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Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chair

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Whether you are a top notch executive in a blue chip company or just a high school graduate working as a computer operator in a modest restaurant the chair you sit on while performing your work should be the least of your worries, but the sad reality is that this is not always the case as chairs manufacturers, whether knowingly or unknowingly often sacrifice the convenience of their customers on the altar of aesthetic and thereby exposing them to backaches and other effect of sitting on a bad chair.

Our range of lumbar support cushion for office chair was made considering two key factors of convenience and aesthetic, what you get is a lumbar cushioned chair that is both pleasing to the eye and the body. They are of various sizes, colors and designs, it won’t be out of place to say they are the best you can get anywhere around.

With our lumbar support cushion for office chair your body is well positioned to work extensively over a period of time the hard feeling to the back, which can cause backache common to other lumbar chairs is practically nonexistent as the back is covered with soft cushion all in a bid to give you the perfect office experience you deserve.

Our Best Pick

lumbar support cushion

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion

The best lumbar support cushion

With all the different lumbar-support cushions we have tested, the LoveHome has the best mix of comfort and support over long periods. It is equally easy to adjust, secure and wash.

Although requirements affect choice in regards to the feel of a lumbar-support pillow, a lot of our testers rated the LoveHome as the most accustomed and healthy. They reported that this contoured nicely with their bodies, given considerable support across a sizable portion of the lower back, and kept securely in position when strapped to a seat.

The LoveHome back support cushion stays in position with a secured strap. Its cover is smooth and easily entirely removable for washing as well, and it’ll fit almost all chairs and backs easily.

Consider These Also

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion

A firmer alternative

A little more firm compared to our top pick, but just as very easy to clean out, set up, and use for lengthy periods.

The Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion is an excellent substitute for the LoveHome, at roughly around the same price, if you’re interested in something similarly supportive however with a firmer feel. This cushion, while a bit stiffer compared to LoveHome, retains a gentle memory foam inside, simply with a little less give. The real difference between these picks is like the visible difference between medium vs soft mattresses. Regardless of whether you should purchase this model or the LoveHome comes from your choice for firmer or smoother foam.

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion

The Everlasting Comfort comes with a couple of straps, rather than one, to keep it in place-not a big upgrade in stability, however it helps some. Much like the LoveHome cushion, this model has a removable fine mesh cover.

Everlasting Comfort features a “lifetime replacement guarantee,” but on the down side some Amazon customers review having had to pay for return shipping (although the company has obviously agreed to refund shipping and delivery costs in most circumstances).

Value Pack – Upgraded Pick

lumbar support cushion

Tempur-Pedic Lumbar Cushion

A pricey upgrade having a great warranty

This premium cushion, having a larger profile as well as firmer foam, represents an excellent step up if you prefer a longer, brand-name warranty.

At 3 times the cost of our top rated picks, the Tempur-Pedic LumbarCushion likely is more expensive than so many people are ready to pay. it offers 2-3 inches more in height, width, plus depth, and features a true 3-year warranty. It features a removable cover, like our any other picks, but does not have a strap for holding it to the chair. Some of our evaluates believed this was a bit too hard for their tastes, and almost all complained that the absence of a strap made it hard to keep in position on the chair.

lumbar support cushion

lumbar support cushion

A number of the lumbar-support cushions we examined with workers of The New York Times.

An excellent lumbar-support cushion must be easy to stick to your chair; it must also stay in position and feel gentle but supportive, in order that it provides comfort to the lower back. Many materials will offer that support, so we researched models made from a variety of them, including mesh, memory foam, buckwheat, and inflatables. We at first wondered if our tests includes DIY options like a rolled-up towel or jacket put into the lower-back section of a chair. However the doctor warned from such make-do solutions.

Noting this, we purchased or obtained company samples of lumbar cushions that rated highly on Amazon. Where possible, we filtered out apparently fake reviews and picked up stories of positive outcomes or even negative product breakdowns. Then we set out to work with the cushions.

First, we ran a short-term testing panel with workers at The New York Times offices. Each one sat against each of the 10 cushions for ten to fifteen minutes and after that submitted a survey ranking the help each cushion provided. We ranked the cushions about how much comfort and support they offered, exactly how they stayed in position on the chair, the way they helped a number of body types, and whether or not they breathed and stopped sweat accumulation.

Then we changed the cushions among those testers, for further substantive testing. Each one worked in their chair with each and every cushion over the course of at least 2 work weeks (presuming the cushion didn’t cause discomfort), and after that traded cushions after 4 days. In addition to assessing the cushions’ supportiveness, we requested testers about placing and altering the cushions, their convenience, and whether or not they stayed comfortable, and stayed in position, after hours of sitting.

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