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In the past, people realized that writing on a hard desk surface especially when using fountain pens, was not the best way to go.  These office desk pad was invented to provide the flat smooth surface needed to write on, and also a barrier from the ink which could spill and soak into the desk itself.  Desk pads (or someone may call it desk mat) could soak up this ink and were very comfortable to write on. For these reasons, they are sometimes still referred to as a desk writing pad or a desk blotter pad.  They worked so well that when we started using ballpoint pens and even computers, desk pads were not abandoned and still are the best option for your desktop today.

Why Should You Use An Office Desk  Cover?

Protect Your Desk

Whether you have an expensive desk or not you need to protect it from the hazards of daily work.  Scratches, stains, and heat damage from computers can ruin a gorgeous desk and instantly turn it from a place of inspiration into an eyesore.  You are much better off playing it safe with an office desk pad.  This can be particularly true if young children are using it.

-A Comfortable Writing Surface

The best spaces for regarding both productivity and creativity are comfortable ones.  An office desk cover will provide a writing surface that is flat and comfy.  This can reduce fatigue, common writing annoyances which will equal better work and results when at your desk.

-Stylish Colors and Materials To Complement Any Desk Space

Regardless of the style of office or desk you have, you will be sure to find a pad that will look fantastic with it and even add possibly accent it as well.  There are many materials and styles to choose from each in their colors and with their advantages to make sure your desk space looks its best while being protected and being comfortable to use.

-Sizes For Every Desk

There is a large range of sizes available to fit every desk.  Pads are rectangular and can range from about 12” x 17” up to 35” x 71” for a very large office desk mat.  Pads that are 19” x 24” are probably the most common, but sizes are determined by the brand and that means there are a ton of them.

The Many Types Of Desk Pads

There are quite a few different types of pads to choose from all made to perform a specific job:

Standard Type Desk Cover

While there are many varieties to choose from, what most people consider to be a standard desk pad is one made from synthetic materials. These are the most popular option as they are inexpensive and their simplicity can be very attractive.  The majority of office desk protector pad in this group are black but some manufacturers also offer quite a few other colors to choose from, even pink.  They will have an anti-slip backing such as felt or an anti-skid micro-foam, to keep the pad from shifting or sliding when in use, which is also soft so that it will not damage the desk underneath. One of the biggest benefits of this type of pad is that it is easy to clean, only needing a quick wipe down with a cloth and household cleaner like Windex.  This can be very important especially if you eat or drink coffee at your desk.

This type of pad is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of things. They do provide a comfy and soft writing surface, but many people also choose to use them to protect their desks and tables not only from being scratched when writing but from computers as well (from the heat and being scratched).  Smaller desk cover can be used under a keyboard and as a mouse pad, while larger ones can be used under laptops and computer monitors their keyboards and still provide space for writing as well.

The best desk pads will have a non-glare surface, like ones with a dull matte finish so that light will not be reflected from desk lamps or other lights which can be incredibly distracting and annoying when trying to work.  They will also self-heal so that there are no writing imprints or nicks left on the pad after using it. Another feature of many of the better brands which have become quite popular is the use of antimicrobial properties such as Microbran which will protect your desk pad from bacteria, mold, and mildew which in turn prevents odors, deterioration, staining, and keeps it cleaner.  Synthetic or faux- leather desk pad can be an upscale looking choice that is cheaper than real leather and easier to clean.

Clear desk pad / transparent desk pad

If you are looking for a pad but do not want one which is opaque or solid-colored a clear desk pad also called a transparent desk pad is perfect for the job.  Most people decide on one of these if they want to place photos, cards, or pictures that they can see under their pad while working.  They also are an option for someone who has a really attractive desk or table that they want to protect yet still be able to see or have a pad that does not interfere with other colors in the office.

Clear desk pads should have a non-glare surface and will have a non-slip back as well. This type of pad is usually made from polycarbonate, PVC, or recycled PET.  When purchasing a transparent office desk pad if you want one that is 100% see-through make sure it says that it is advertised as crystal-clear or you at least see a picture of the product because some are translucent, not transparent.  Some people like translucent pads, it’s up to your taste, and both can look amazing.

Curved Desk Pad

Yet another take on this wonderful desk accessory is the curved office desk pad.  As opposed to having four straight edges like other pads, these will have curved ones. That curve is formed by a pencil ledge often made from wood that can hold pens, pencils, or other writing or drawing tools.  This curve, especially when made from wood can add a sense of style, and work to accent your desk or other décor in the room.  It’s just another good-looking option.

Leather desk pad

Perhaps the most attractive and luxurious looking choice is a leather desk pad.  These may also be called or marketed as an executive office desk pad.  You can usually find these in gorgeous browns and blacks that are ideal for any formal looking desk or anyone who just loved the look and feel that only quality top-grain leather can bring.  A leather office desk cover is a simple yet very functional way to add sense elegance to any office space. The vast majority will have a felt backing and side rails that allow for blotter paper, a calendar, or just used to store something like business cards.  Some even have side rails made from attractive woods like walnut.  Like other pads, they can be used under computer monitors, laptops, for writing and more.

 Custom desk pad

For those looking for a pad that is a little different, there are always custom desk pads as well.  This type of pad is normally made from rubber and functions like a typical desk pad (like some mousepads) but has is designed with custom images.  Many times this means popular cartoons, along with game and anime characters, and scenes.  Custom desk pads can be quite thick which is good news for someone who wants to add some personal flavor to their works space but also like to rest their wrists very comfortably.  Some of the colors on the top-end pads are stunning.

Desk pad calendar/desk calendar pad/office desk pad calendars/weekly desk pad

A little different than the other types available a desk calendar pad is a large calendar that functions as a pad.  Using one means protecting your desk and keeping organized at the same time.  You can take notes, schedule in appointments or plans, and of course use it as a pad under whatever else you need to write one.  A desk pad calendar will show each month on its page and typically the upcoming months for the rest of the year much smaller on the bottom.  The better brands will allow you to tuck the pages so that they are protected.  Unlike other desk pads, these don’t have anti-slip backing and because they are paper you must be careful with your beverages, food, and of course sauce when eating near your desk as they will be sure to leave stains. If you write with too much force it will also probably leave an impression in the calendar underneath.  That being said office desk pad calendars are super convenient.

There’s no reason to own a desk if you are not going to be comfortable writing on it.  A desk pad will give you the comfort you need which can mean less fatigue and higher productivity. It will also protect your desk while doing so. With stylish colors and sizes to fit every workspace, desk pads make life easy.

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