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Looking for a career in massage? Your start point should be purchasing a massage table. Because of the availability of a wide pool of options, you must learn about the different kinds of chairs that will fulfill your needs.

Introducing the massage table:

Massages help your body to relax and release unhealthy toxins. Massage therapy helps to a great extent in relieving stress, headaches, insomnia, and speed healing from various sports injuries. Now if you’re on the giving side of the bargain, a table is one of your most important investments. With the right table, your work is 50% done as the recipient of the massage will feel comfortable and that will assist you in providing the required services. What’s great about tablets is that they’re portable, which helps you carry yours around to events that could promote your business.

Professional portable massage tables must be sturdy enough for you to be able to exert as much pressure as needed during your work with a client. This means that the table should be able to hold a person’s weight and extra pressure. They must also be comfortable to lay on and provide support for your client, all while offering enough room for pressure. Most tables also provide additional benefits like height adjustments that allow the table to be moved up or down based on the type of massage given and the height of the massage therapist. Face cradles are generally included which provide a comfortable place for the recipient to lay their head.

Even if you are not a massage therapist, a massage table can prove useful for many things at home, especially if you have a big family. For instance, you can use it to increase the blood circulation for an elderly member of your family who could find it cumbersome to go for massage therapy on a scheduled basis. The table could also be used by estheticians who want to give facials. On-call medical doctors and nurses can also use massage tables due to their portability. So, these tables will be beneficial for both students and professionals. With an interest in any of the above, having a table at home is affordable and efficient. Easy to store, having a massage table at home will deem helpful for professionals and students.

Top Ranked Massage Tables:

Best Massage Portable Massage Table

The Best Massage Portable Massage Table is our number one pick because of its key features namely comfort, compact, and lightweight. Holding up to 450 pounds, the table is made using great quality wood. This table is perfect for home use; its size is 73 inches long and 28 inches wide. The table adjusts in height from 24 inches to 33 inches to help you personalize it depending on your preference.

Crafted with precision, the Best Massage Portable Massage Table comes with a premium carrying case that makes transporting the table easy and compact. The table weighs 37.5 pounds. The top side of the table is covered in black textile and the foam density is 2.5 inches. The table can fold compactly as it breaks down into two sections, so it’ll be convenient to use when storing or carrying. The table includes luxury padding, an armrest, and a removable face cradle. Also part of the package is a cradle pad, side arm extenders, and a carrying bag.

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Best Massage 2 Fold Portable Aluminum Facial Salon Tattoo Bed

The Best Massage 2 Fold Portable Aluminum Facial Salon Tattoo Bed is another important pick because it is light in weight, and compact, making it easy to carry around. This table can accommodate clients of different heights and sizes with a standard 74 by 28 inches in measurement, and an aluminum frame that weighs about 29 pounds. Can hold up to 300 pounds, the Best Massage 2 Fold Portable Aluminum Facial Salon Tattoo Bed is adjustable in height, leaving room for all body types of clients that you could entertain!

A great feature of this table is that its top part is covered with a decking high-density foam that is 2 ½ inches thick and both, water and oil resistant, making it simple to clean. Another fun feature of this table is that that you’ll be able to give facials because the back of the table adjusts up. For doctors who conduct house calls, having this table is a must! This table is also helpful for massage therapists, massage students, and home use. It includes a carrying case with a shoulder strap, making the table easy to carry around. The table can also fold and includes fun features like a removable and adjustable face cradle, ahead cradle, a forward swing arm, and an arm cradle.

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Master Massage 30 Inch Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table

The Master Massage 30 Inch Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table is another top pick because it’s a top-quality luxurious table that comes at an affordable price. This table is a standard 72 X 30 inches weighs only 33 pounds. The table folds compactly to approximately 3 feet by 3 feet and 10 inches wide. With these dimensions, the table can be packed anywhere with ease. It is also easy to carry and transport.

The Master Massage 30 Inch Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table has support cables that are made from aircraft-grade steel for the strongest possible support. It offers an adjustable height ranging from 24 to 34 inches, depending on your needs. It also features an auto-locking system on the legs which makes it exceedingly sturdy. The table can hold a pressure of 1500 pounds and a maximum weight of 650 pounds.

Crafted out of walnut for the legs and Beechwood for the body, this brilliant table includes a high gloss protecting seal for a long-lasting finish. There’s a cushion three inches thick in the upholstery that is made with three different materials including small-cell foam. This offers a luxurious feel when lying on the table. The fabric is a lavish leather material that is also abrasion, oil, and water-resistant. The sand color is both attractive and easy to clean.

An ergonomic adjustable face cradle and a face cushion come with the table, along with a padded arm shelf, two pockets and a carrying case with carrying strap. This includes a 5-year warranty.

