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Who Doesn’t Need a Massage Chair?! – Top 10 Best Massage Chair Reviews

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Working for long hours makes us want to run home for some relaxation time. Now imagine your comfortable home with a massage chair, some relaxing music in the background and a cup of tea. Oh the relaxation! Here’s everything you need to know about the types and the price range of massage chairs with our own little insight on the tricks that you can employ during your hunt for one!

Do you really need a massage chair? The question here should actually be who doesn’t need a massage chair?! Optimized to keep you feeling relaxed, healthy and active, a massage chair will leave you wondering how you never owned one before. Because of its variety of specialized functions that will leave you feeling whole, we’ve reviewed some top 10 models of massage chairs that we think are great for you. Thank us later!

Electric Full Body Massage (Shiatsu) Chair Recliner (E06C)

This is an all-in-one head-to-toe massage chair introducing technology that makes it competent and in high demand. With its easy-to-use control panel and buttons, this shiatsu massage chair comes with rollers for your relaxation, stiff neck or back; chop action and drumming for effective shiatsu results. In addition, the E06C Massage Chair also features an automatic recline function, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable evening in whatever position that you wish to lean towards. This chair also has 4 preset programs that offer recovery, refreshing, extension and relaxation, to keep your back in good shape. For the back, it also has over 30 bags that provide air pressure system. As for the feet, legs and thighs, the chair has 20 air-bags on the lower part to ensure that your whole body is covered. Further, along with these excellent features, the E06C Massage Chair come with a 1 year limited warranty for all the pieces and labor included.

Here’s a table for you that distinguishes this massage chair’s pros and cons:

Affordable Heavy
Levels of intensity
Easy to customize

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2017 Full Featured Shiatsu Chair Best Valued Chair

This built-in heat and true-zero gravity positioning chair made it to one of our top lists for massage chairs. Tailored to perform with 4 different massage functions including kneading, rolling, vibration and shiatsu, the 2016 New Full Featured Shiatsu Chair is a catch with its half hour programmed massage sessions, 3D technology that allows you to build a spa experience at home (because it feels like a real person giving you a massage), 3 True Zero gravity feature that will leave you floating on air and a built-in heat therapy to help relax those tense muscles of yours, this chair has it all! In addition to these alien-like features, the chair also features therapeutic airbags with two intensity levels, built into the calves, foot, shoulders, seat area, and arms.

Here’s a table for you that distinguishes this massage chair’s pros and cons:

3-year warranty on all parts Pricy – Not suitable for a person on a budget
Automatic & Manual mode

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Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair (LM-6800)

This registered medical device by the FDA, the Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair, features a 2 level zero gravity option that allows you to feel ultimate relaxation, with an L-track system that supports your neck to your back and the rest of your lower body (until the buttocks) with 4 roller wheels. This is a holistic chair that comes with many features that we think you’d appreciate; therefore it made our top list of massage chairs. This chair includes a computer body scan to mark the contour of your body for better relaxing results. It also includes the twist program, yoga stretch program and the shiatsu program that provides your body the stretch it needs. Other features include space-saving technology, 3-year limited warranty for all parts and labor, dual foot rollers at the feet area, Air massage technology, and incorporated heat therapy.

Here’s a table for you that distinguishes this massage chair’s pros and cons:

Sturdy Subjective to some: Heavy
Accommodates heavy weights
Wheel casters

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Zero Gravity Shiatsu Built-In Heating Airbag Massage Chair 2017 (Full Massage Chair)

Made from high-end materials that enhance its durability for a long period of time, this is great chair for those of you looking for comfort and quality. Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair features 4 auto-programs to choose from with 3 levels of massage intensity control depending on your needs. It is also great for people with limited physical spaces at home, as it does not consume a lot of space. This chair includes computerized body scanning to determine exactly where you need a massage. Isn’t this great! The chair also includes an excellent system of rollers that help eliminate stress on two sides of the spine. It has a built-in airbags massage technology that could be easily inflated or deflated to massage your back, leg, arm, hips and more. Another feature is a buttlock L-tracking massage system, 3 massage techniques, a remote control for your convenience, intensity levels and controlled speed massages.

Here’s a table for you that distinguishes this massage chair’s pros and cons:

User friendly Pricy – not suitable for people on a budget
Fully assembled except for the foot massage
2-year warrant for parts

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Osaki Black-Beige Shiatsu Massage Chair (OS-4000)

This is a superb holistic body massage chair that basically has six auto programs that include Demo, Therapy, Healthcare, Circulation, Relax and Smart. With its adjustable airbag massage system with 2 airbags in both the back and shoulder area, 2 for the hips, 3 in the neck area, 10 for the feet, 3 in the seat and other 10 for the calves, the Osaki Black-Beige Shiatsu Massage Chair includes a S-track massage robot with an intelligent, movable function that can be tailored to massage the lumbar region and the neck as well as the shoulders according to your body curves. It also features zero gravity reclining function for your relaxation, a powerful vibration massage for the buttocks, air pressure for your lower body with 5 intensity options and other technological features such as a wireless min-controller, an LCD displayer, adjustable backrest and calf rest and auto timer with a range from 5-30 minutes.

*Here’s a table for you that distinguishes this massage chair’s pros and cons:

Synthetic leather Comes unassembled
3-year warranty
Competitive price + $200 coupon

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HomCom Deluxe Massage Recliner Chair (Heated Vibrating PU Leather)

Made with polyurethane leather and a silky cream finish, this HomCom Deluxe Massage Recliner Chair  is more resistant to scuffing and marking and is a great promise of comfort. The chair covers four focus areas including thighs, upper back, lumbar and legs which is one its main selling points. It also rotates up to 360 degrees, which is a great option that helps you to multitask while getting your luxury massage.  The chair includes other fun features like 2 cup holders hat allow you to place your drinks, 5 preset massaging functions speed variety and a convenient remote control.

