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Best Gaming Chair 2021- Tested & Reviewed

We make the review based on budgeted and high-end gaming chairs where we tried to focus on the public trend as well as tested each and everyone to give you the best gaming chair 2021 purchase guide. I hope this article will help you to decide according to your budget.

Our recommended budget chair

Office Master Affirm

The Affirm series is a far more traditional task chair compared to OM5, but also very good.

Office Master Affirm

The OM5 is powerful as it gives you near high-end quality for a mid-range price. You will feel like you’re moving into a secret that just seat nerds understand. Nonetheless, I should also keep in mind that our testers didn’t enjoy the sliding effect in any respect. So, if you’re not confident by the thought of its ‘look, mom, no levers!’ chicanery, consider exploring Office Master’s all-new (AF528 model tested) Affirm series alternatively, that offers a more regular suite of adjustments. It’s another really good ergonomic office chair, however, my dollars feel less special compared to the Office Master OM5. But, if your idea of having the capacity to lock the tweaks seems vital, the Affirm is a better and a bit cheaper bet. However Office Master’s range is more difficult to find in Europe, yet the E-Blue Auroza is a fine and comparatively affordable pick for sure.

Office Star ProGrid

Quick Thoughts

  • Offers many adjustment options with their most expensive gaming chair
  • Comfortable gaming seat and mesh back
  • Arms feel cheap
  • It May require a lot of fine-tuning to get your ultimate best gaming chair to feel just right

Office Star ProGrid gaming chair

Possibly you’ve without a doubt blown the kids’ college fund on bleeding edge GPU Whizzbangery and after this have limited funds by which to get a whole new gaming throne. Your budget section beckons, and honestly, it’s a daunting place, rich in generic-looking cool gaming chairs with under-whelming reviews. However, there are certainly bargains to be found, even though you’re going to need to accept the unusual flaw in your gem.

Office Star’s variety of chairs doesn’t look remarkable at first, but the user reviews are always good. I like the ProGrid Back Managers Chair a lot as it offers the sort of tweak-ability generally found on considerably more expensive models. Featuring its daunting choice of levers, you’ll be able to alter the height plus tilt of the chair, plus glide the seat pan forwards or backward. The back-rest can be shifted down or up, and the armrests raised or lowered and slid forward and backward till you find the best position.

She’s no looker, though the ProGrid will minimize your wallet from squealing.

In reality, that means spending a fair time frame initially having the chair kept in just as you’d like it, during which the experience remains unremarkable. Once you hit the special spot of support and comfort, the result is transformative. I recently came across that when I’d it arranged just so, the time I spent with ProGrid in contrast favorably with all the mid-range Office Master designs.

Sure, with regards to the quality you’re failing to get the same standard-the plastic arms particularly feel cheap-but the mesh back is flawlessly functional, and also the thick foam seat proved amazingly pleasant during prolonged sessions parked onto it. Office Star additionally does a high-backed model for string-beans like me, and one with a partially leather seat.

There are several caveats, the initial of which is minor: During developing, one of the nuts accustomed to fix the chair to the pneumatic adjustment procedure is placed so that there’s a tough way to tighten it while using the Allen key. It’s doable but needlessly annoying.

Other issue bears far more scrutiny. As the ProGrid requires anyone to set it up ‘just so’ to get the best results, when I had every aspect of how I liked it I didn’t wish to wreak havoc on the settings an excessive amount, not least as the levers are pretty clunky to have interaction with. Having said that, once I had the seat pan place and chair tilt set in positions I was pleased with, I was capable of getting a nice mix of bounce and assistance in the backrest. Because you can tweak the feel of the ProGrid helps it be a very good choice, and irresistible at this cost.

Alternatively: Ikea Markus

The Markus makes up for its lack of adjustments with the high overall quality

Ikea Markus

If all of that knob twiddling seems like too much effort committed to the ability to sit down, you must go for the Ikea Markus alternatively. This high-backed mesh chair from this Swedish meatball vendor was initially labeled as a strong budget option in this Lifehacker article from 2012 and afterward highlighted by The Wirecutter. I pre-owned one for a few years, and yes it served me well provided you did not wish to spend more money than several hours on your moneymaker and after that some fatigue sets in because of the comparatively rigid back and austere padding.

