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Best Massage Table 2019 (updated) – Best Comfort For You

Aside from your professional training, purchasing a best massage table is the most important investment you will need to make during your massage career; there are so many options to choose from. It is important to be knowledgeable about massage tables and to know which massage table suits your needs, so as not to buy the wrong one.

Introduction to the Massage Table

Having personal massages are one way to achieve relaxation and release unhealthy toxins. Massage therapy has been known to relieve stress, headaches, insomnia, and speed healing from sports injuries. a massage table is one of your most important investments for those who are giving massages. It would give the recipient the needed relaxation and comfort and will assist you in providing much needed services. Tables can promote your business. It can be carried or used in client’s homes.

Professional portable massage tables must be strong enough. It needs to be sturdy to not only hold the weight of the individual but also the pressure on the table made during a massage. The client must be comfortable when they lie on the table and support should be provided yet enough given when pressure is applied to loosen muscles in the body. Most tables also provide additional benefits like height adjustments that allow the table to be moved up or down depending on the type of massage given and the height of the massage therapist. Most tables also include face cradles. This provides a comfortable place for the recipient to lay their head.

Massage tables are not only used by massage therapists. They are valuable. They can be used at home and can be used for everything. Family members who are less mobile by increasing the circulation can use them. Estheticians who want to give facials can also use the table. Medical doctors and nurses who make house calls can also use massage tables due to their convenience and portability. These tables will benefit both students and professionals alike. Massage tables are used at home because they are both practical and affordable that is why others purchase it. The tables fold up compactly and are easy to store. Best massage table is an essential part for both the recipient and the therapist as it comes with a range of features

Top Ranked Massage Tables

Best Massage Portable Massage Table

The Best Massage Portable Massage Table is the top pick because it provides comfort; it is compact, and lightweight. It is made of top quality wood and the table can hold up to 450 pounds. This table is perfect for home use, students, and professionals. The table is a standard size and is 73 inches long and 28 inches wide. The table adjusts in height from 24 inches to 33 inches depending on your personal preference and on what type of massage you are doing.

One that is made from top quality timber and crafted precisely is The Best Massage Table. It includes a premium carrying case, which makes transporting the table easy and compact. The table weighs 37.5 pounds. The top of the table is covered in black material and the foam density is 2.5 inches. The table breaks down into two sections and you can firmly fold it when storing or carrying. Its features allow you to easily bring the table to the client. The Best massage table also include luxury padding, an arm rest, and a removable face cradle. A cradle pad, side arm extenders and a carrying bag are also part of its features.

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Sierra Comfort Aluminum Portable Massage Table

The Sierra Comfort Aluminum Portable Massage Table is the best massage table and is the top pick because of its lightweight and it is a compact table that is easy to pack up and carry with you so it is very convenient. This table is a standard 74 by 28 inches in size and can fit clients of all heights and sizes. It has a lightweight aluminum frame that only weighs 29 pounds. The table is strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds. You can adjust the height of he Sierra Comfort Aluminum Portable Massage Table which allows you to set the table at the correct height for you. This makes it easier for type of work you are doing for the client.

High density foam that is 2 ½ inches thick of foam decking is being used as a cover of the table. The decking cover is easy to clean as it has resistance for both water and oil. Being able to adjust up the back of the massage table is one of its unique features. It allows you to offer additional services like facials. Doctors, massage therapists, massage students, who conduct house calls can also benefit from these tables because of this feature. It also very convenient to use at home. A carrying case with a shoulder strap is also included, making it very convenient for the table easy to carry. The table folds up into a compact size for additional storage and portability. It also include a removable and adjustable face cradle, a head cradle, a forward swing arm and an arm cradle.

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Master Massage 30 Inch Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table

The Master Massage 30 Inch Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table is a top pick because it gives the client a top quality luxurious table at a not so expensive price. This table is a standard 72 X 30 inches and is light weight which only weighs 33 pounds. The table folds compactly to approximately 3 feet by 3 feet and 10 inches wide. With these dimensions, you will be able to easily pack away the table under a bed or in a closet. It is also convenient to transport to multiple locations.

The Master Massage 30 Inch Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table allows you to adjust the height ranging from 24 to 34 inches, depending on your needs. The Quik Set knobs takes 70% less effort to adjust the height than standard tables. It also comes with an auto locking system on the legs, which makes it extremely study. A pressure of 1500 pounds and a maximum weight of 650 pounds can be carried by the table. Strongest possible support is being provided because the support cables are made from aircraft grade steel.

The body of the table is made up of and crafted out of walnut for the legs and the body of the table is crafted from beech wood. High gloss protectant seal is included for a long lasting finish. a cushion that is three inches thick is included in the upholstery and it is made with three different materials including small cell foam. This feature offers a luxurious feel when lying on the table. The fabric is a luxurious leather material that is resistant from abrasion, oil and water. The sand color is both attractive and can be cleaned easily.

An ergonomic adjustable face cradle and a face cushion. A padded arm shelf, two pockets and a carrying case with carrying strap is included with the table. The package also provides 5 year warranty.

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Best Massage Table Summary

All of the top picks we mentioned are built from top quality materials and it comes in standard length and width depending on your needs. They also all offer adjustable heights ranging from 24 to 34 inches depending on your personal preference.

The Sierra is the most lightweight table, is made from aluminum, and comes in at 29 pounds. The Best Massage and Master Massage tables are 37.5 and 33 pounds respectively, with the Best massage table weighing the heaviest. Both of these two tables are constructed out of wood which is much more heavier compared to the aluminum frames.

The advantage of wood frames is that is able to hold more and is sturdier. The Master Massage holds up to 650 pounds, which is the highest weight. Where in the best massage can carry 450 pounds and the Sierra holds up to 300 pounds, which is the lowest weight. A 2.5 inch foam padding are both the feature of Best Massage and Sierra, where the Master massage comes in with a 3 inch luxurious padding. Both the Sierra and Master massage use material that is resistant to both oil and water. This is an important feature when dealing with massage oils and lotions, this makes it easy to clean, and the time the material will last is lengthened.

The master massage is the most luxurious and has the best quality but also the most expensive. The Best Massage is the most affordable which offers economical features that get the job done. Whichever table you decide to choose, you will begin to enjoy your personal massage table.

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