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Updated Reviews on our ergonomic office chairs

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Yes I know, you are not looking for a gaming chair or barber chair; you come here to get a perfect picture of some modern office chairs, probably for your own office or your boss just ordered you arrange some. Whatever, our efforts will be to give you an extensive review from our collections of ergonomic office chairs.

Any person who works in an office typical 9 to 5 job will tell you how strenuous is sitting and work for 8 full hours. This is because our body structure, especially our back is not made to support sitting long hours, even though the work often demands just that. As one solution for this mismatch we suggest as practical solution, to go for a best ergonomic office chair that designed to cradle you while you sitting extended hours and providing with the ample comfort.

The best chairs available in the market are willing to go beyond what you would expect. Many of them offer ergonomic benefits. May it be with excellent lumbar support or breathable mesh backing together with loads of customized options spanning from colors to contours. But do not forget that none of them able to provide with cure-all for your workday but customized suspension together with appropriate aesthetics will assist you to a grater extend.

What are the best ergonomic office chair

Herman Miller Embody

We should have a look at Herman Miller Embody and try to understand why it is so well-regarded. It is a matter of fact as you have to invest heavily (just as the weight of the chair above 50 pounds) if you prefer to have one. Most impressive features that the producer boasts are the spine and the pixelated seat and back.

The interlocking and flexing support structures that are branching off from the spine provide an amazing, personalized comfort and support to maintain proper posture. The chair offers a dynamic matrix of “pixels” that allow the seat and back to automatically conform to your each and every movement. The seat and back are made with breathable fabric which ensures a ‘cool’ comfort. The advanced tilt mechanism helps you to evade from hip, neck, and lumbar strain. The tilt control allows you to recline as much you wish to and lock at any point which you prefer to keep. You can easily customize seat height, seat depth, arm rest height, arm rest width, and back fit.

Most Comfortable Office Chair

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All in all, without any challenge, Herman Miller’s Embody will be the best bet in office chairs.

The Rest

Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap ergonomic office chair has long been the flagship product of the Company. It is one of the most popular office chairs available in present day market. It is a product that anyone should be thankful for the Company for its painstaking research and subsequent development. The final result of which is a chair that caters perfectly to everybody. Leap remains reliant on the company’s LiveBack system, that allows you to adjust the seat and back of the chair to enhance support for your body. The back of the seat designed to keep the natural shape of your spine throughout the day. Innovative glide system provides you the facility of reclining without having to orient yourself off from your workload (heaven forbid).

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NW

The DXRacer Formula Series is mainly developed as a gaming chair. However, it has a lot of great ergonomic features help you to prop up when you are typing a project than being a universal soldier at a simulated war in your computer. With the adjustable lumbar and head pillows, you get an unmatched plushness you cannot generally find in any ergonomic office chair. You can easily set the seat back and armrests to a setting that suits your posture perfectly while its straight backrest helps you to keep your spine aligned accordingly. Its unique looks might make it feel if you are piloting a spacecraft than of answering emails or compiling a presentation. Availability of the chair in a series of vibrant colors offers you the ability of making the perfect selection that matches to suit your taste.

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If you want to know more about DXRacer Drifting Series PC Gaming Chair Click here.

IKEA Markus

IKEA is the leader in providing low-cost but good quality solutions. The Markus swivel office and gaming chair is a perfect example of IKEA’s commitment for simple and practical design. The chair is easily adjustable in height and lockable tilt function ensures stability and control of your different sitting positions. The breathable mesh backing lets air through to your back when you sit for a longer period of time and built-in lumbar support leads for an extra ergonomic comfort. The chair is available in three colors; gray, dark gray, and black. Availability of  levers for customizing the height and tilt of the chair is a reason for appreciate.

Raynor Ergohuman

Raynor Ergohuman have drawn their attention far more with value than aesthetics when they designed their latest ergonomic office chairs. The chairs are with full-mesh backing with user-friendly functionality, which offers you back angle adjustment, tilt tension control and lumbar support in addition to normal set of adjustments for height and tilt angle. There are several models available to choose the best suiting one from. Some of the designs which have dropped the mesh seats for leather-padded cushions in order to give you more comfort during really long sittings sessions.

Black Office Chair

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Executive Leather Office Chair

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Alera Elusion

Compared to the manufacturer’s previous Generation design, the Alera Elusion is more compact, lighter, and less expensive. It is said that unique Alera Elusion has taken inspiration from the bridges designed by architect Santiago Calatrava.

It powers with flexible and sturdy materials that spontaneously respond to your movements. Adjusting levers are places under the seat, which allows you to adjust the height and seat depth, and for adjusting and locking the reclining mechanism. You can find a unique adjustment in Alera Elusion, which allows you to get the best lumbar support for office chair. It is a rigid plate that is split vertically down the centerline and looks like an oversized plastic zipper. This piece allows you to adjust the point where the support requires stiffest. Just move the zipper like piece up and down to find best suited place. The chair also supports to users with different sizes and shapes.

The chair could be easily customized to a bulky six footer as well as to a small four and a half footer in a way to feel comfortable to be seated for long hours. The chair is made out of more echo friendly materials such as soy and corn-based materials for the elastomer net on the back of the chair and the foam in the seat cushion.

ITALMODERN Merrill High Back Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you are looking for something fits to your limited budget than many of the options we have proposed, the ItalModern Bungie would be your bet. There are bungie cords strapped across the chair’s silver powder coated aluminum frame. The chair may not have the elegant look of a leather chair. So the same way it does not have a higher price tag also. The bungie cords provide sufficient support and flexibility, which appeal to those who experience sitting in a stiff chair for a marathon time to be uncomfortable. However, the bungie cords can mark some lines on your legs if you are wearing a skirt or shorts, so better get prepared for this experience.

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Herman Miller Sayl

The Sayl is Herman Millers entry to the low budget office chair market, and the same way it may cut corners in terms of customization. However, the offering still manages to provide healthy support for you when the sitting time is too long. The chair’s unframed and intelligent backing provides you to move freely between positions. The flexible strands provide extra support with varying thickness and tension. Designer Yves Behar identified how the construction of strands on the framework of suspension bridges, structurally, delivers a wide amount of function than the amount of material they require.  Sayl is the highly affordable chair but incorporate everything Herman Miller is honored for – beautiful design, elegant engineering, first-class ergonomics, and care on the environment.

Office Star Air Grid

You, as most of the other prospective office chair seekers would not expect to shell out the entire paycheck on a quality executive office chair. However, you should not bother much as the Air Grid is there to prove that you do not have to spend much for a first class office chair. Air Grid comes with breathable, mesh backing that provides plenty of air circulation to keep sweat at a minimum.  Its two-in-one tilt function facilitates you to adjust the seat angle and the back as one. It is offers you a greater comfort with built-in lumbar support together with height-adjustable arms that support to your own desire. Heavy-duty nylon base is with increased strength and durable when sitting or moving.

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Have a look at this video, well described and the summery of my above writings:

Some other best office chair for back pain

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