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Top Rated Massage Tables Summary

Our top picks are chosen for you based on their high-quality materials and features like their sizes, sturdiness, weight, etc. Out of all the tables, The Sierra is the lightest weight table and is made from aluminum and comes in at 29 pounds. The Best Massage and Master Massage tables are 37.5 and 33 pounds respectively, with the Best massage table weighing the most.

The advantage of having tables with wood frames is that they can hold more. The Master Massage holds the highest weight at 650 pounds, making it the best in terms of sturdiness. The best massage can carry 450 pounds and the Sierra holds the lowest weight at 300 pounds. The Best Massage and Sierra feature a 2.5-inch foam padding, where the Master massage comes in with a 3-inch luxurious padding. Both the Sierra and Master massage use material that is both oil and water-resistant, which is important when dealing with massage oils and lotions and makes for easier cleaning, therefore elongating the durability of the product.

Although we find the master massage is the most luxurious, with top quality, it has the highest price. The Best Massage offers the lowest price with economical features that get the job done. These are a few facts that should help you make an informed decision on what’s best for you.

Massage Table Guide for Buyers

What type of work will you need a table for?

To ensure the table will be strong enough to handle your massage work you must consider the types of massage therapies that you practice. For those who use massage tables for other than massage only uses, there may be features that you can look for such as headrests, rising back, height adjustments and other considerations that make the table a great resource beyond just massages.

  • Massages such as deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, or sports massage require a sturdy table, which means that you might want to keep away from aluminum tables that will not offer enough support. You will need to choose a heavier table that can handle more pressure for your work.
  • Energy practices such as reflexology, therapeutic touch, reiki, or craniosacral therapies do not require heavy padding and should look for tables that are not metallic.
  • Massage therapies like shiatsu, Thai, and other Eastern therapies massage require the client to be on the floor. Therefore working with more versatile tables and lightweight will be the most useful option. For example, a table with legs that fold inward will allow you to place the table bed directly on the floor.
  • Spa treatments like facials and prenatal work require the client to be sitting up. A portable spa table that can raise the back end of the table to a sitting position is best for these uses.

Where will you practice? Choosing a portable table that folds down compactly will make your travels from location to another fast and easy.

How much weight can you comfortably carry? Choose a lightweight massage table because heavier tables can weigh about 50 pounds and are much more difficult to carry than those that are nearer to 30 pounds. Maybe with your budget, you can’t afford the ultra-light massage table or some super lightweight massage tables, but try to purchase massage tables under 25 pounds for better business.

What accessories will you need? Look for features like a face cradle, armrests and carry bags. These features make the function of packing up easy and ensure easy portability from place to place.

Features to Consider

What material is the massage table made of?

Massage tables can be made from metal or wood. Metal tables are easier to carry but do not hold as much weight and pressure as their wooden counterparts. Wooden tables are very sturdy but weigh more. Metal tables made from aluminum can hold around 300 to 400 pounds where wooden tables may be able to hold as much as 600 to 700 pounds.

What kind of padding do you need?

Some types of massage do not need much padding, while others do. It all depends on the kind of work that you’d like to do. Among good quality tables, 2.5 inches is the most commonly found. Higher-level massages like deep tissue or sports massage therapy require thicker padding as it makes it more comfortable for your clients.

What material is used to cover the padding?

Material that is oil-proof and waterproof are more durable than those that do not, especially if you work with oil or lotion during the treatment. Most padding features a leather or leather-like material that does not absorb moisture easily.

Do you need an adjustable head cradle?

Clients appreciate a comfortable place to lay their face during a massage. The face cradle also keeps the neck safe during treatment. Most tables come with a padded face cradle but not all are adjustable allowing you to move it based on the client’s comfort. Consider replacement face cradle for the massage table before purchase. Along with this whether you are purchasing massage face cradle for home or business, the massage table face pillow must be soft and smoother.

Table height and height adjustments:

This is one of the most sought after features. Adjustable work tables will adjust to different heights, especially those ranging from 24 to 34 inches offer the highest levels of adjustments to accommodate different therapies and the height of the therapist.

What are the dimensions of the table?

Of course, longer tables can accommodate taller clients, and not all massage tables are the same size. Some vary in length from 70 to 75 inches with 73 and 74 being the most common. Widths range from 23 inches to 30 inches, with 28 being the most common. Narrower tables can be less comfortable for clients and may be harder to work with. A few inches matters when it comes to a massage table.

Accessories included.

Everything from massage table arm extensions, massage table length extension, carrying bag, carrying strap, and pockets to place lotion and oils could be considered as valuable accessories.


Massage tables are a great investment and a must-have for massage therapists. Having a portable table will give you geographic independence which is valuable for your clients. Whether it’s home visits or shows or events (where you can promote your practice), this feature is an added benefit for your clients, giving your practice more to go on. Choose a table that will serve your purpose, keeping in mind the kinds of services that you offer your clients and features that ensure durability, for worth your money investment. Happy massage table hunting!

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