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Best Hydraulic Facial Chair Review and Comparison

Here we present reviews about three of the best hydraulic facial chairs to provide you with some insight. These hydraulic facial chairs have been designed carefully to function superbly. After our review and comparison of number similar products, these three brands top them all. More you learn about product features and details, more you will love it. Below are the details we collated for you to carefully go through.

Hydraulic Facial Chair Bed with One Free Stool

Wow! I have never visited such an amazing salon. All stuffs displayed and used at the salon are superior and elegant especially the white colour facial bed. My intention of visiting the salon is to get my nails painted. It is to my surprise that the lady in the salon just cleaned the surface of the bed and then converted that flat massage bed into a salon chair. I could not possibly believe such an amazing thing would exist. I do not know how to call that equipment, a table or chair or bed. However, it does provide me more comfort that I have never felt in other salons. So that, I had no hesitation of asking the massage lady about the chair and I happily found that it is the Hydraulic Facial Bed by Skin Act.

Key Features:

This attractive Hydraulic Facial Chair Bed by Skin Act is designed with white color and most suited to give an elegant look to your salon. Moreover the tiny snow-white color rolling stool also takes part in forgives an additional new look for your salon. Skin Act also comes with an adjustable backrest, which is able to turn 90⁰. It is pertinent to mention that the ability of the facial bed to adjust up and down 90⁰ is a rare thing. The thick foam cushion laid from top end to the bottom provides a great comfort for users. Furthermore, it can rotate 360⁰ along with stopper paddle. Last but not least, it has a towel holder attached to the back of the chair making it convenient for users to reach to the towel after they finish their job.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many users have pleased to write good reviews on this hydraulic facial chair as they have delighted with what they have got from the product. The heavy duty base of the bed can support more capacity. Hence, the supersized users are also feeling safe to rest on it. On the other hand, most barbers also love to use it as its smooth rotations contribute immensely when they perform their job. The white color finish and pretty little stool make a perfect combination in making their salon looks luxurious and stunning.

What that isn’t great about this item:

According to our researches, there were no customers who had problems with the facial table. However, few of them were not happy with its rolling stool. They claimed that the foam cushion of the stool is not comfortable same as the bed and the size is not standard.

New Massage Table Bed Chair With Bar stool

In a quick glance you might feel that New Massage Table/Bed/Chair by Best Choice Products also just a simple massage hydraulic facial chair. However, once you put your hands on it, you will get to know that it has 3 sections allowing the chair in front of you, could be easily converted to a table or bed. You can feel its rich-quality with a single touch on its surface owing to soft comfy foam. It will lead you to imagine how peaceful and comfortable you would be when you lay on this soft massage bed and have a massage by a therapist.

Key Features:

This product comes with many attractive functions. First we will have a look on its dimensions and physical appearance. The table measures 24” x 71”. It can easily support 500 pounds weight capacity. So that you can welcome your hefty clients, without any hesitation. On the other hand, 4.5” thick foam and PU leather make a good combination to make the equipment more comfortable. The foam is thicker than most of the other massage tables available in the market.  Its PU leather is water resistant and with smooth surface that provides the ease of cleaning. Inside the box, you can find a salon massage table, chrome towel hanger, hydraulic stool, removable head cushion and armrests.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A large number of users really love this massage table by Best Choice Products. By removing the little pillow you can have a table with face hold. The top can be extended to support tall clients. Some other customers were satisfied on its rolling stool due to its comfort. Moreover, its size and design greatly improve the beauty of your salon.

What that isn’t great?

However, some of the customers had problems with the stool. They said it is not durable and uncomfortable when they sit on it. Few other customers complained that the plastic round feet snap off very easily.

Spa Salon Electric Hydraulic Facial Chair/Bed/Table High End Equipment

If you are planning to start new business or wish to upgrade your salon, you should definitely have a look at this fine Spa Salon Electric Hydraulic Facial Chair. It is a multi-purpose chair that could be used either in your salon or in your massage parlour. The electric facial hydraulic chair by ALVA has many distinctive features that made the chair unparalleled to its competitors in term of design. These chairs can make you salon a 5 star hotel. Please leave us a message or directly contact us for more detailed information. We ensure to reply your queries within the quickest time possible.

Key Features:

Electric Hydraulic Facial Chair by ALVA can be rotated 240⁰. Its full range motor (3 motors) is extremely efficient that allows you to transform the position of the chair into a massage table quickly. It has a near 90⁰ drop footrest that users can adjust it to suit with their preference. The foam cushion is thicker than most of the normal foam used on competitive facial chairs.

Specifically, it has 4.5” extra thick foam that offers maximum comfort for users. Its base, which measures 25” by 40” designed in a way that users can work closely with their client. It has 75” height headrest that assists to serve taller clients.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

As chair is sturdy and reclines perfectly, users did not feel afraid that they may fall down. Furthermore, it could be adjusted to several positions such as leaning or flatting. Many salon owners love this product as they do not have to spend more on separate equipment.

What that isn’t great about?

It seems like very few customers had experienced difficulty with this product. They claimed after using the chair for several months, it made squawking sound which is really annoying.


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