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Review of Top 10 Barber Chairs — Which Is the Best One to Buy?

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You must be the best barber in town who is well-aware of latest patterns, fashion, trends and art, yet you are worried about numbers, the turnover of your visitors, are not impressive. Do you know that there is one more important thing is there to make your customer to visit and revisit your shop continuously?

This may be the secret you might surely want to know. Yes, having the right barber chairs could be your chance to attract more and repeated customers. Have you ever thought where celebrities go to have a haircut and why?  We are sure it is somewhere they can enjoy the comforts of the place and, especially, there are comfortable barber chairs. Challenge is on your side to attract big fishes to your barber business. So go on and read to the last line of this article, which gives a perfect guide to select the best barber chair from various chairs available in the market.

BestSalon® Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty 3W

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What do you think of this product? Tell you what; BestSalon® Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty 3W is one of the leading barber chairs, which will not disappoint you. It is made to give your client full comfort and break them to a sleep till you work on their beauty needs. It is ready to take on your big made clients with its strong structure. The chair could be easily adjusted to suit to your customer easily as the hydraulic pump taking care of it. This chair would be a right bargain for your money.


  • The heavy duty frame durable
  • Double-reinforced saddle prevents any tear or flipping
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump to makes the adjustment easily
  • The premium chrome base is strong enough to hold big weight


  • The arms are crooked
  • The chair is generally small
  • The customer service is not that impressive
  • Some users say it smells like tar
  • Assembling the chair is bit difficult as the manual guide has only some blurry images

All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair Shampoo

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This chair comes with larger dimensions together with a comfortable headrest. This chair would probably be the best choice for your barber shop. The chair is easily adjustable and extra strong with doubled frame. This amazing All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair Shampoo is able to be reclined to 150⁰, enhancing the comfort to your client and giving you ample space and better position to work on.


  • Ability to recline 150⁰ supports for under chin work
  • It is strong and durable
  • It comes with 3” pad that increases the comfort
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic pump enables easy adjustments


  • Customer service is not satisfactory
  • Some chairs come without the manual
  • Armrests are shaky so that may disrupt you as you work on a customer
  • It is impossible to adjust the chair, when a customer sits on it

Modern Fashion Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty Spa Equipment 21B

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Out of all the flock of barber chairs, Modern Fashion Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty Spa Equipment 21B offers 05 years’ warranty for the premium chrome base and the hydraulic pump by BestSalon®. Heavy-duty steel parts increase its durability as well. The saddle is firm and will offer s greater comfort to the user.


  • The comfort is unrivaled
  • Extended warranty of 5 years on the hydraulic system and the frame
  • Fits even for a big person
  • Double strength saddle supports to withstand flipping and tearing


  • The hydraulic is creaking when someone sits on it
  • The foot bar does not fit very well

Best Salon’s Barber Chair

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BestSalon is renowned brand name for high quality barber chairs. BestSalon® Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty Equipment comes with heavy duty frame confirming the strength and durability. The premium chrome base ensures stability and offering a rich look to your shop. You will not find immediate tears and flips on the reinforced saddle.


  • The base is round and reinforced with chrome
  • Strong saddle that is not prone to tearing and flipping
  • Hydraulic pump makes adjustment easy


  • Customer service is not satisfactory
  • Bad smell from the saddle fabric
  • Occasionally leaking fluid from the pump

Best Salon’s New Black Salon Chair

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This is another fine product from BestSalon®. They call it the new black barber chair. BestSalon® New Black Hydraulic Recline All Purpose Barber Styling Chair Shampoo reclines 150⁰ and has an adjustable headrest. The saddle, which is made with formidable foam, promises an unmatched comfort to your client.  This is barber chair will definitely make your job easy.


  • Recline of 150⁰ offers you a good angle for under chin jobs
  • The heavy duty hydraulic pump will be an assistant to make adjustments easily
  • Fits all customers: big or small


  • Even though it is said to be heavy duty but not entirely so.
  • It is a flimsy chair

LCL Reclining Barber Salon Chair

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Almost all the barber chairs promising durability, this one is the true of them all. LCL Beauty Reclining Hydraulic All Purpose Cutting & Shampoo Barber Salon Chair will give you long years of service even without a single complaint. Ease of cleaning the chair is something you would love. Moreover, the reclining feature and 4″ Thick High Density foam that ensures extra comfort will be strong points for you to get attracted to it.


  • Arms of the chair made of polyurethane for easy cleaning and durability
  • You will get a chair cover and a deluxe cape free
  • Excellent backrest and good reclining ability
  • The saddle is made with thick foam giving you more comfort
  • Easy assembling


  • The height may not be right for many people
  • Heavy clients are not welcomed
  • Foot rest is short

Mae’s Black Barber Chair

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Mae Black Classic Salon Styling Chair, Round Base is one of the upscale barber chairs that does the job better than any other. You will not a problem turning around the customer since the chair rotates 360 degrees. The upholstery is made from PVC vinyl which makes it soft, easy to clean and will give you long service. It is sturdy and just the kind that will take in all sizes of clients.