*Here’s a table for you that distinguishes this massage chair’s pros and cons:

Vibrates No reclining mechanism (manual reclining)
Easy to assemble

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Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair (60-425111)

The Relaxzen leisure reclining chair is a popular massage chair that is suitable for your office as well as your home. It features 8 vibration massage motors so the upper back, thighs, calves and the mid-back can receive an intensive, careful massage, 5 intensity levels of independent massage zones and 9 preset program modes allowing you to choose the massage that best suit your needs. The chair also includes a heat treatment option that’s located at the lumbar area to soothe your lower back. It has adjustable controls including recline, recline tension and swivel adjustments and a separate footrest that is comfortable and soft.

*Here’s a table for you that distinguishes this massage chair’s pros and cons:

Good quality Vibration option could be too loud

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Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

This is an intuitive piece of art designed to give you an excellent upper body and back massage. Unlike some of the best massage chairs it doesn’t have a laundry of features but it gets the job done perfectly. It replicates techniques used by professional massage therapists to help you relax. Human Touch iJoy Massage Chair features Human Touch’s FlexGlide massage technology that gives one the option of choosing 3 different massage techniques from Glide, Orbit or Stretch.

  • Attached remote control so you have complete control over the massage function and adjust the width of the rollers.
  • 3 automated programs including Think, Perform, and Recharge that offers simulation like a trained massage experts.
  • Has a sleek and compact design thereby giving you the maximum massage refreshing and flexibility benefits.
  • Made of durable SofHyde material that replicates the feel and look of genuine leather.
Easy to set up Does not offer full body massage
Variety massage techniques
Affordable and Does not require space

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Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Massage Chair 60-078011

This Relaxzen Massage Chair has 9 massage features with 5 enhanced intensity levels and 8 vibrating motors to provide a great relief and comfort to your calf muscles, thighs and back. The chair is covered with micro suede that stimulates adequate massage heat in a padded rich chocolate brown wood base. Padded with polyurethane foam, comfort is guaranteed with lumbar design that’s purposely made to eliminate the need for springs. Built for people with heavy weights, tts electric system is built to plug into a standard 110-120 volt outlet along with the standard USA 3-prong power setting. Also, the chair consumes 14.4 watts in 50/60 Hertz. The chair is easy to clean and maintain with matching massaging ottoman that’s easily disconnected, padded with headrest in addition to a pouch for controller and a 360-degree swivel recliner with tension knob and built-in timer with different time intervals for your convenience.

*Here’s a table for you that distinguishes this massage chair’s pros and cons:

Stylish Limited color options
Easy to clean
Easy to assemble

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Full Body Shiatsu EC-69 Massage Chair

This Full Body Shiatsu EC-69 Massage Chair has three color options, black, burgundy and brown. Its design contains a soft fabrication material which is easy on the eyes and comfortable to the touch. Its ergonomic design is skillfully crafted to enhance its aesthetic appeal and for your ultimate comfort. You can convert it into a reclining bed. This chair has multiple settings allowing you to choose your preferred massage therapy from kneading, rolling, percussion & compression to tapping & flapping action. Its vibrators are strategically positioned to intensity the effects of the massage and enhance your blood flow and fitness levels. Its ergonomic design provides the user with a great massage experience. Another great feature is that the back of the chair adjusts to 115 degrees and 155 degrees and the bottom can be adjusted to the range of 0 to 10 degrees for delightful comfort.

*Here’s a table for you that distinguishes this massage chair’s pros and cons:

Diverse massage therapies Narrow seats
Durability Heavy
High quality

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How to Choose A Good Massage Chair

Taking the important factors into account when choosing your massage chair makes it easier for you to find exactly the one you want at a price that you can afford. Exploring your options is important so that you can make an informed decision before buying. The first and most important factor when considering what chair to buy is basic comfort; this can be measured by seeing if it fits your personal shape (do you fit comfortably when you sit on it?). Another important factor to consider is the strength of the massage. The intensity is important in determining if the strength of the massage the chair will give you is appropriate for your needs. Of course, it shouldn’t be too vigorous or too dull. Considering the presets and adjustability of the massage chair, accessories that come with it, appearance and of course, price range, sum up the factors that you should well consider. Keep in mind that some chairs are made of polished wood, synthetic leather or pure leather, so you can arrive at a decision by assessing these factors, and referring to your budget and personal preference. Happy massage chair hunting!

Which of our top 10 chairs is the best?

The Full Body Shiatsu EC-69 is our answer! Because of its ergonomic design and multiple massage therapies, this chair is our safest bet for a number one choice. BUT because of its restrictive frame and massive weight, we could possibly consider a side to side winner along the Full Body Shiatsu EC-69.

We’re talking about the iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair whose automated programs and glossy dense design puts it on one of the best choices. BUT it does not offer full body massage. SO we consider The Osaki OS-4000 as a contender in this race because of its sharp robotic technology, wireless mini-controllers, and zero gravity reclining function. However, and finally this time we promise, the top position goes to the Kahuna LM-6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair whose highly advanced and computerized body-scan technology and features like twist/yoga stretch programs are unrivaled. In addition, its FDA approval gives it more credibility and makes it even more appealing.

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