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Best massage table warmer 2020

Massage and chiropractic therapies are some of the best ways to deal with chronic pains and many injuries. In addition, many people receive a variety of massage techniques that help them boost their mood through their daily routines. Although they offer a lot benefits, they also require some effort from patients during the sessions. Fortunately, doctors and therapists rely on some effective methods to help patients through the process. One of them is the use of a massage table warmer. A first approach to it can let you experience an increased level of comfort and relaxation. But the whole experience can reach a higher level depending of its features.

Choosing the best massage table warmer guarantees that customers may obtain the best experience through any of their sessions. If you want to make assure the best experience, you can check some of the following features:

  • Level of heat: although it is a general belief that high levels of heat are the best, a moderate level offers better results to enhance the experience. The human body reacts better and finds better feelings with lower temperatures. Also, muscles are able to obtain the relaxation they need to receive the massages without scarifying comfort and without the risk of burning.
  • Materials: despite that the main purpose of a massage table warmer is to provide a more pleasant temperature, soft materials with fluffy or spongy consistence might add additional levels of comfort.
  • Technical features: therapists who need to decide which massage table warmer to acquire should consider additional features that include: different levels of heat settings, long power cord and auto shutoff.

Choosing the best massage table warmer is the most practical way to elevate the level of each massage session. Both, therapists and customers should not lose the opportunity to take advantage of this incredible tool that they have at their disposal.

Top 5 Massage Table Heating Pads 2019

Therapist`s Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Warmer

Massage therapists can not say enough good things about this, therapist’s choice deluxe fleece massage table warmer. Great reviews and many happy customers, the question is if this is {the right choice|the best choice} {for you|for you personally} & your customers.

Benefits of the Therapist Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Heating Pad

Relaxed clients – Using this massage table fleece pad will add the extra relaxation in your treatments, so that your client feel comfortable and  relaxed and will be able to enjoy it.

Easy to operate with automatic shut off – The massage table heating pad is not hard to control and stays on for up to eight hours. In this way there’s no need to keep resetting it. It will switch off automatically after the eight hours so that you can be sure you do not forget it by leaving it on.

Give a great experience – Using this type of massage table warmer you’ll give your client an amazing experience.

What You Need to Know About the Massage Table Warming Pad

Size of massage table warmer: 71 inch  long & 31 inch  wide. It’ll fit in a regular massage table up to 77 inch  long, the elastic corner straps might help keep the pad into position.

Material: This massage table heating pad manufactured out of comfortable fleece, along with flexible corner straps to keep it in place.

How hot does the heat pad get? The Therapist Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage table warmer get up to around 32 degrees Celsius, or about 90 degrees Fahrenheit . This will keep the client nice & warm without burning them.

It’ll warm-up the massage table without damaging the plastic or leather-surface. View This Massage Table Warmer on Amazon!

How Does the Therapist Choice Deluxe Fleece Warmer Work?

You set it on the massage table, use the elastic corner bands to stay it in position. This warmer comes with a 12 ft + power cord so that you must have plenty of cord for easy plug in.

The operator has 3 control keys:time set, temperature set  & cancel, so it is very easy to control. It comes with 5 temperature settings to that you’ll find the most comfortable heat setting for the customer.

The massage table heating pad will stay on for about 8 hours. This is a great feature, that will allow you to keep it on during your workday. Some of the other massage table warmers only stay on for a couple of hours, which means that you need to reset them once or twice a day. That is not the case with this heating pad.

Moreover it comes with an auto turned off, once the 8 hours are up it’ll automatically shut off so you do not need to be scared to forget it on.

If you are using this with clients you might wonder how you will clean this massage table warmer. Most massage therapists uses a sheet on top of the warmer. They do not suggest that you put it inside laundry. You are able to spot clean or dry clean only. I’ve not seen any of these massage table heating pads though that you could put in the washer.

If you ever do run into any difficulties with this item, it comes with a one year limited warranty. Contact Therapist’s Choice directly if you have a difficulty with this massage table heating pad.

This is a good choice when it’s comes with a table warmer and that’s why the Therapist Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage table warmer deserves the number one spot on our list:

  • Easy controller with 5 different heat settings.
  • Flenece warmer that’s comfortable to lay on.
  • 12 feet long power cord for easy access.
  • 8 hour auto shut off, long enough to keep it on for the day if necessary.