Adjustments here are confined to seat height and tilt, however, I hardly use the latter function. As opposed to the OM5, the travel inside the back-rest is a touch too loose when opened, therefore I usually turn out fixing it pretty much thoroughly up-right when typing or playing. The armrests, nonetheless, can’t be revised at all. Effectively this means you have to enjoy sitting in these top gaming chairs within their standard position. Thankfully, that’s pretty likely. The back-rest includes a swatch of lumbar assist woven into its mesh which has proved constantly supportive. I hardly ever find myself slouching, since its up-right nature promotes sitting flush against the backrest. There’s also sufficient mobility when locked that you just don’t feel rigid.

This best gaming chair incorporates excellent build guidelines along with a 10-years warranty, (although that won’t include basic deterioration), plus the quality of fabrics used is notable. The base is aluminum and there’s extra leather padding on the headpiece, armrest, and seat itself, which is fairly wide. The foam will however often be a little too firm for many tastes. I’ve found myself fidgeting a little after a couple of hours and desire to get up. Which, naturally, you must do anyway-but the Markus just isn’t what I’d call luxurious. (Maybe the designer spent too much time perched on the sauna bench which felt just like a cloud in contrast.) Still, if you want the high-backed style and therefore are stuck for money, it’s a wonderful option for you.

Our recommended high-end chair

Steelcase Gesture

Quick Thought

  • The most comfortable chair we’ve ever sat in
  • The backrest’s tilt, in addition to movement, always offers great support
  • Stylish, excellent build quality, and lifetime warranty
  • Expensive
  • Makes all other chairs feel a bit lackluster

The Steelcase Leap is among the most renowned modern chairs, at a price to match its efficiency. The Wirecutter has given its name as the best office chair a couple of years ago, but I prefer the newer Steelcase Gesture is among the most renowned modern chairs, at a price to match its efficiency. The Wirecutter is given its name

According to Steelcase, the Gesture was designed as the result of research that showed the influx of new devices in the workplace had led to people sitting in all sorts of cockamamie new positions. (Nine of them, if their Joy Of Sitting-style infographic is to be believed.) The solution here is similar to the one offered by the OM5: A backrest and seat which articulate in response to how you move around in the chair. However, whereas the OM5 travels through a single curve between fully upright and reclined, the Gesture’s backrest can also tilt in and out as it moves backward.

Steelcase Gesture

The Gesture’s design screams quality. It is the chair you’re looking for.

The result of that additional point of articulation is that you always feel completely supported and comfortable. I suffer from back pain caused by bad posture, but it pretty much melted away when using the Gesture. You get the same core benefit the OM5 provides, in the sense that you can switch tasks and positions without having to adjust the chair, but the truth is that the Gesture does the job notably better, and is in a different league in terms of overall enjoyment. Which is as you’d hope, given that it costs twice the price.

That money buys you a lifetime warranty and truly exceptional build quality, though. In my chat with Melissa Afterman, she told me that ergonomically it’s fine not to have armrests, but they will, of course, provide significant extra comfort and support. The correct positioning is so they just graze your forearms without putting any pressure on the elbow. That’s easy to achieve with the Gesture because its armrests can be lowered, angled, and tilted in every manner conceivable. Easily the most flexible of any of the chairs I tried. As for other adjustments, there’s one knob to slide the seat pan forward, and another that alters the tension in the backrest. As with everything about the Gesture, these just work perfectly.

Price apart, I can’t fault the Gesture. It’s the small bear’s porridge of fancy chairs. The fabric (in which there are Thirteen colorways to select from, plus leather alternatives) is incredibly soft and each part of the chair feels high quality. It has that thing all great items of design have: you want to keep touching it. Oddly enough, Wired wasn’t as pleased, with their customer whining about heating up in it. I didn’t notice that at all and would declare I usually run hot. (Especially when using a bad Hearthstone tilt.)

Would I personally pitch down this amount of cash on the chair? Definitely. I was so in love with the Steelcase Gesture a year following this piece was initially revealed I acquired my own. Every single minute I’ve truly spent on it is a joy and just confirmed my primary feelings. Plus, having a pair of kidneys sounded like overkill anyway.

