and free of undesirable smells. Furthermore, the inside filling brags hypo-allergenic Visco versatile adjustable foam that’s remarkable for embracing and supporting the body.

Whenever you obtain, this half-moon bolsters pad it’s incredible versatility. Consequently, Bolster Pillow is functional on the bed designed for back and side sleepers. Consequently, The bolster allows you to place your legs around the pillow in this way empowering enhanced bloodstream course. Apart from lifting legs, it anticipates spider veins and hurries recovery after surgery.

With cover gloating cotton cover, using the pillow is agreeable and feels normal. Bolster Pillow does not have cause exorbitant warming or sweating due to enhanced wind stream. This really is a result of the fragile and launderable natural cover. Apart from supporting your body, the pillow is multipurpose. Consequently, It’s useful among pregnancy, surgery recovery and provides restorative body bolster. Cushy Form bolster pad is recommended by chiropractors, specialists, and games coaches.

massage table bolster

Product features:

Super comfortable Visco-versatile adaptable foam | Breathable, launderable, hypoallergenic natural cotton cover | Recommended by specialists and chiropractors | Multiple employments | Backed by cash discount approach.

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Best Massage Table 2019 (updated) – Best Comfort For You Fri, 03 Apr 2020 11:29:04 +0000 Aside from your professional training, purchasing a best massage table is the most important investment you will need to make during your massage career; there are so many options to choose from. It is important to be knowledgeable about massage tables and to know which massage table suits your needs, so as not to buy …

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Aside from your professional training, purchasing a best massage table is the most important investment you will need to make during your massage career; there are so many options to choose from. It is important to be knowledgeable about massage tables and to know which massage table suits your needs, so as not to buy the wrong one.

Introduction to the Massage Table

Having personal massages are one way to achieve relaxation and release unhealthy toxins. Massage therapy has been known to relieve stress, headaches, insomnia, and speed healing from sports injuries. a massage table is one of your most important investments for those who are giving massages. It would give the recipient the needed relaxation and comfort and will assist you in providing much needed services. Tables can promote your business. It can be carried or used in client’s homes.

Professional portable massage tables must be strong enough. It needs to be sturdy to not only hold the weight of the individual but also the pressure on the table made during a massage. The client must be comfortable when they lie on the table and support should be provided yet enough given when pressure is applied to loosen muscles in the body. Most tables also provide additional benefits like height adjustments that allow the table to be moved up or down depending on the type of massage given and the height of the massage therapist. Most tables also include face cradles. This provides a comfortable place for the recipient to lay their head.

Massage tables are not only used by massage therapists. They are valuable. They can be used at home and can be used for everything. Family members who are less mobile by increasing the circulation can use them. Estheticians who want to give facials can also use the table. Medical doctors and nurses who make house calls can also use massage tables due to their convenience and portability. These tables will benefit both students and professionals alike. Massage tables are used at home because they are both practical and affordable that is why others purchase it. The tables fold up compactly and are easy to store. Best massage table is an essential part for both the recipient and the therapist as it comes with a range of features

Top Ranked Massage Tables

Best Massage Portable Massage Table

The Best Massage Portable Massage Table is the top pick because it provides comfort; it is compact, and lightweight. It is made of top quality wood and the table can hold up to 450 pounds. This table is perfect for home use, students, and professionals. The table is a standard size and is 73 inches long and 28 inches wide. The table adjusts in height from 24 inches to 33 inches depending on your personal preference and on what type of massage you are doing.

One that is made from top quality timber and crafted precisely is The Best Massage Table. It includes a premium carrying case, which makes transporting the table easy and compact. The table weighs 37.5 pounds. The top of the table is covered in black material and the foam density is 2.5 inches. The table breaks down into two sections and you can firmly fold it when storing or carrying. Its features allow you to easily bring the table to the client. The Best massage table also include luxury padding, an arm rest, and a removable face cradle. A cradle pad, side arm extenders and a carrying bag are also part of its features.

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Sierra Comfort Aluminum Portable Massage Table

The Sierra Comfort Aluminum Portable Massage Table is the best massage table and is the top pick because of its lightweight and it is a compact table that is easy to pack up and carry with you so it is very convenient. This table is a standard 74 by 28 inches in size and can fit clients of all heights and sizes. It has a lightweight aluminum frame that only weighs 29 pounds. The table is strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds. You can adjust the height of he Sierra Comfort Aluminum Portable Massage Table which allows you to set the table at the correct height for you. This makes it easier for type of work you are doing for the client.

