Top 3 Expensive Massage Chairs — Best Reviews to Show the Truth

It is relatively difficult and demanding in finding the best massage chairs. Massage chairs have a wide range of varieties. You will find lots of portable massage chairs for sale in Google and you think could be the best chair for you. Few advertisements will tell you about the professional massage chairs and ultimately sold out there old stock of useless chairs. Some have a reasonable price and others are extremely expensive. Also, some massage chairs are for the luxury market while some are not so expensive and affordable or downright simple budget chairs. So which one do you think is the best choice? What do you think are the tips and tricks are useful and can apply? This article is a useful guide for the shopper.

How to Choose

To choose a good massage chair, a few factors should be taken into account. The first and most important is to make sure that the chair is comfortable, particularly whether it fits your shape or body frame and your needs. Another important factor to consider is the strength or power of the massage.  You want to make sure the intensity of the massage is the right message for you – not too strong too light. It is also important to consider things like presets and adjustability of the massage chair, accessories (such as a leg rest), the appearance of aesthetic and the affordability or range of the prices of the chair. One should keep in mind that massage chairs come in many shapes and sizes. It has many varieties. Some chairs are made of polished wood, other synthetic leather, and other pure leather. Before making a decision, one should be guided by his or her personal preferences and budget or affordability.

Why Massage Chairs?

Massage chairs are used and effective for relaxation, well-being, improved health and chill-out moments. a variety of specialized massage techniques are being performed through preset programs that are focused on giving you plenty of useful benefits with regards to health as a whole. There are the top 3 exclusive models worth pondering upon and for your review. Remember that we are not going with the Amazon Review score here; rather telling form our personal experience, so these products might have relatively low reviews basically because of 2 things; Relatively New in this arena and people yet to know the feature of these products. So, let’s have a look:


A massage chair that is complete which comes with all the features you need to help the relaxation of your entire body from head to toe. Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 features 2 levels zero gravity which allows you to feel relaxed ultimately and an L-track system to have neck support downwards to your back and buttocks with 4 roller wheels.

  • body scan technology which is computerized. It maps the contour of your body to customize and modify the message based on your body shape.
  • It also has features programs like the twist program, yoga stretch program and shiatsu program. These programs can provide you with a full-body massage and full-body stretching.
  • a medical device that is registered by the FDA.
  • Space-saving technology is one of the features that are included. It has a 3-year limited warranty for all parts and labor including the dual foot rollers at the feet area. It also includes features like Air massage technology, and incorporated heat therapy.


  • It is convenient for everyday use. It is sturdy and very comfortable
  • Heavy or very tall persons are easily accommodated without problems.
  • Easy mobility as it comes with wheel casters.


  • Heavyweight is one of the complaints although that is a relative view.

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ACUREST Zero Gravity Chair

 If you are looking for the best efficient massage chair, it is the best full massage chair with zero gravity chair is one of the most ideal options. All of the parts of ACUREST Zero Gravity Chair are made from high-end materials, which enhance its effective usability for a long period. Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair features 4 auto-programs to choose using 3 levels of massage intensity control which depends on your needs. Besides, it has complete suitability for limited areas as it measures 1,200 x 780 x 960 inches.

  • Computerized body scanning is included. This helps in determining exactly where you need a massage.
  • A system of rollers is provided to eliminate stress on two sides of the spine.
  • Your back, leg, arm, hips and more other parts are being massaged with the use of built-in airbags massage technology that could be easily inflated or deflated to massage
  • Other features include buttock L-tracking massage system, 3 massage techniques, a remote control. This helps you select your massage programs and intensity levels and you can control the speed of massages.


  • It has a compact design and easily be used.
  • It comes with complete assemble except for the foot massage which is easy to assemble.
  • Can avail 3 Year limited warranty for parts only.


  • We will update as we have nothing against it yet, believe us. We are trying hard and soul to figure it out.

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Osaki Black-Beige Shiatsu Massage Chair (OS-4000)

This is a great overall body massage chair for all those who have been on the fence about buying a massage chair. Six great auto programs are incorporated by the chair, which includes Demo, Therapy, Healthcare, Circulation, Relax, and Smart. An adjustable airbag massage system with 2 airbags in both the back and shoulder area, 2 for the hips, 3 in the neck area, 10 for the feet, 3 in the seat and 10 for the calves are also included in this Osaki massage chair.

  • S-track massage robot with an intelligent, movable function that can be modified or customized to massage areas like the lumbar region and the neck as well as the shoulders depending on the curves of your body.
  • it gets you well relaxed featuring zero gravity reclining function.
  • Powerful vibration massage for buttocks and air pressure for lower body with 5 intensity options is included.
  • Wireless min-controller, an LCD displayer, adjustable backrest and calf rest and auto timer with a range from 5-30 minutes are some of the features.


  • quality materials (synthetic leather) are being used to last many years with a 3-year warranty.
  • It works all body parts.
  • A $200 coupon is being offered which is a very competitive price point.


  • The parts of the chair come un-assembled and putting it together maybe a bit hard to manage.

The top position of the best massage chairs goes to the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300. This massage chair is highly advanced and has a computerized body-scan technology and features like twist/yoga stretch programs that are unmatched. On top of that, this is one of the few chairs that have been fully approved by the FDA.

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Even If you do not like our top 3 products (there could be a lot of reasons like prices, concern about the after-sales services, etc)  we give you here some other human touch massage chairs for you. We will generate another review (hopefully soon) on these products as well. before that, you have to find the reviews on net amazon or eBay. But one thing we can guarantee you that all these are good as well.

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