Alternatively of Best Gaming Chair: Herman Miller Mirra 2

Herman Miller Aeron chair

Beloved of failed startups the world over, the Herman Miller Aeron chair is a masterpiece of design. The Mirra 2 is similarly styled to the Aeron, and offers a very viable option to the Gesture, specifically if you desire a more lightweight chair with mesh-based support instead of foam cushioning. With all the backrest unlocked it offers a pleasingly springy degree of recline, and the curved, spongy armrests are usually more satisfying to relax on than the slimmer versions found on the majority of the other models I used.

A note on the price. Go here above, and by jettisoning the arms entirely, and losing several other niceties like the tweakable lumbar support, (the tension in the right and left sides can be adjusted separately using small levers in the back-rest), you can bring the price down. That might bring the Mirra 2 into competition with the OM5, however, I wouldn’t recommend stripping characteristics from it. The stuff you’re losing is a valuable part of what makes the chair a strong choice initially.

Herman Miller embody

The Embody’s rakishly curved back is much more comfortable than it looks.

Best Gaming Chair

If money is no object (hi Notch!) then Herman Miller also makes the Embody. It’s the most high-end looking of the chairs I tried. Viewed from behind its dramatically shaped backrest has a biomechanical look that would be at home in a Prometheus cockpit. According to its maker, “Embody is so advanced that it lowers your heart rate and reduces stress. By stimulating blood and oxygen flow while you sit.”

I can’t confirm that, but what the Embody’s flexible matrix design does offer is superb support in the lower back area, while the higher part bends reed-like to enable you to recline for a second and then switch back to sitting fully upright. The puckered fabric used for the seat material also stays pleasantly cool, despite prolonged exposure to my warm thighs. (The image of which, I apologize for.) The Embody is an excellent chair, and one of our testers fell in love with it, but for my hypothetical dollar, the Gesture is just that little bit more special.

How we test and find the best gaming chair

Among recent articles concerning the results of a seat on your body and our tests with standing desks, it might seem we have fallen out of love while using a humble chair. Beloved reader, that may not be further from the truth. As office workers and gamers, our writers spend a major chunk of daily sat on their money makers ahead of screens. Since many of us don’t plan to change that soon, it just makes sense to do this in a great chair. So that’s a few things I set out to find.

I desired to find three chairs-budget, mid-range, and high-end-that heightened comfort, support, and price. I knew I needed expert advice to assist filter my search, therefore I spoke with a Senior Principal Ergonomist Melissa Afterman, MS CPE, with VSI Risk Management & Ergonomics, Inc. who specializes in work station setups. “Chairs are nevertheless okay,” she explained. “Yes, we all know that sitting very long is bad for you personally. Standing for a long time is equally as bad for you, therefore, the answer is movement. Taking breaks, standing up a minimum of every hour and moving along, or altering your position from standing to sitting every single hour to ensure that you’re not standing very long either.”

When looking for a brand new chair, apart from essential-but-obvious tweakable elements like seat height and armrests, Melissa explained a key element to think about is the back-rest: “If you’re typing and dealing at the pc, you want more up-right support to be able to maintain fairly neutral spine posture and allow the chair hold you up,” she said. “But whenever you change to a gaming mode, you might want to recline a bit to unwind your lower back, while still getting good support because of position. So a securing back-rest and/or some kind of tension control is very important.”

Another feature

                         to look for, though it tends to be found on more expensive models, is a seat pan slider. This enables you to slide the positioning of your butt forward or backward relative to the backrest. “The nice thing about that,” explained Afterman, “is that if you’re tall you can get more support behind your leg, and if you’re short it can be set more shallow so you can sit back in the chair.”

When it comes to fabric and other materials, it’s pretty much a purely aesthetic decision—though whether you prefer plush leather or breathable mesh should be dictated by how hot you are. No, really. Afterman explained: “Some people run cold, some people run warm, and I think that when you talk about the fabric choices it depends on personal comfort and aesthetics.” As for what you should avoid, Afterman recommended steering clear of overly rigid seat pans and fixed height armrests—both are likely to lead to discomfort.