High density foam that is 2 ½ inches thick of foam decking is being used as a cover of the table. The decking cover is easy to clean as it has resistance for both water and oil. Being able to adjust up the back of the massage table is one of its unique features. It allows you to offer additional services like facials. Doctors, massage therapists, massage students, who conduct house calls can also benefit from these tables because of this feature. It also very convenient to use at home. A carrying case with a shoulder strap is also included, making it very convenient for the table easy to carry. The table folds up into a compact size for additional storage and portability. It also include a removable and adjustable face cradle, a head cradle, a forward swing arm and an arm cradle.

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Master Massage 30 Inch Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table

The Master Massage 30 Inch Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table is a top pick because it gives the client a top quality luxurious table at a not so expensive price. This table is a standard 72 X 30 inches and is light weight which only weighs 33 pounds. The table folds compactly to approximately 3 feet by 3 feet and 10 inches wide. With these dimensions, you will be able to easily pack away the table under a bed or in a closet. It is also convenient to transport to multiple locations.

The Master Massage 30 Inch Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table allows you to adjust the height ranging from 24 to 34 inches, depending on your needs. The Quik Set knobs takes 70% less effort to adjust the height than standard tables. It also comes with an auto locking system on the legs, which makes it extremely study. A pressure of 1500 pounds and a maximum weight of 650 pounds can be carried by the table. Strongest possible support is being provided because the support cables are made from aircraft grade steel.

The body of the table is made up of and crafted out of walnut for the legs and the body of the table is crafted from beech wood. High gloss protectant seal is included for a long lasting finish. a cushion that is three inches thick is included in the upholstery and it is made with three different materials including small cell foam. This feature offers a luxurious feel when lying on the table. The fabric is a luxurious leather material that is resistant from abrasion, oil and water. The sand color is both attractive and can be cleaned easily.

An ergonomic adjustable face cradle and a face cushion. A padded arm shelf, two pockets and a carrying case with carrying strap is included with the table. The package also provides 5 year warranty.

Buy From Amazon

Best Massage Table Summary

All of the top picks we mentioned are built from top quality materials and it comes in standard length and width depending on your needs. They also all offer adjustable heights ranging from 24 to 34 inches depending on your personal preference.

The Sierra is the most lightweight table, is made from aluminum, and comes in at 29 pounds. The Best Massage and Master Massage tables are 37.5 and 33 pounds respectively, with the Best massage table weighing the heaviest. Both of these two tables are constructed out of wood which is much more heavier compared to the aluminum frames.

The advantage of wood frames is that is able to hold more and is sturdier. The Master Massage holds up to 650 pounds, which is the highest weight. Where in the best massage can carry 450 pounds and the Sierra holds up to 300 pounds, which is the lowest weight. A 2.5 inch foam padding are both the feature of Best Massage and Sierra, where the Master massage comes in with a 3 inch luxurious padding. Both the Sierra and Master massage use material that is resistant to both oil and water. This is an important feature when dealing with massage oils and lotions, this makes it easy to clean, and the time the material will last is lengthened.

The master massage is the most luxurious and has the best quality but also the most expensive. The Best Massage is the most affordable which offers economical features that get the job done. Whichever table you decide to choose, you will begin to enjoy your personal massage table.

Some Other Choices from Top Brands


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Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chair Thu, 02 Apr 2020 23:03:47 +0000 Whether you are a top notch executive in a blue chip company or just a high school graduate working as a computer operator in a modest restaurant the chair you sit on while performing your work should be the least of your worries, but the sad reality is that this is not always the case …

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Whether you are a top notch executive in a blue chip company or just a high school graduate working as a computer operator in a modest restaurant the chair you sit on while performing your work should be the least of your worries, but the sad reality is that this is not always the case as chairs manufacturers, whether knowingly or unknowingly often sacrifice the convenience of their customers on the altar of aesthetic and thereby exposing them to backaches and other effect of sitting on a bad chair.