Both therapists and clients are very happy with this table warmer… don`t take our words for it, read their reviews here:

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Earthlite Samadhi Pro Deluxe Table Warmer

This is a thicker table warmer, very relaxing to lay on It’s one he most popular table warmers that I have  seen in the marketplace so when you need a heat in of tg pad that gets hot, this could be your pick.

Size of massage table warmer: 30 ins wide & 72 ins long

Material: This table warmer is manufactured from thick fleece, synthetic sherpa. There’s an insulated foam bottom that protects your massage table. Additionally comes with corner straps to remain the pad in place.

How hot does the pad get: It is possible to set the temperature between 86 – 135  degrees Fahrenheit, which means that this one turns into a little hotter than some of the other ones.

Heat settings: It includes a LCD controller where one can set heat and time. It is set in one min cycles though starting at 30 min, to set it around the maximum duration of 99 min will take you about 45 secs. Maybe is not a big deal but some find it annoying if you need to do this once or twice daily.

Auto shut off: Yes but can only be kept on for 99 mins ..

Warranty: One year limited warranty.

Length of power cord: No details about the length of the cord.

The short duration of 99 mins . for the auto turn off setting, is something you should be aware off. Some therapists prefer to keeping the pad on continually throughout the day.

This massage table warmer becomes a little warmer than some of the others.

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Therapist`s Choice Standard Massage Table Warmer

This massage table warmer will keep your client nice & warm during your massage session. It`s a thinner pad then the two first choices on our list. If you are looking for something thinner this might be your choice.

This is the standard version from Therapist`s Choice, but you will still get many benefits of the deluxe version. It does come with the long cord, it has the same controller with the auto-shutoff function and the 5 heat settings. View the Massage Table Heating Pad on Amazon!

Features of the Therapist`s Choice Standard Massage Table Heating Pad

Size of massage table pad: 71 inch long  31 inch wide, standard size.

How hot does the warmer get: The table warmer will warm up to around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat settings: 5 temperature settings and 4 timer options. This can be the same controller as the Therapist choice deluxe fleece table warmer.

Auto shut off: Yes, this standard massage therapy table heating pad from Therapist’s Choice, comes with an auto turn off, you can keep the warmer on for approximately 8 hours.

Warranty: One Year limited warranty

Length of power cord: 12 ft power cord

Some experience that this thinner table warmer might be a little thick. You could always place a heavier sheet or pad on the top. Most comments are very positive and both therapists and clients seem very pleased with this product.

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Earthlite Basics Fleece Massage Table Warmer

This massage table warmer heating pad,  manufactured from fleece will warm-up the massage table for the customer. Your customer will experience the warm feeling before your treatment even starts. This heating pad helps set off your treatment right.. View This Fleece Massage Heating Pad on Amazon!

Features of the Earthlite Basics Fleece Massage Heating Pad

Size of massage table warmer: 72 inch long & 30 inch wide.

Material: Comfortable fleece, also, it comes along with elastic corner straps to hold the massage table warmer in position.

Heat Settings: It comes with two heat settings, low & high.

Does it come with an auto shut off: No, it doesn’t include an auto turn off.

Will it damage the leather or plastic on the massage table if put directly on it?

Warranty: One year limited warranty.

Length of power cord: About 6 ft.

I do not see this massage table warmer, quite live up to the grade of our first choice, the Therapist`s Choice Deluxe fleece massage table warmer. Simply because of these reasons: not as many heat settings, no auto turn off function as well as the cord is nearly half the length.

With that said this, Earthlite Basics Fleece massage table warmer, is still a good choice and takes our second place in or top 5 listing. To see if this is the choice for you, feel free to see what others are saying about this product…

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Royal Massage Deluxe Fleece Wool Warmer Pad

This fleece wool table warmer can keep your customer nice &  warm, and it’s also easy for you to control.

Features of the Royal Massage Digital Fleece Wool Heating Pad

Size of massage table heating pad: 30 inch wide &  71 inch long.

Material: This is usually a fleece wool table warmer. Also, it goes along with elastic corner straps.

Heat Settings: 5 adjustable heat settings on the controller.

Does it come with an auto shut off: 5 adjustable heat settings  Yes, you are able to set the controller to auto turn off.

Also, it comes with the safety feature that it’ll automatically shut off if the warmer overheats.

Length of power cord: This power cord can be about 5 ft long, 2 ft from warmer to controller &  around 3 feet from controller to outlet.

This is a corresponding item to the previous ones, the reason for position number four is the few reviews as well as the shorter power cord. It looks like a great table warmer though if that is not necessary to you.

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