In terms of how much you should expect to spend, she suggested that to tick all the boxes an ergonomist would hope to find, $300-400 ought to be enough for a supportive chair that looks and feels great. Below that, there are going to be tradeoffs. Likewise, if you’re willing to spend more, you can open up greater levels of customization and luxury.

Testing and filtering good gaming chairs

Armed with her advice, I began cross-referencing customer reviews with chair round-ups written elsewhere to create a shortlist. Over three months, I then called in samples and tested them, with help from the variously shaped rear-ends of the PC Gamer team.

Whilst it’s impossible to be exhaustive with our first pass at a subject this big, I’m confident that any of our picks will delight you (and your butt). Of the chairs we tested, the one I believe offers PC gamers the best value is the Office Master OM5. It has all the ergonomic functionality of name-brand chairs at twice its price, impeccable build quality, and good looks that are substantially customizable. What’s unusual about the OM5, though, is that it dispenses with a lot of the fiddling found on ergonomic chairs in favor of a simpler approach.

About to make it big on Twitch? The Maxnomic Casual Sport’s understated looks could be for you

Future testing on ultimate best gaming chair

When it comes to rating graphics cards, we judge their performance based on strict benchmark tests. Not so with chairs. Of all the elements in your dream gaming set-up, none is likely to be so subjective as the choice of chair. Personal preference in terms of look and feel, plus your body shape, has a huge bearing on what will be the right chair for you. That said, I think the ones highlighted here are all strong options for most people.

One of the main things I learned during testing is that there’s even less uniformity across countries with chairs than there is with PC parts, making it tricky to find universal recommendations except at the high-end. When we revisit the topic I want to find more mid-range options that will be easy to find for readers in Europe and the rest of the world.

As part of Best Gaming Chair testing, I wanted to take a look at the racing-style bucket seats which you often find Twitch streamers sponsored to sit in, and had better customer reviews than I expected. I couldn’t get hold of anything from the DXRacer range but did try three Maxnomic models—the Casual Sport (pictured top), Pro-Gaming & Office, and Office Comfort. These are fun, eye-catching chairs, which offer a reasonable amount of adjustability. The variation in price point largely amounted to niceties like extra cushioning and optional head and lumbar support pillows—neither of which I was a fan of, although others who tried them were more impressed. At this sort of price, though, I think that you’re better off going for a dedicated ergonomic task chair like the Office Master ones, which unquestionably provide a more supportive experience long-term.

One for the future: The hybrid is a future rival for the OM5’s king of butts crown.

Speaking of which, there are several ergonomic chairs I still want to test and will continue working on trying to source. Ergohuman, who also does standing desks, has a range around the $600 mark which includes some interesting headrests I’d like to try. At the higher end, I want to get hold of the Knoll Generation Chair, to see how it stacks up against its Steelcase and Herman Miller rivals. Melissa Afterman also suggests taking a look at Ergocentric’s tCentric Hybrid as an alternative to the Office Master chairs.

If you’re trying to find the Titan-Z of ergonomic chairs one of the most comfortable gaming chairs around this category, then a LifeformCore-flex Brezza might be the answer. The unusual split-style of the seat is designed to encourage small but constant user movement, preventing cramping or cutting off circulation. Interesting, but one to sample first. Last up on my current shortlist to audition is the Humanscale Freedom, though the customer reviews seem a little mixed.

Finally, I’d be keen to hear what you’re perched on. I’m sure there are some amazing chairs out there waiting for my cheeks. (Again, apologies for the image.) Let me know in the comments what you recommend.

The last word, though, should go to the expert. Afterman told me that when gaming, “you have high visual demands with the computer screen and you also need high precision with your fingers or your hands. Being able to support the forearms on the work surface or the desk is a way to increase precision. However, you can get support from your best gaming chair arm-rest too. The key is bringing the monitor, keyboard, and mouse closer to you so that you can relax back in the chair and keep the ears balanced over the shoulders and the shoulders in line with the hips.”

The ideal seat will only take you so far. Having your gaming space set up correctly is even as crucial, a subject we intend to revisit soon. Within this, hope you will get your best computer gaming chair at the best price ever.

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