  • Hydraulic pump makes it easy to adjust
  • The base is in chrome to give assurance of durability
  • Soft PVC ensures that this is an easy to clean chair


  • The user instructions are not that good

Best Choice Barber Chair

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Durability is something that should come with all barber chairs but that’s not the case. But with Best Choice Products® Hydraulic Barber Chair, that promise is kept with a steel frame that will last. The swivel is made to rotate easily making things easy for you as you do your job. The base is sure to guarantee of quality with chrome added to it. This is one piece of a barber chair that will never disappoint you or your customer.


  • Easy swivel rotation that gives any easy task as you work on your customer
  • The steel frame is an assurance that you have the durability you have always wanted
  • The saddle has smooth leather giving your customer comfort


  • The arms are weak and may easily break
  • The chair is sometimes very stiff stealing away the comfort it promises
  • The instructions are not very good

New Massage Table Bed Chair

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This chair could be considered as the king of all barber chairs. New Massage Table Bed Chair Beauty Barber Chair Facial Tattoo Chair Salon Equipment Includes Stool comes in 3 folding surfaces making it easy to fold and store and to move. The PU leather used is water and oil resistant. Hence, you need not to be worried with spilling of water and oil on the chair. Comfort of this chair is amazingly high and if you were thinking of investing your money in the right equipment, this is the best choice. The armrest cushions can be removed for easy cleaning and you would love that.


  • Super comfortable barber chair
  • Leather used is durable and resists both water and oil
  • Can easily tolerate weight up to 500lbs
  • Easy adjusting
  • Easy assembling and maintenance


  • The plastic round foot is not that durable

Spa Barber Chairs

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First impression of this chair comes with its superb design. It is sleek and attractive in every aspect. It is strong, durable and well-made product that will be the best you can introduce to your beauty business. All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair Salon Spa by BestSalon is easy to set up. Heavy-duty hydrolic pump can make height adjustments easily. Small cell high density foam increases the comfort levels for your customer greatly.  It gives the best value for the price you are paying.


  • Easy to set up
  • 4-inch pads give extra comfort
  • The round shaped base is thickened with chrome
  • The back seat gives you 250⁰ recline


  • Customer service is sickening
  • The arms tend to be flawed
  • Odor of the chair is so strong and sometimes hard to tolerate

How to Choose the Best Barber Chairs?

No matter for what reason you are buying a barber chair, you should get the best in the market. It may be for your business or for your personal beauty needs but should not compromise on quality and durability that you expect.  Following points will help you to decide what things are should you look at before making the right choice.

  • Reliability and safety: You should be sure that your barber chair will not break down when you need them at the most. They should reliably perform at all times. Remember, safety to your clients who are climbing to the chair in order to get your service is an utmost important fact.
  • Comfort: As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there should not be any compromise on the comfort that you are going to offer to your clients. So that the barber chair you buy have to offer the best on that point even if you are buying it for your personal needs.
  • Recline: Are your barber chairs able recline? They should. The standard level is 150⁰. You may go for a piece, which offers at least the standard level. So that you will be able to deliver your job easily.
  • Adjustability: It is always necessary to adjust your barber chairs as you or your customer deem necessary and comfortable with. As such you have to ensure that your chair equipped with adjustable features. Moreover, you should be able to adjust the chair whether someone is sitting on it or not.
  • All-purpose vs single use barber chairs: For what purposes are you intend to use your chair? This question must be answered before you go out to buy your barber chair. Most of the buyers favor the all-purpose chair as the best. It offers an array of uses and you might need these if you are expecting to offer best service to your clients.
  • Overall appearance: The physical appearances of your barber chair might attract or repel you or your prospective customer. You need to choose something upturn not only the appearance of the chair but also the look of your shop. The appearance will range from the color to the design of the chair and its accessories.

Competition — The Best Reviewed of the Barber Chairs

You have read all the way to this point in order to buy the best barber chairs for you or for your customers. We can recommend Mae’s Black Barber Chair as the best bet you can grab. It is a rocking barber chair, at a great price and studded with nice features to perform your job perfectly.  It is adjustable with ease with superb hydraulic system and easy to clean thanks to the soft PVC covers. In short, you can have the best quality for every coin you spent on it. If I am reading this article just like you, Mae’s Black Barber Chairs would be my business’ best friends. If you thinking of giving a touch of glamor to your shop and delight your clients with comfort plus the touch of your skills, we strongly believe that you have an answer now.

In case the best-reviewed barber chair is not what you would pass as the best, then you can see for an alternative. New Message Barber Chair would be your next best option. It comes with 3 foldable faces giving it a plus in comfort, and ease of storage and movement. You should not be worried about flips and tear as the saddle is made from the best leather available. It would provide you the best value for your investment in it.

If you are a Barber Shop owner, you might need some bar stools as well. Have a look at the site for best hydraulic bar stools purchase guide.


Simple things make a big difference. Someone would say that a barber chair is just a piece of furniture for a customer to sit and get the hair or beard done. But it is not as simple as such. They reflects how much you are interested in keeping your shop elegantly, giving the clients the best possible comfort available and how much you love and committed to your business. We hope that you would not let this small matter be the main reason why the celebrities avoid your shop. Go out and get and best barber chairs that will light up your shop and the inner minds of your customers. We sincerely hope that the task has been made easy with this post; you are now very clear on what to pick that suits to your desire. Make the move today itself and see your barber salon become the foremost brand name in town.


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