Our range of lumbar support cushion for office chair was made considering two key factors of convenience and aesthetic, what you get is a lumbar cushioned chair that is both pleasing to the eye and the body. They are of various sizes, colors and designs, it won’t be out of place to say they are the best you can get anywhere around.

With our lumbar support cushion for office chair your body is well positioned to work extensively over a period of time the hard feeling to the back, which can cause backache common to other lumbar chairs is practically nonexistent as the back is covered with soft cushion all in a bid to give you the perfect office experience you deserve.

Our Best Pick

lumbar support cushion

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion

The best lumbar support cushion

With all the different lumbar-support cushions we have tested, the LoveHome has the best mix of comfort and support over long periods. It is equally easy to adjust, secure and wash.

Although requirements affect choice in regards to the feel of a lumbar-support pillow, a lot of our testers rated the LoveHome as the most accustomed and healthy. They reported that this contoured nicely with their bodies, given considerable support across a sizable portion of the lower back, and kept securely in position when strapped to a seat.

The LoveHome back support cushion stays in position with a secured strap. Its cover is smooth and easily entirely removable for washing as well, and it’ll fit almost all chairs and backs easily.

Consider These Also

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion

A firmer alternative

A little more firm compared to our top pick, but just as very easy to clean out, set up, and use for lengthy periods.

The Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion is an excellent substitute for the LoveHome, at roughly around the same price, if you’re interested in something similarly supportive however with a firmer feel. This cushion, while a bit stiffer compared to LoveHome, retains a gentle memory foam inside, simply with a little less give. The real difference between these picks is like the visible difference between medium vs soft mattresses. Regardless of whether you should purchase this model or the LoveHome comes from your choice for firmer or smoother foam.

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion

The Everlasting Comfort comes with a couple of straps, rather than one, to keep it in place-not a big upgrade in stability, however it helps some. Much like the LoveHome cushion, this model has a removable fine mesh cover.

Everlasting Comfort features a “lifetime replacement guarantee,” but on the down side some Amazon customers review having had to pay for return shipping (although the company has obviously agreed to refund shipping and delivery costs in most circumstances).

Value Pack – Upgraded Pick

lumbar support cushion

Tempur-Pedic Lumbar Cushion

A pricey upgrade having a great warranty

This premium cushion, having a larger profile as well as firmer foam, represents an excellent step up if you prefer a longer, brand-name warranty.

At 3 times the cost of our top rated picks, the Tempur-Pedic LumbarCushion likely is more expensive than so many people are ready to pay. it offers 2-3 inches more in height, width, plus depth, and features a true 3-year warranty. It features a removable cover, like our any other picks, but does not have a strap for holding it to the chair. Some of our evaluates believed this was a bit too hard for their tastes, and almost all complained that the absence of a strap made it hard to keep in position on the chair.

lumbar support cushion

lumbar support cushion

A number of the lumbar-support cushions we examined with workers of The New York Times.

An excellent lumbar-support cushion must be easy to stick to your chair; it must also stay in position and feel gentle but supportive, in order that it provides comfort to the lower back. Many materials will offer that support, so we researched models made from a variety of them, including mesh, memory foam, buckwheat, and inflatables. We at first wondered if our tests includes DIY options like a rolled-up towel or jacket put into the lower-back section of a chair. However the doctor warned from such make-do solutions.

Noting this, we purchased or obtained company samples of lumbar cushions that rated highly on Amazon. Where possible, we filtered out apparently fake reviews and picked up stories of positive outcomes or even negative product breakdowns. Then we set out to work with the cushions.

First, we ran a short-term testing panel with workers at The New York Times offices. Each one sat against each of the 10 cushions for ten to fifteen minutes and after that submitted a survey ranking the help each cushion provided. We ranked the cushions about how much comfort and support they offered, exactly how they stayed in position on the chair, the way they helped a number of body types, and whether or not they breathed and stopped sweat accumulation.

Then we changed the cushions among those testers, for further substantive testing. Each one worked in their chair with each and every cushion over the course of at least 2 work weeks (presuming the cushion didn’t cause discomfort), and after that traded cushions after 4 days. In addition to assessing the cushions’ supportiveness, we requested testers about placing and altering the cushions, their convenience, and whether or not they stayed comfortable, and stayed in position, after hours of sitting.

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